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Michael peterson culture of consumerism of fast food


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Published in: Business, Self Improvement
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Michael peterson culture of consumerism of fast food

  1. 1. By Michael Peterson 06/24/12 HUM/176 Jason Coley
  2. 2. America and consumerism With cultural dominance in America, society has become modern capitalists while the orientation of marketing and consumption of Fast food has opened the door to poor choices of foods, while America leads the way with burgers and fries.
  3. 3.  Radio Television
  4. 4.  Target groups The appeal to consumers Brand name recognition
  5. 5. The use of advertising and fast-food has evolved to marketing techniques that grab the attention of consumers, either by branding, targeting children, appealing to consumers with association to famous figures in society, and or bribery with toys or advertising schemes. This has lead the public to believe what is being advertised to be good for consumers, especially adults. But this has caused us to be blinded by the large corporations like McDonald with their flashy commercials. This has caused the epidemic of obesity of Americans, children and adults, this problem has been attacked head on with the changes that has been voiced by parents and government agencies. Even with the changes that has been made to ensure the well being of McDonalds consumers health by offering healthy alternatives, parents and children have already been programmed to eat the meals that they are accustom too. Changes have to be made first at the home front, education of our children to eat healthy alternatives is something that needs to be taught at home and in schools. But with parents already hooked to these types of products, it will be hard to change what is already taught in the home by these childrens parents.
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