SOlutions                                                         • DESKTOP/LAPTOP REFRESH                                ...
Equipping students with the job skills that today’s employers expect                                              is the m...
“ e’ve been through W the process of looking at other vendors and have come full circle back to Dell again. Dell gives us ...
delegate the older models to serve less        ENABLING A DISTRIBUTEDcritical needs. The AEG data center            ENTERP...
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2009 Aeg 10007522


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Customer Success Story

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2009 Aeg 10007522

  1. 1. SOlutions • DESKTOP/LAPTOP REFRESH • PRINTER to DT/LT REFRESH • SERVER VIRTUALIZATIONMORE Customer PROFILE COUNTRY: United States INDUSTRY: Education FOUNDED: 1982BANG FOR NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: 1,296 WEB ADDRESS: CHALLeNGe Anthem Education Group wasTHE BUCK paying too much for a third- party service that charged a monthly fee for printer toner with a premium for service calls. The company needed to find a lower-cost solution for supplying, refreshing and supporting printersAnthem Education Group saves 60% on its printing costs for its 23 campuses.with Dell printers soLutioN The company evaluated several managed printing solutions and considered refreshing its HP and Xerox printer fleet with HP printers, but found that Dell’s direct purchase pricing with Dell support provided the greatest value and the most responsiveness with proactive support. BeNeFits GET IT FASTER • Installation of desktops with Dell ProManage Deployment Services in half the time customer could have accomplished the same task RUN IT BETTER • 60% savings over its previous printing support services • 10-20% lower costs than printer refresh with HP printers • 24x7 next-day service calls at no extra cost with Dell warranty • No administrative overhead to calculate costs for 23 campuses • 15 hours of IT staff time per week saved in ordering supplies • Substantial savings on engineering overhead with virtualization and Dell™ OpenManage™ Server Administrator • Projected 5-7 days per quarter saved with application virtualization GROW IT SMARTER • Enablement of distributed enterprise with Dell OpenManage Server Administrator
  2. 2. Equipping students with the job skills that today’s employers expect is the mission of Anthem Education Group (AEG), an accredited family of schools that offers career-focused training programs in healthcare, technology, visual communication and criminal justice. These are high-demand careers that don’t go away in a recession.“ he Dell printer offer T saved us 60 percent off what we were paying with our previous SERVICE and 10 to 20 percent off the price of new HP printers.” Mark Schillereff, IT director, Anthem Education GroupAEG depends on high-tech would not own the printers and would How it worksequipment for effective teaching and pay based on a price per page. “What HArDwAreadministration and for the management concerned us the most about that • Dell 5310n laser printersof its 23 campuses, which are spread scenario was that it was all based upon • Dell™ OptiPlex™ 760 desktops without from coast to coast over 14 states. per-month volumes that the vendor Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E7300 processorsAEG’s well-tuned organization relies on calculated,” says Schillereff. “If we • Dell PowerEdge™ 2950, 2850 serversservers, desktops and storage—as well went over those volumes, the price with Intel Xeon® processorsas printers. In fact, AEG maintains a fleet went up steeply, and we thought those • Dell PowerEdge R200 servers withof 450 printers pumping out a minimum volumes were being calculated low.” Intel Xeon processorsof 30,000 pages per month each—that’s • Dell/EMC CX300 SAN arrayover 13 million pages per month. The AEG was unimpressed with what it • Dell PowerVault™ MD1000 direct- attached storage arrayscost to print a page obviously has a found after examining other managedmajor impact on overall costs. print offers as well as the option of SOFTWARE buying all new HP printers. Then Dell • Dell OpenManage™ Printer ManagerSAVING 60% OFF PRINTING COSTS came in and offered its regular direct • Dell OpenManage Server AdministratorMark Schillereff, IT director of AEG, purchase pricing plus a bulk quantity of • Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008wasn’t sure that the cost of printing toner. Service would be covered by 24x7 Datacenter Edition • Microsoft Hyper-V™was as low as it could be. “Over the next-day Dell support according to the • Microsoft Application Virtualizationlast several years, we bought HP and five-year warranty at no extra charge. • Microsoft Windows® XPXerox printers along with a third-party • Microsoft Windows Server 2003service that sold us toner and charged “The Dell printer offer saved us 60 Active Directory®a premium over the cost of toner for percent off what we were paying • Microsoft Windows Vista®service calls,” he says. “The service with our previous service and 10 to • Microsoft Dynamicscalls were performed by yet another 20 percent off the price of new HP • Microsoft Office SharePoint®third-party provider. We sat down printers,” says Schillereff. Server 2007and analyzed what we were spending • Citrix® Presentation Serveron the toner and service for every LESS WORK, COMPLETE • Moodle Course Management Systemoperating campus, and we were a little TRANSPARENCY serviCesbit shocked at the amount we were HP, too, offered warranty support, but • Dell ProManage Servicesspending to maintain printers that we its service desk closed at 5:00 p.m. ˚ Asset Recovery and Recyclinghad already bought.” “Relying on a service that closed at 5:00 Services p.m. wasn’t going to be much help,” ˚ Deployment and Recovery ServicesAEG began looking at other options. says Schillereff. “Our facilities are open • Dell Warranty Parts DirectOne of these was a managed printing evenings, and calling a help desk atcontract with its existing vendor. AEG 8:00 p.m. and finding it closed just
