UNR Extended Studies Inbound Marketing Class 3


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Third class of 3 for Inbound Marketing Principles and Practices for the University of Nevada Reno Extended Studies course. This class covered measurement and monitoring, metrics and analytics, conversion from visitor to lead to customer, the full inbound marketing cycle from building your base to engagement to creating content to monitoring, measuring and proving return on investment (ROI).

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UNR Extended Studies Inbound Marketing Class 3

  1. 1. Principles and Practices
  2. 2. POST SOME CONTENT! • Be creative • Be engaging • Be strategic • Share it on several communication channelsMEASUREMENTInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  3. 3. 1.  Measurement 2.  Converting Visitors to Leads and Leads to Customers 3.  The Full Inbound Marketing Cycle 4.  Course ConclusionMEASUREMENTInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  4. 4. Principles and Practices
  5. 5. •  Understand more about your overall business •  Know what’s going on with marketing efforts •  Make smart decision about which efforts to invest in •  To show it’s worthwhileMEASUREMENTInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  6. 6. •  Brand Awareness •  Brand Loyalty •  Brand Trust •  Brand Evangelists •  These things are tough to measureMEASUREMENTInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  7. 7. •  Reach •  Frequency •  Website/blog 4 •  Conversations/Transactions 8 3 1 12 •  Sentiment •  Conversions 2 11 1MEASUREMENTInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  8. 8. •  Facebook fans = reach •  Twitter followers = reach •  LinkedIn contacts = reach •  Have you expanded reach? Increased engagement? •  Mentions vs competitors (share of voice) •  “There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about” – Oscar WildeMEASUREMENTInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  9. 9. Improve financial Business Objective performance Business Metric Reduce call center traffic % of inquiries resolved Social Media Metric outside of the call centerMEASUREMENTInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  10. 10. •  Number of customers (per day, per week, per month…) •  Revenue per customer •  Number of customer service calls •  Avg time per customer service call •  Number of transactions •  Number of items per transaction •  What else is important to your business to measure?MEASUREMENTInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  11. 11. •  Know how much a lead and a customer typically cost to acquire •  Lead cost = marketing cost/number of leads •  ie - $1000/50 leads = $20 per lead •  Customer cost = marketing & sales cost/number of customers •  ie - $1000/5 customers = $200 per customer •  Know your baselines before you begin •  Set weekly/monthly/annual goalsMEASUREMENTInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  12. 12. •  Record all that you do associated with inbound marketing so that you’re able to correlate it with what you’re tracking •  10/1/11 – Begin tweeting •  10/11/11 – Webinar 1 •  10/12/11 – Blog post about new product •  10/12/11 – Share link to blog post on Facebook and Twitter •  10/13/11 – Video on new product to YouTube •  10/20/11 – Facebook contest begins •  10/30/11 – Hit 150 Twitter followersMEASUREMENTInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  13. 13. •  Website analytics will be one of your most valuable tools •  Your website can and should help move visitors as close to sales as possible Awareness Understanding Perceptions Attitudes Intent BehaviorMEASUREMENTInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  14. 14. •  Measure month over month, 6 month over 6 month, year over year… •  Look at where your traffic is coming from •  Which pages are converting visitors to leads? And leads to customers? •  You should have conversion forms (forms that collect information, effectively turning a visitor into a lead) •  Are visitors going to the pages you want them to go to?MEASUREMENTInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  15. 15. •  Measure keyword performance •  Which words/phrases do you want to “own?” •  When you type that into a search engine, how many of the first 10 results are you? First 20? •  Your goal is first page DOMINATIONMEASUREMENTInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  16. 16. •  Subscriptions (reach) •  Comments (engagement) •  Inbound links (SEO) •  These can help you understand if your blogging investment is worthwhile and also to gauge your audience’s interestsMEASUREMENTInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  17. 17. MEASUREMENTInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  18. 18. •  Something was likely sacrificed in order for you to do inbound marketing •  There will be expectation that your efforts provide results •  So, you need to measure the things that prove … RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI)MEASUREMENTInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  19. 19. …if you have more traffic, more fans, more friends, more followers or more blog comments if the company isn’t selling more.MEASUREMENTInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  20. 20. (gain from investment - cost of investment) cost of investmentMEASUREMENTInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  21. 21. Principles and PracticesConverting Visitors to
