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  1. 1. FLORIDA:THE SUNSHINE STATEBy: Michael Kanfer
  2. 2. BEACHES, BEACHES AND MORE BEACHES• Florida is known or their famous beaches and being a peninsula there are many tochoose from.• Because Florida has so many beaches it is also a main spring break destination formany colleges Nation wide.• The main spring break spots include Daytona beach, Panama city, and Miami Beach.• Florida is a peninsula and is the only state surrounded by the Atlantic ocean and thegulf of Mexico• Some of most popular beaches in Florida include Panama city beach, New Smyrna,Daytona beach , and the world famous Miami beach.
  3. 3. GOLF CAPITAL OF THE WORLD• Florida is the Self proclaimed “Golf capital of the world” because of theirmany golf courses and the PGA events that are held in Florida yearly.• Florida has over 1,250 golf courses which is the most in the country.• Palm Beach county has more golf courses in their county then anyother countyin the United States.• Florida also holds 6 PGA events during the year including the Honda Classicand The Players Championship which are two of the most importanttournaments held by the PGA tour.• TPC Sawgrass is the PGA headquarters and is located in Pointe Verda BeachFlorida.
  4. 4. This is a picture of The “Island Green” at TPC Sawgrass. This hole is one ofthe most iconic holes in the PGA Tour and is also located in Florida at thePGA headquarters.
  5. 5. TOURIST CENTRAL• Florida is not only the Golf capital of the world but is also a main touristdestination because of the many attractions in Florida.• The main attraction in Florida is Walt Disney World which has four parksand first opened in 1971.• Florida has many major theme parks including Sea World, UniversalStudios/islands of adventures, Disney World, Wet n Wild, and BuschGardens.
  6. 6. • Walt Disney World is by far the most famous theme Park in the world. Theyare known world wide for “Making Dreams come true.• More than 160,000 Jobs are Created Across the State and Over $6 Billion inPaychecks Attributed to Disneys Operations in Central Florida.
  7. 7. POPULATION AND ETHNICITY BREAKDOWN• Florida’s population is 19,317,568 which is fourth in the country behindCalifornia, Texas, and New York.• Population by Sex:• Male: 7,797,715• Female: 8,184,663• Population by Race:• White: 12,465,020• Black or African American: 2,335,505• Hispanic or Latino (of any race): 2,682,715
  8. 8. RANDOM FACTS….• Florida averages 10 deaths and 30 injuries a year from lightning.• Orlando attracts more visitors than any other amusement park destination inthe United States.• Florida means "Feast of Flowers" in Spanish.• The worlds deepest freshwater spring is Wakulla Springs near Tallahassee.• Saint Augustine city of Florida is the oldest European settlement in NorthAmerica.
  9. 9. St. Augustine, FloridaSt. Augustine is the oldest European settlement in the North America
  10. 10. FLORIDA CONTACT INFORMATION• Florida Information Center• Telephone: 1.866.693.6748• Secretary of State• Telephone: 850.245.6500• www.visitflorida.com for all your tourist visiting needs