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You may choose from the wide range of designs and have that special feel for that special occasion. While you may go for the traditional ethnic ones, you may also have the modern trendy looking designs based on your taste and the occasion.

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  1. 1. The Beautiful World of EarringsAn earring is a piece of jewellery that is worn in the ears through piercing in theearlobe or some other external part of the ear. These are generally available in avariety of designs, sizes, materials and priceranges. Almost easily available in differentmaterials like plastic, pearls, precious stones,metals and many more; you can choose fromthe various designs available. The mostcommon among these tend to be gold earrings,silver earrings, diamond earrings. No doubtthese are the costlier metals adding to the costof the Silver jewelery (In Danish sølvsmykker)but these have their own grace when worn. Youmay choose one that suits your budget, styleand the occasion you are wearing it at.You may choose from the wide range of designsand have that special feel for that special occasion. While you may go for thetraditional ethnic ones, you may also have the modern trendy looking designsbased on your taste and the occasion.No wonder it is a great gifting idea too for your loved ones. The gold earrings(In Danish guld øreringe) can be presented on special occasions like weddingsand festivals to your nears and dears. The person is going to always carry as aspecial piece of remembrance for you. Even, you may also get them customizedfor you to have a unique earring for you.
  2. 2. Adding new dimension to beauty with Silver and Gold NecklacesThe diamond and gold necklaces are costlier than the silver necklaces (InDanish sølv halskæder). You may also find the designs from the mosttraditional and ethnic to the modern trendy and light weight designs. The rangeis just endless when it comes to necklaces.Choosing a necklace may depend entirely on the taste of the person and theoccasion they are looking it for. There may be different necklaces suitingdifferent occasions. While one may go for traditional ethnic ones for giving atraditional outlook to the festivals, the modern trendy look can come from themodern designs. Also a great gifting idea, the silver and gold necklaces (InDanish guldhalskæde) can be gifted to loved ones on special occasions. Thisadds a special meaning in strengthening the bond further. Definitely a greatgifting idea on various occasions including festivals.
  3. 3. Rings for all intents and purposesThis is attributed to the belief that the said finger is connected by a vein directlyto the heart – the vein of love.Of the many types of finger rings, some of themore popular ones are solitaires, trinity, cluster, eternity and tension rings ( InDanish ringe ). There are some also inspired by movies like those worn in thehit Hollywood franchise ‘The Lord of the Rings’, giving fillip to this ancient formof jewellery.Wedding rings (In Danish Vielsesringe) have their origin in Europe and were atfirst only worn by wives. Signifying fealty, love and commitment, they latercame to be worn by men too. Though gold is the preferred metal, there arethose who also use silver and platinum. CONTACT