How Circles Works


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How Circles Works

  1. 1. How Circles® Works Overview
  2. 2. Establish Lead OrganizationOne organization assumes responsibility to setup Circles:1. Holds Circles® introductory and Orientation sessions2. Assures there is enough community interest to pursue this new approach3. Establishes an initial leadership team
  3. 3. Build a Guiding CoalitionTeams are set up in this order:1. Resources—functions as leadership team and raises initial funds2. Recruitment—enrolls families and allies3. Community—builds the programming4. Economic Stability—supports individual plans5. Big View—resolves the system-wide barriers
  4. 4. Enroll Circle Leaders• Interview potential Circle Leaders• Make selection of 15 for the first class• Hold an Orientation to go over the requirements and formally enroll people
  5. 5. Provide Circle Leader Training15-week class provides following tools: How to set and achieve realistic goals How to make a major life change How to make a financial plan out of poverty How to work with Allies to accelerate your plan
  6. 6. The Circle Leader Training OutcomesGraduates have:• Long-term financial plan with clear and measurable goals• Skills to network with middle and upper- income allies• A new community of peers and weekly meetings for support to reach goals
  7. 7. Match Allies to Circle LeadersAllies attend:• 90-minute Orientation• 5-6 week Fundamentals Class• Matched with a Circle Leader
  8. 8. Circles Formed• Graduates of the Circle Leader Training matched with Allies• Circle Leader sets monthly meeting with his or her new Allies• Weekly support meetings offered to both Circle Leaders and Allies• Staff and volunteer organizers monitor Circles and provide additional support as needed
  9. 9. What makes CIRCLES different ??? • Led by the family in poverty • Transforms us – not just the disadvantaged • Processes are designed to produce transformation in the community, too • Addresses systemic issues
  10. 10. Pond Mental Model Teach to Fish Betterment Give a Fish of Pond Individual_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Community Maintenance of Understanding the Watershed the Pond Owning the Pond
  11. 11. Pond Mental Model• Many churches have outreach programming that addresses #1 – Give a Fish – Food pantries – Clothing closets – Emergency Relief Funds – Others???• Some churches have outreach programming that addresses #2 – Teach to fish – Job readiness programs – resume, interviewing – Mentoring programs – Computer skills programs – Others???• Fewer churches have outreach programming that addresses #3 – Betterment of the Pond – Community beautification project with persons from the community – Working with families to implement programming in their community – Community Gardens – Others?
  12. 12. Pond Mental ModelVery few churches get to the “community” side of the pond – understanding theircommunity, helping members of the community to build ownership and maintaining thebroader community.Understanding the Pond – Intentionally building relationships with persons in the target neighborhood through joining the Circles Initiative and studying the Bridges Out of Poverty – Community listening to better understand the resources that are present, the improvements desired and the passion of the residents to enact change – A new paradigm from doing “to and for” to doing “with”Owning the Pond – Asset development • home ownership • small business development within the community • Neighborhood associations that govern the community – Leadership roles – elected officials • School boards • Non-profit board • Church TrusteesMaintaining the Watershed/Sustaining the Ecosystem • Strategic development and planning at the policy level that allows for neighborhoods to thrive • Policy level involvement
  13. 13. What’s next for Circles ofTransformation?• Pilot Launch in Dothan• Develop Community Interest• Host Community Meetings• Recruit 100 + Volunteers
  14. 14. Fred and Laurel Blackwell 334.524.3652 CirclesofTransformation