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GuldkæderSelling off my precious Gold and Diamond jewelry


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I do also posses a pair of diamond studs which as mentioned earlier I am willing to sell off, diamond again are valued not just on their weight, but their carats, their cuts and its type.

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GuldkæderSelling off my precious Gold and Diamond jewelry

  1. 1. BY: Mike JensenThe glitterati of gold and stunning diamonds have always fascinated me and I have afettish for collecting diamond jewelry(In Danish smykker) but I somehow can not buymore. One the rates of gold jewelry and diamond have suddenly touched the peak andsecond I am already overloaded with these jewelry, so have decided to sell them off.The Sale Of My Precious Gold And Diamond JewelryI own a wedding band and a chain both of which are built in 100% pure gold, that is 24CARAT pure gold jewelry, I own a gold tester that’s pretty obvious because I keepbuying and selling my ornaments pretty often and can afford to go to a professionalevery time, it is very easy to select a gold and a diamond tester on the internet and orderfor one. Allianceringe-med-diamanter Guldring-med-citrinAnd of course there are scales onto which gold can be weighed, it is pure gold with ahallmark mark and a purity certificate with 100 percent value on sale certificate with mygold jewelry(In Danish guldkæder), yet another thing people look into while buyinggold is its color, generally yellow gold is the one in its purest form although white is also
  2. 2. pretty popular and looks very ecstatic as well.My Precious Gold And Jewels DiamondSince my piece of jewelry is made in yellow gold and weighs around 15 grams, that’sfor the band, the chain is a mixture of white and yellow gold and weighs somethingaround 24 grams it is pretty heavy and this very obvious could be expensive, but since ithas both kinds of gold into it, while evaluating it, separate weight for both would beconsidered and as per current rates the final value would be decided.Guldhalskæde-med-diamantbesat-hjerte Guldhalskæde-med-sommerfuglIrrespective of the design, (which is obviously simply out of this world) the rate of myjewelry would depend solely on its purity and weight.I do also posses a pair of diamond studs which as mentioned earlier I am willing to selloff, diamond again are valued not just on their weight, but their carats, their cuts and itstype. But the principal criterion is the carats, it is not easy to differentiate between fakeand real diamond jewelry and hence for the same I use a diamond tester.Since they are studs, they weigh less, but they are solitaires and uncut diamonds build in18 carat gold, which gives them perfect finish, the rate certainly shall depend on thecurrent value of diamond jewelry in the market and gold values as well!
  3. 3. Many people prefer to wear silver jewelry rather than gold. They have discovered thatjewelry made of this metal suit their attire more. However, very few people know andunderstand how to properly clean their silver pieces. They believe that once their jewelry(In Danish smykker) is tarnished, there is nothing that can be done to restore its beauty.Silver will tarnish over time. It is more likely to need cleaning when exposed to humidclimates and air pollution. Understanding the best way to clean silver can keep thepieces beautiful and shiny for many more years.Different method of Clean Silver JewelryMany times, the best way to clean silver is also the easiest. There are silver cleaningcloths that are available in jewelry stores as well as general stores and supermarkets.They are the fastest and easiest way to clean and polish the shine back to silver jewelry.They remove dirt, grime, body oils and fingerprints from the silver. They are quiteinexpensive and can be used a number of times. Simply wiping down the jewelry canmake it immediately ready to be worn once more. Øreringe-diamant-sølv-hoop øreringe-sølv-roed-diamant-studWhen we buy silver jewelry(In Danish hjerte øreringe), many of the stores offer acleaning liquid. The pieces need to be dipped into the solution and then pulled up andwiped clean. This is a very effective method as well. However, using a cleaning cloth iseasier, although many people find it best to dip the piece and then wipe it with the cloth.
  4. 4. The age-old method of cleaning silver pieces using toothpaste and a toothbrush is amethod preferred by most people. They use these to buff the piece and free it fromtarnish. While using this method, it is important to remember not to be too rough as thebristles of the brush can scratch the silver. Remembering to rinse the piece with warmwater after cleaning is also important.Apart from the methods of cleaning mentioned above, there are people who find thathousehold cleaners also work very well. However, it is important to remember again thatusing abrasive cleaners can scratch or damage the jewelry.For silver jewelry pieces with precious stones and gem stones, it is best to take them to ajeweler to have it cleaned periodically. Asking the jeweler about proper home cleaningtechniques is also a very good idea. For more information visit http://www.sølvø