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The jewelery as an adornment, often tends to define the status quo, a person belongs to, of course if one looks at the variety of the same, the list is endless, one used gems and other precious metals to adorn themselves, mostly silver or gold, not to let aside the mention of its design and creativity.

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Marguerit smykker

  1. 1. Diamond Rings for MenDiamond rings are mostly associated with women and it makes one wonder as to whymen are being deprived of having the pleasure of owning one such finery like diamondrings. In recent studies more men revealed their interest to buy jewelry and diamond rings.One can never forget the moment one gets any piece of jewelry like chains, bracelets oreven diamond rings as a gift from their beloved ones .The sparkling diamonds in a ring addbeauty to the one who wears it and it is therefore preferred by many.In ancient times during the era of the Greeks and theRomans the wedding ring existed but in those timesonly the bride was asked to wear the ring and thegroom was allowed to stare at the shiny ring in hisbeloved‘s fingers. Moreover in these recent yearsmany things have changed and men started to acceptthe rings given by his bride and it is considered bymany soldiers as a token of his family’s remembrancewhen was out there to fight alone in the war fareagainst the enemies.Many Jewelry (In Danish smykker) owners started tocampaign against the idea that jewelry are forwomen only .In turn these jewelers also starteddesigning jewels which would show case the style and masculinity of men by creating thickbanded rings with the names of the men engrossed in enamels/precious stones. A hugepositive response was there and this triggered jewelers to create variety of rings withprecious stones and hence the introduction of diamond rings in gold and platinum becamea huge hit.Nowadays every couple getting married are sure to exchange diamond rings as theyconsider the truth that their matrimonial bond should last forever because they feel“diamonds are forever”. As one could browse the online websites one could get a glimpseof the different patterns of jewelry and diamond rings available at the stores. Even withouttaking the pain of visiting the local jewelry store one could get to have an idea of thecollection of diamond rings available for every type of man.
  2. 2. The online option thus allows one to explore the suppliers of genuine gold rings and incase if one would like to design his own ring then he could design it and ask the jeweler tomake it according to his own taste. The retail outlets which sell these diamond rings shouldbe in business for at least few decades as this would give one the guarantee that hisdiamond rings (In Danish diamantringe) are of authentic value. It is also essential to get acertificate which shows that the jewelry that one has bought is of a real high value. FLOWER SHAPED JEWELERY-A PERFECT GIFT FOR YOUR LOVED ONEJewelry has been the desired gift for a woman and while choosing an appropriate piece ofjewelery one cannot ignore the fact jewels irrespective of whether it is a ring, a bangle, abracelet or a chain it should be worn in the modern fashion trend.Ofcourse there areantique jewelers’ collections but most of the teen aged and young aged people wouldlike to wear the most modern and fashionable modeled jewels.Rings take a special part in every jeweler’s art. They are worn by both men and women of all ages. Rings with colorful birthstones and pearls attract everyone. In these recent years there are couples who think of such traditional engagement rings as a cliché. This makes them to go for flower shaped jewelry and especially daisy shaped jewelry (In Danish marguerit smykker) in the form of studs and pendants are usually unique and stylish in appearance. Elegant pink or violet colored daisy shaped jewellery is sold in famous branded jewellery shops. The modest form of bangles and studs are also sold in elegant pearl studded flower shaped.jewelery patterns and this is considered as a must for every jeweler. The beauty of any kind of flower shaped jewelry depends mostly upon the type or varieties of flowers ‘design incorporated with it. The basicdaisy flower shaped jewelry is the easiest bloom to fit itself into flower engagementrings in which usually a central bud is surrounded by evenly spaced elegant petals. Thereare many variations in this simple design and the variations are in the types of differentsized stones embedded in the daisy shaped jewelry.
  3. 3. Couples also prefer to use semi precious stones in these flower shaped jewelry (In Danishmargurit smykker). Many varieties of flowers like rose ,lotus tulips or lilies can be alsoincorporated in the beautiful flower shaped jewelry patterns. A single gem could bedesigned in a manner to represent the tulip whereas the spectacular roses could beuniquely molded directly from the ring’s metal with a cute and small gem nestled in thecenter. These rings can be worn in every special occasion and it can be even gifted tothose whom one might consider as someone special.Apart from the rings the new and long stalking silver daisy ear rings, double daisy silverbangles with the cute daisy buds in bunches for the pendant is considered by many as a“must-keep” along with their other jewel collections. The Triple Daisy Pendant and theBunch of Daisies pendant look really cute and it is available in varied sizes andappearance. Adorn your self the Marguerit way!!!Well, who has not heard the wonders ofthe beautiful flower the daisy? Commonlyreferred to as the Marguerite Daisy,belonging to the family of the Sunflowers.Surprisingly, the name Daisy comes fromthe synonym for the Sun. Used also as anickname for Margaret, used becauseMarguerite, the French version of thename, is also a French name for the oxeyedaisy. Well known for its fresh, energeticand wholesome image, it is no wonder ifthe best of brands are associated with thebrand of this exquisite gift from MotherNature.Although a very commonly used notion,the meaning and its implication hold true even today, as one believes, to look good you need to feel good, quite true, after all, it is how you carry yourself in the society today that defines your personality. Surely, perceptions differ across the globe. Any woman who has adorned herself with the very best of Marguerite earrings and the matching Marguerite necklaces (In Danish marguerit halskæde), is bound to be on cloud nine!!How gorgeous she is to look at, becomes a secondary matter. After all, what the bearer of the
  4. 4. Marguerite earrings and Marguerite necklaces, only knows better. Famous for its exquisitedesigns and the variety of necklaces, the women simply go Ga-Ga. Since ages, it has been awell known fact that women as well as men, all over the globe, tend to look their best,making all possible attempts to adorn themselves in the best jewelery possible, at times thejewelery one is adorned with, may also easily define the strata of social ranking you belongto. Very true, only the best in the hierarchy can afford the very best of designer clothes orbe it jewelery, take the Marguerite earrings (In Danish margurit øreringe) and theMarguerite necklaces, there are several choices apart from the Marguerite necklaces andthe Marguerite earrings, namely the exquisite designs of brooches, bangles, bracelets,pendants, cufflinks, made in such a wide array that leaves the onlookers spell bound, asyou adorn yourself with it.The jewelery as an adornment, often tends to define the status quo, a person belongs to, ofcourse if one looks at the variety of the same, the list is endless, one used gems and otherprecious metals to adorn themselves, mostly silver or gold, not to let aside the mention ofits design and creativity. CONTACT