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Pearl jewelry, a lost Treasure


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Pearl jewelry, a lost Treasure

  1. 1. BY: David NielsenPearl, since ages has been a symbol of royal ecstasy, purity and tolerance, ecstasybecause jewelry in pearl were used by the rich and royal kings and queens across theglobe and were treasured by them, they added it to their wealth. Purity because, a pearlis generally supposed to be pure, it takes birth miles underneath the sea and thus isconsidered to be as pure as the water droplet that is now a glittering and a shiny whitepearl. Tolerance because under extreme pressures and sealed in the tender oyster adroplet of water undergoes changes and hardens and gets luster and shine to be able toget place in a jewelry. Sølvhalskæde-med-hjerte VedhængSølvBut over the years, it has been noticed that craze for pearl jewelry has diminisheddrastically and people now usually do not prefer wearing pearls, the reason is veryobvious, it’s the degradation in the quality and duplication that has affected the pearlindustry majorly, now duplicate pearls or coated pearl jewelry(In Danish perle smykker)is very easily available in the market and at lower rates, which look as pretty as theoriginal pearl, instead unpolished real pearl have a slight yellowish tinge which a lot ofpeople do not prefer these days and thus they are attracted to the jewelry(In Danishsmykker) with artificial pearls used in them instead of original, certified pearls.
  2. 2. Vedhaeng-Med-diamanter GuldvedhængWith technological advancements, newer methods are available to culture pearl but eventhen the originality and quantity goes missing, and one major set back that the pearlindustry id facing is the lack of skilled labor and divers to get them, most of the labor inthe coastal areas of the world from where pearl was extracted are facing a shortage oflabor, since most of these men are migrating to urban areas in search of better jobs.Then other than duplication, which is a major issue, the pearl industry is also facing astiff competition from peoples inclination towards wearing jewelry made from otherprecious stone and corals that are easily available and more attractive, hence pearljewelry made from real, original and 100% pure pearl is a rare sight across the globe andhas been taken over by its counterpart either or its duplicate otherwise.But whatever may be the seen, pearl s were and shall stand for what they signify, and thepearl industry now needs to make a comeback!
  3. 3. A piece of jewelry(In Danish smykker) is the most priced possession of a woman, andshe posses a lot of accessories in silver, they look elegant and pretty, it’s a reflectivemetal, and has a distinct shine and luster which keeps it bright and makes it glitter, butwith time and wear and tear after a time it starts getting dull how ever pure the silverjewelry may be it is sure sure loose its shine after some time.The main reason for this dullness is the tarnish that gets settled on your objects, whensilver comes in contact with sulphur and few other components in the atmosphere,tarnish is formed which is dark in color and takes away the shine from your piece ofjewelry. Sølvhalskæder-med-sten Vedhæng-Sølv Vedhængguld Kors-vedhæng
  4. 4. Different Tips of Clean Your Silver JewelryIt is very easy and simple to clean this tarnish and other impurities that settle on yoursilver jewelry(In Danish sølv smykker) and get back your sterling piece of ornament,for a light cleansing take mildly warm water in a bowl and add a mild soap into it, oreven shampoo is a good option, keep the objects into it for an hour or two then removethem drain the soap solution and rinse it dry with a soft towel, doing this regularly toyour ornaments keep them new like al the time.If this does not solve your purpose then special silver cleaning solution are also availablein the market, sometimes they also come with your jewelry, use that solution to cleanand wipe it with a soft towel.Another effective method is using a silver cloth, a silver cloth is a soft cloth impregnatedwith silver polish, after nicely cleaning the piece with this cloth, specially into the tinyedges and corners that are formed due to the design, soak it in warm water den pat it drywith a normal cloth, ensuring that all the solution and the chemical is removed fromyour silver jewelry, because even small particles of chemicals can be harmful.If there are gemstones or pearls embellished in your piece of jewelry then take extra carefor cleaning them as well, they are very sensitive to chemicals so gain knowledge aboutthe kind of solution that are friendly wont damage your precious stones. The best and themost safe way of course is to get it cleaned by a professional only when thee is need ofextra cleaning else its always better to clean them at home! For more information visit http://www.vedhæ