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Sprint Review and Planning Template


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This is a template for a slide deck I use to guide/facilitate my Scrum Teams through Sprint Review (Demo and Retrospective) and Sprint Planning sessions.

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Sprint Review and Planning Template

  1. 1. Sprint Review and Planning MeetingTemplate• I am a Scrum Master for multiple Scrum Teams• I use the following template to guide the teams through• Sprint Review/Demo/Retrospective• Sprint Planning• I show a couple of reporting views to encourage reflectionand conversation• I share the completed deck with the teams once we havecompleted Sprint Planning
  2. 2. MAY 2013Project Review & RetrospectivePresenterMike Lally Month/Day/Year
  3. 3. Project Review/Demo• Demos• Nothing is too small to demo!• Doesn’t have to be a software demonstration• New functionality demo 1• New functionality demo 2• Updated UI demo 1• Monitoring demo 1
  4. 4. Work Accepted• I will export a list of work accepted from Rally and includeit here• I do this just to document the Development Team’s workeffort
  5. 5. Sprint Retrospective• How Are We Doing KPIs• Performance: Velocity over Time• Performance: Release Burnup• Performance: Work Accepted• Planning: Planned Velocity vs. Actual Velocity• Quality: Rolling 30-day Defect Trend
  6. 6. Velocity Over Time100% Accepted - 95 out of 95 points.Last 3 Average: 96 pointsBest 3 Average: 117 points0204060801001201405292104.565115130.5102122Q1 Velocity
  7. 7. Q1 Release Burnup3587179283.5348.5463.5632734856400500600700800850 856 856 8560100200300400500600700800900December1st Half2012January 1stHalf 2013January 2ndHalf 2013February 1stHalf 2013February2nd Half2013March 1stHalf 2013Q1 Pre-ReleaseCycleApril 2ndHalf 2013May 1st Half2013Q1 Release Burnup
  8. 8. Planned Velocity vs. Actual Velocity• Iteration Scope Change App
  9. 9. Quality: Rolling 30-Day Defect Trend(fromReports)59 Activated (Red), 101 Terminated (Green), 64 Total Active (Black)
  10. 10. Follow Up on Action Items from LastSprint Action item 1 Action item 2 Action item 3
  11. 11. Retrospective• What are we doing well?
  12. 12. Retrospective• What can we do better?
  13. 13. Updated Action Items• New Action Items
  14. 14. Sprint Goal• On this slide I will call out the goal of the sprint.• Or the top goals of the sprint. Many times we will have 2-3 mainuser stories or defect fixes that we are working.• I find it provides a little bit of help with team focus.
  15. 15. Sprint Planning• We will assign points to ALL user stories and defects• EVERY we pull into a sprint defect will get a minimum of 3points