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Social media for Practitioners


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A brief overview of social media, platforms and practice. PDF.

Published in: Education
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Social media for Practitioners

  1. 1. Social Media for PractitionersMike JohnstonDate Sat 3rd Dec 2012. EB 0.9 Bath University
  2. 2. es su e is oms
  3. 3. es su e is oms
  4. 4. es su e is oms RIENDS?
  5. 5. es su e is oms
  6. 6. es su e is oms
  7. 7. dia e l m ciaso
  8. 8. r y isto e h oms WEB 1.0
  9. 9. r y isto e h oms WEB 2.0
  10. 10. r s n e t io cti ra The ‘Reputation Economy’P Attention The Conversation power of networks Learning
  11. 11. y 1 u d st seca
  12. 12. y 2 u d st seca
  13. 13. y 3 u d st seca
  14. 14. n s st io ue3 q what social media platforms are best suited? what ‘voice’ do you need to use? what are his competitors doing? how can he differentiate himself?
  15. 15. y 4 u d st seca
  16. 16. See the LSE’s Academic’s guide to Twitter
  17. 17. Tweeting✤ join!✤ writing✤ following✤ retweeting✤ hashtags#(Twitterfall)✤ etiquette
  18. 18. See the YouTube creator’s Playbook
  19. 19. See how Journalists are using Instagram
  20. 20. p sti Use Google Alerts Use a ‘reader’ of some sort Give it time Enjoy it
  21. 21. About