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Badminton skills test


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Badminton skills test

  1. 1. Aklan State University CHARRM Badminton Skills Test Badminton Skills Assessment Description: o Prior Assessment—students will have seen the assessment rubric prior to final assessment. During tournament play, each group of students (3/group) had the chance to self-assess and peer-assess one person in their group. Being they have seen the rubric each student understands what is expected of them during the skills test. The students will not be graded on the peer/self assessment; it will be utilized as a tool to develop skills and prepare for the final assessment. The self/peer assessments will be used as an assignment which will make up a small part of their final badminton grade. o Final Assessment—students will be assessed by the teacher during the last two days of tournament play. The first day of testing I will have two-person teams posted on the wall (teams will be the same for both days) and which court they will start on. I will have the rubric for each team on a clipboard so I can pull it out when I get to their court. All students will be given 7 minutes to practice their skills at their courts before play and assessment starts. The tournament play will be “Kings/Queens Court” and each game will last for about 8 minutes. At the end of 8 minutes they will have 30 seconds to 1 minute of break to move courts or get a drink before next game begins. I will assess each team for 7-8 minutes. I will randomly choose a team to assess until all teams have been assessed. Script: o Please go to the wall and look at one of the sheets of paper (all have the same information, so do not all crowd around one) to find your name, partner, and which court you will be starting on. I will give you about 7 minutes to warm-up and practice you badminton skills because today and next class period I will be conducting the skills test. You all remember the skills/strategies I am looking for because the assessment is the same as the self/peer ones you did last week. After the two day assessment period is done, you can stop by my office to see your final badminton grade and get any comments from my assessment. o At end of day one: When you get to class next time, check the wall for court assignments and start your warm-up. Class will be the same as it was today so I can finish up the skills test. I will then give some compliments & suggestions. Equipment Needed: o Badminton nets & standards o Racquets (35) o Birdies (40) o Floor tape o Clipboard o Pencil o Stopwatch o Whistle Grading System:
  2. 2. Students will be assessed by utilizing the below rubric. The information on the rubric was developed from the skills and strategies students will have learned throughout the badminton unit. The score of the skills test will be 20% of final unit grade. Badminton Skills Assessment Rubric Name___________________________________ Objectives 0 1 2 3 Earned Points Knowledge of: Court, equipment, & scoring Does not attempt to demonstrates any knowledge Demonstrates but does not know many aspects of game Demonstrates understanding of numerous aspects of game Demonstrates knowledge of all aspects of game Knowledge of: game strategies Does not attempt to demonstrate strategies Demonstrates little knowledge of strategies Demonstrates multiple strategies Demonstrates all strategies Techniques: Serving (forehand & backhand) Does not demonstrates competency in skill serving Demonstrates competency in one serve Demonstrates competency in both serves Demonstrates competency in both serves & able to hit spots (previously marked on floor) Techniques: Shots (clear, drive, drop, & smash) Does not demonstrate competency in any shots Demonstrates competency in two of four shots Demonstrates competency in three of four shots Demonstrates competency in all shots Teamwork and sportsmanship Demonstrates no teamwork & sportsmanship Demonstrates a little teamwork & sportsmanship Demonstrates teamwork & sportsmanship in most aspects of play Demonstrates teamwork & Sportsmanship in all aspects of play COMMENTS: **Competency: student can execute desired skill according to techniques learned in class or slight adaptation of skill based on their ability level.