  22. 22. sales! Awareness Understanding Perceptions Attitudes Intent BehaviorCONVERT LEADSInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  23. 23. Total Audience Visitors Leads SalesCONVERT LEADSInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  24. 24. •  Tweet > Landing Page > Form > Lead •  Facebook Post > Landing Page > Form > Lead •  Blog Post > CTA > Landing Page > Form > Lead •  Sometimes the Call to Action goes straight to a saleCONVERT LEADSInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  25. 25. •  Critical in order to capture information about the lead •  Can be simple like name and contact information •  Can be more complete and include questions to identify the lead’s intent to buy (info that’s helpful to your sales team) •  This is an informational transaction. You have information they want. They have information you want. You make a trade. •  Each of you places a value on your information.CONVERT LEADSInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  26. 26. •  The GOAL is to convert from a visitor to a lead or customer •  Should have limited text and multiple places for somebody to take action that results in generating a lead or a sale (remove distractions) •  Graphic links are more effective than text linksCONVERT LEADSInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  27. 27. CONVERT LEADSInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  28. 28. Clicks to CTA Views Clicks Views to Clicks Submissions Submissions Download the white 100 25 25% 10 40% paper Redeem 100 45 45% 30 67% couponCONVERT LEADSInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  29. 29. •  Use inbound marketing strategies to drive visitors and convert to leads •  BIG QUESTION: How do we get them from a lead to a sale?CONVERT LEADSInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  30. 30. •  There are many people involved in the sales team •  Inbound team can create visitors with strong content/engagement •  Inbound team can drive visitors to the conversion pages •  Inbound team can identify leads through social media •  Inbound team and sales team can work together to determine most valuable leads and customers (tracking) •  Is sales team converting qualified leads? Why or why not?CONVERT LEADSInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  31. 31. sales! Awareness Understanding Perceptions Attitudes Intent BehaviorCONVERT LEADSInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  32. 32. •  Somebody’s got to punch the numbers •  Many free monitoring tools •  Google Analytics, Alerts, Tweetdeck… •  You can also employ paid tools to help track •  Hubspot, Radian6, Scoutlabs…CONVERT LEADSInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  33. 33. Principles and PracticesThe Full Inbound Marketing
  34. 34. 1.  Build your base 2.  Create killer content 3.  Monitor 4.  Make it easy to discover and share 5.  Convert 6.  Measure everything and evolveFULL CYCLEInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  35. 35. •  Know who you are and what makes you different. •  Decide on keywords/phrases you can “own” •  Focus your presence (prioritized engagement) •  Start creating content of value (it doesn’t have to be perfect) •  Build reach (friend/follow/connect) •  Reach out to existing contacts •  Consider all existing means (AEM) to let people know where they can continue a relationship with your brandFULL CYCLEInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  36. 36. •  Content should correspond to your keywords/phrases (strategic) •  Content calendar •  Create and share content regularly •  Engage. Put in the time. If you want better marketing, automation is not the answer. •  52 weeks of ideas •  The lynchpin of successful inbound marketingFULL CYCLEInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  37. 37. •  Listen (it will give you incredible insight) •  search.twitter.com •  Monitor words/phrases/products/services (Google Alerts, blog monitoring…) •  Monitor in 20 minutes a day •  Again, prioritize engagement (decide when and how you engage and the value of your time for engagement)CONVERT LEADSInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  38. 38. •  Optimize your content, optimize your website •  Make your content easy to find via search •  Search brings you very qualified leads •  Make your content easy to share (through sharing tools or via the medium – social network, etc) •  The more your content is discovered and shared, the greater the reach and the greater the chance of converting them to visitors, leads and ultimately customersFULL CYCLEInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  39. 39. •  Clear Call to Action is a must! •  Track conversion so you know what’s working •  Try A/B testing to see which CTA is more effective •  Work with your sales team to identify leads and convert to SALES!FULL CYCLEInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  40. 40. •  Crave measuring everything. Measure what matters. •  Use monitoring/analytics tools •  Do the math. See what’s working and what’s not. •  Keep. Start. Stop. •  Increase your conversion to leads and to customers. •  Prove the ROIFULL CYCLEInbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  41. 41. Principles and Practices
  42. 42. What are your thoughts? What are your takeaways? What can you use?THOUGHTS?Inbound  Marke-ng  Principles  and  Prac-ces   ©  Mike  McDowell.  Not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission.  
  43. 43. Principles and Practices