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PermaTherm Insulated Metal Panels Fire Warnings


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PermaTherm Insulated Metal Panels Fire Warnings

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PermaTherm Insulated Metal Panels Fire Warnings

  1. 1. 269 Industrial Park Rd. PermaTherm Monticello, GA 31064 {p} (706) 468-7500 269 Industrial Park Rd. | Monticello, GA 31064 {f } (706) 468-7510 Insulation Innovation {p} (706) 468-7500 | {f} (706) 468-7510 (866) 468-7510 {e} {e} Fire WarningsPermaTherm Architectural Insulation Panels and liners contain combustible components and mayconstitute a fire hazard if improperly used or installed.PermaTherm Architectural Insulating Panels should not be left inadequately protected. Use only asdirected by the specific instructions accompanying this product.During shipping, storage, installation and use, these materials should not be exposed to open flame orignition sources.Sprinklers should be used with PermaTherm Architectural Insulating Panels, unless specifically approvedfor use without sprinklers. PermaTherm strongly recommends considering the benefisupplementary fire detection, alarm and suppression systems. .For proper protection of PermaTherm Architectural Insulating Panels in storage, consult the National FireProtection Association (NFPA) Standards, or contact your local fire prevention authority. Contents and logo are property of PermaTherm, Inc. page 1 All rights reserved. Copyright 2005 ©