Filling the Sales Funnel with Performance Marketing


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Performance Marketing is a relatively new term with a rapidly expanding definition. Learn what this new term actually includes as well as 5 reasons why you should try it.

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Filling the Sales Funnel with Performance Marketing

  1. 1. LL the Sales Funnel with Performance Marketing
  2. 2. Bio Mike McAnally -@mmcanally - Partner & Co-Founder - 17 Years Interactive Marketing Experience - Affiliate Marketer since 1997
  3. 3. Agenda What is Digital Performance Marketing Advertising and Actions Traditional vs. the Next Generation Benefits and Risks 5 Key Takeaways
  4. 4. Digital Performance Marketing Use advertising to drive a specific “action "and only pay when that action is completed.
  5. 5. Digital Performance Marketing Performance Marketing Requirements - The ad campaign drives consumer action, as opposed to just raising awareness - The consumer action can be clearly measured - Ads can be optimized in near real-time based on the measurement - Payment is made based on consumer action
  6. 6. Digital Performance Marketing Actions - Top of funnel actions produce engagement and branding - End of funnel actions result in sales and leads but cost more to produce
  7. 7. Digital Performance Marketing Advertising - CPM (Cost-per-Thousand) - CPC (Cost-per-Click) - Cost per Lead (CPL) - CPA (Cost-per-Action or Cost-perAcquisition)
  8. 8. Digital Performance Marketing Two classifications of Performance Marketing - Performance Optimization - Pay-forPerformance
  9. 9. Pay-for Performance Pay-for-Performance drives customers to your site where you pay on action
  10. 10. Pay-forPerformance A “Virtual Sales Force” uses your digital assets to produces sales and/or leads - Affiliate Marketing - Cost Per Acquisition - Multi-level Marketing
  11. 11. Pay-forPerformance Affiliate Marketing -Ads run on pre-approved Affiliate Web sites - Customer clicks on your ad delivered by the network - Customer lands on your site - Pay a percentage of sale upon action
  12. 12. Pay-forPerformance CPA (Cost-per-Acquisition) - Ads run on CPA ad networks - The networks pick the sites and affiliates that match your product - Action tracked on your site - Pay fixed cost only on defined acquisition
  13. 13. Pay-forPerformance Multi-level Marketing - Sales force is compensated for sales they make and for referred sales - Use of sub-domain Sites - Heavy use of Social “word of mouth” - Good to be at the top
  14. 14. Pay-for Performance Benefits Benefits - Low Risk (Performance Based) - Pay only on sale or lead - Cash flow friendly - Visibility and branding - Virtual sales force
  15. 15. Pay-for Performance Risks Risks - Branding issues - Traffic hijacking - Sales attribution - KPIs don’t match - Virtual Sales force
  16. 16. Performance Optimization Performance Optimization utilizes your advertising assets to drive visits to your site
  17. 17. Performance Optimization Algorithmic Software intelligence to drive optimization in real-time - Bid Management - Re-targeting / Remarketing - Real-time bidding
  18. 18. Performance Optimization Bid Management - Predictive Bidding driven by algorithms - Forecasting & Recommendations - Utilized on Search & some Social Networks - Drives Keyword Clicks to your site
  19. 19. Performance Optimization Retargeting / Remarketing - CPC Based ad delivery - Cookie based technology that delivers ads to people who have visited your site - Retargeting serves ads based on frequency, interests and search history - Drives awareness via impressions - Fills the funnel with clicks
  20. 20. Performance Optimization Real-time Bidding (RTB) -Computerized / Algorithm driven buying -Bid requests driven by personalization -Utilized by Demandside platforms (DSP)
  21. 21. Performance Marketing Benefits Benefits - Visibility and branding - Impressions - High quality clicks - Reach new potential customers - Identify target markets
  22. 22. Performance Marketing Risks Risks -Cash flow prohibitive - Rogue Networks - Fraud - Privacy / Data Collection - Your Web site needs to convert
  23. 23. 5 Reasons to try Performance Marketing 1. Fastest growing segment in Digital Marketing 2. The ROI returned an average of $11 to 1 3. 93% of companies using would recommend it to others 4. New revenue opportunities are utilizing it to great effect; Mobile, Lead Gen, CPA 5. Business intelligence technology and tools are available to enhance tracking and ROI
  24. 24. Digital Performance Marketing In the future all digital marketing will be classified as “performance.” - Thank You
  25. 25. Contact Us Mike McAnally 21960 Minnetonka Blvd. Suite 100 Excelsior, MN 55331 952.460.3333