Mike hill 2012 senior project speech


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Mike hill 2012 senior project speech

  1. 1. Hill 1Michael Hill4-18-20126th A.P. Lit./Comp.Tillery Senior Project Speech Imagine yourself in a home without the basics. No electricity. No heat in thewintertime. Perhaps even no running water. Imagine no home at all. Thousands of peoplein Georgia alone have to deal with conditions like this or worse on a daily basis. Myname is Michael Hill and for my senior project I ultimately choose to put on a 3 on 3basketball tournament with all proceeds going to Creekview’s Habitat for HumanityClub. I choose this because it was a project that I could explore my interest in businesswhile staying comfortable with my interest in basketball, and help out a great cause. The process for the creation of my product began with my research paper. Afterall, I had never put on a fundraiser of my own, so I needed to find out everything I couldabout how to run one. While some students just do their research paper because theyhave to include it in their project, mine was absolutely necessary. My research paperbasically led me to how I was going to set up my fundraiser. I implemented many thingsthat I learned in my research paper into my actual project. Things like my advertising,communication, and how the actual tournament was run all came from my researchpaper. One specific example is what I learned in my research paper on advertising. Atfirst, I planned on using a rather generic advertising scheme. However, my research papermade me reconsider this. I learned specifically about how different texts, color schemes,and images could attract different audiences. With all this in mind I redesigned my
  2. 2. Hill 2advertisements (show visual aid of advertisement). I wanted to make an advertisementthat would draw my audience of teenage athletes and I feel I succeeded greatly in this. Although my advertisements were ready, I still had things to do before I startedputting them up. One challenge I had was to secure a location for the tournament. Afterdays of researching different venues I finally settled on a local church with a very niceindoor gym. Another difficulty was to set up an easy way for people to learn more aboutmy project after they saw the initial advertisement. My solution to this was to create apage for a Facebook group titled Creekview 3 on 3 so it would be easy for people to find.The page provided more detail about the project like the time, date, and location. Inaddition to all this, I provided a link to Habitat for Humanity in order to inform peopleabout where the money raised would go. The Facebook group was also supposed to behow I was going to communicate with the participants. Unfortunately, this turned out tobe quite a dilemma, arguably the most difficult problem throughout my project.Thankfully, I was able to solve this problem later on. After the Facebook group wasestablished I began to place my advertisements. Obviously, I wanted them to get a lot ofattention so I looked carefully over all the places I could put them. Finally, I settled onplacing them throughout the school at various water fountains. This seemed like the bestidea as this was the place that students were most likely to stop and look at a distraction.Around this time I also began airing my commercial on the school’s news channel. Word began to spread quickly around school, and soon I was inundated withinquiries about the tournament. Fortunately, I was well prepared and was able to get a lotof people interested. Once I had a gauge of how many people were going to be there Ibegan to plan for the actual day of the event. While this may sound easy, it was actually
  3. 3. Hill 3quite time consuming. I created a timeline to let me get a generalization of how long thegames were going to take place. I also had to decide on things like seeding and thebracket setup. Would certain teams get byes? How would those byes be determined?Should it be a round robin tournament or a round by round elimination tournament? Tosolve these problems, I combined my opinions with opinions that I had collected fromparticipators in the event. In the end, I decided on a beginning round robin tournament toseed the teams. The two teams with the best records would get first round byes in thedouble elimination tournament. With most of my problems resolved, there was only oneissue left to tackle: the communication. Although I thought the Facebook group wouldbe a great way to communicate it proved to actually be quite a hindrance. Not everyonechecked the page making it very difficult to attain the things I needed from theparticipants, like the participants money and their insurance information. Additionally Iwas not able to see everyone in school in order to tell them in person about the things Ineeded. This made for a huge mess. Just two days before the tournament only threepeople had turned in the necessary items. I was officially freaking out. So I took it uponmyself to inform all of them individually. Through perseverance and some legallyquestionable actions I was able to get contact information for everyone in the tournament.The night before the tournament I got in touch with each participant telling themeverything they needed to bring in order to partake in the event. With the final bulletdodged, all I had to do was set everything up before the tournament. The tournamentitself was probably the easiest part of my whole project. Everyone brought everythingthey needed to and, as you can see in my video, it all went according to plan.
  4. 4. Hill 4 In conclusion, my senior project helped me learn a lot of things about myself. Ipreviously thought that I was rigid in planning and had to have everything go exactly as Iplanned. However due to all the problems I learned that I was actually quite good atadapting to the situation at hand. This project was supposed to help me explore myinterest in business, and it definitely achieved that. I will be attending either GeorgiaCollege and State University or Georgia State University with plans to major in businessand specialize in marketing. Even though it was not quite like a business my projectsbusiness aspects definitely fostered my interest in business.