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Writing for web


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Published in: Education
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Writing for web

  1. 1. Tips for good content:• Engaging, current, ‘action’ words• Use bullet points & lists• Visual aids, headings, subheadings• Short sentences• Add humour & personality• Proofread! ( Don’t Over Punctuate!!!!  )
  2. 2. Things to consider:• Length & style• Topics & trends• Reliability & SEO• Hyperlinks• Encouraging interaction, links & comments
  3. 3. • Reliability• Regularity• Links• Style/Branding• Guest Posting
  4. 4. Things to consider• Word length• Style guides• Links to previous articles• Sharing & publicising• Linking back to you
  5. 5. • Relevant Social Media platforms• Shortening links• Encouraging sharing & virality• Links, pingbacks & comments
  6. 6. • The Oatmeal• A Beautiful Mess• Texts from Dog• My Wild Caravan• Don’t Panic
  7. 7. • Sheer Music• Eat Like a girl• New York Times (occasionally)