  3. 3. “ e’ve been through W the process of looking at other vendors and have come full circle back to Dell again. Dell gives us a lot more bang for our buck.” Mark Schillereff, IT director, Anthem Education Groupprolonged the problem. With Dell, we air freight,” he says. “We’re planning to ProManage Asset Recovery andcan call any hour of the day and they integrate OpenManage Printer Manager Recycling Services to dispose of theanswer the phone.” with our trouble-ticket system, which old printers and desktops according will save us 1.5 hours per week for each to EPA guidelines. To install the One problematic feature of the of our 10 techs.” new desktops, AEG purchased Dell managed services offering was the ProManage Deployment and Recovery administrative hassle of apportioning AEG purchased Dell 5310n laser printers Services, which installed all 600 billing to the 23 user campuses. “All the to replace all its existing printers and desktops in four schools over twooperating campuses are responsible is enjoying a trouble-free printing weekends. “Dell Installation Services for their own PL,” says Schillereff. environment. “The Dell printers are a did the job of installing our OptiPlex“I would have to divide up the bill lot easier to support than the previous desktops twice as fast as we could have according to each campus’s usage printers we had,” says Schillereff. “There done it ourselves,” says Schillereff. without any external sources to verify are fewer moving parts, and they’re “And the students and staff have been the usage numbers that each campus excellent machines. And all we have to very happy with the Dell desktops. We would provide. This meant extra work do is make one call to get service.” haven’t had any trouble with them.” and less transparency.” DESKTOP INSTALLATION TWICE SAVING 5-7 DAYS PER QUARTERWith Dell, each campus pays for its AS FAST In its Phoenix data center, AEG isown toner directly, so there’s no In addition to printers, AEG uses Dell virtualizing servers with Microsoftadministrative overhead. “And we’ll desktops, servers and storage. “We Hyper-V, which is part of Microsoftknow how much toner each campus are 100 percent Dell,” says Schillereff. Windows Server 2008 Datacenter using because Dell OpenManage “We’ve been through the process ofPrinter Manager monitors each printer, looking at other vendors and have come AEG has more than 100 Dell PowerEdgeshowing page volume, toner usage and full circle back to Dell again. We feel blade servers in the data center, alongwhen a printer will need more toner or more comfortable with Dell hardware. with Dell PowerEdge 2950 and 2850other consumables,” says Schillereff. We know what to expect. Dell gives us a servers with Intel Xeon processors. The lot more bang for our buck.” blades run corporate applications suchSchillereff expects that OpenManage as Microsoft Dynamics for accountingPrinter Manager—a free utility with At the same time AEG was ordering its and Microsoft Office SharePoint ServerDell printers—will greatly expedite Dell printers, the company purchased 2007. The company plans to replaceordering and enable a more proactive 600 Dell OptiPlex 760 desktops with its legacy blade servers with Delloperation. “We won’t have to wait until Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 processors. PowerEdge M600 blades with Intelthe last moment and have to request The company also purchased Dell Xeon processors in the near future and
  4. 4. delegate the older models to serve less ENABLING A DISTRIBUTEDcritical needs. The AEG data center ENTERPRISEhas a Dell/EMC CX300 SAN array for All of AEG’s engineering staff is locatedcentralized storage. in Phoenix, so remote management of servers with Dell OpenManager ServerAt the campuses, AEG is testing Dell Administrator is essential. “We use DellPowerEdge R200 servers with Intel OpenManage Server Administrator andXeon processors to run its Microsoft a handful of third-party tools to giveWindows Server Active Directory. us the ability to manage a distributedAll of the school’s databases and business model,” says Schillereff.applications, including Moodle open- “We can tell when there’s a fan downsource course management system thousands of miles away or we can goand Citrix Presentation Server, will run into the RAID configuration and rebuildon virtual servers on Dell PowerEdge drives without anybody having to touch2950 servers. Each campus will have a server.Dell PowerVault MD1000 direct-attached storage arrays to round out “We don’t have a lot of manpower,its local IT infrastructure. The company so we have to do more with less,”is planning to implement Microsoft Schillereff concludes. “By providingApplication Virtualization to deliver superior service, support andapplications virtually. technology, Dell helps us accomplish that goal.”“It just makes so much more sense to virtualize applications,” Schillereff To read additional case studies, go to: says. “That way we don’t have to DELL.COM/casestudies reload machines that often. We can do upgrades to one server which we can then redeploy to other servers veryeasily. We’re going to save five-to- seven days per quarter. And we can manage applications centrally, which is a great benefit. Only about half ourcampuses have on-site technicians, and in the ones that do, the site techs won’t have software to worry about.”Simplify your total solution at DELL.COM/SimplifyAugust 2009Intel, Intel Xeon and Intel Core are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Intel Corporationin the United States or other countries. Microsoft, Active Directory, Hyper-V, SharePoint, Windows,Windows Server and Windows Vista are either registered trademarks or trademarks of MicrosoftCorporation in the United States and/or other countries. This case study is for informationalpurposes only. DELL MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS CASE STUDY.