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Michael Larney PPP


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Michael Larney's PPP

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Michael Larney PPP

  1. 1. Coding Imaginations Game Developer: Michael Larney
  2. 2. What am I passionate about?
  3. 3. Passions
  4. 4. Passions
  5. 5. Passions
  6. 6. Passions
  7. 7. My time with my passion has given me skills such as: Microsoft Visual Studio C# Java HTML C++
  8. 8. I have had the opportunity to create Games such as
  9. 9. I have had the opportunity to create As well as
  10. 10. I have had the opportunity to create Along with
  11. 11. Making games like these has given me great experience I have learned to do things such as make an event system I have also learned to network games together so that multiple
  12. 12. I live to be a game developer
  13. 13. There have been many times where the work load is tremendous
  14. 14. I push through it in order to complete it
  15. 15. There are times I’ve been awake for 24+ hours
  16. 16. With passion comes dedication
  17. 17. I am dedicated about my passion
  18. 18. I enjoy surrounding myself with like minded people
  19. 19. People that will understand my goals and push me towards them
  20. 20. I want to be around people that I want to be like, it seems like the best way to grow
  21. 21. Success to me is being able to do what I love for a living. When I am able to create what I have dreamed
  22. 22. Once I’ve achieved my goals, my dreams. I intend to set another.
  23. 23. I want to continue to learn even when I am successful, to grow and evolve.
  24. 24. Contact me Email: Twitter: @mlarney
  25. 25. Sources Screen shots taken by Michael Larney inside of Unity Background used from: content/uploads/2014/01/Technology-Wallpapers-4.jpg