Mike hill 2012 senior project research paper 2012


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Mike hill 2012 senior project research paper 2012

  1. 1. Hill 1Mike HillMrs. TilleryA.P. LiteratureNovember18, 2011 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament “Basketball, a game played between two teams of five players each on a rectangularcourt, usually indoors. Each team tries to score by tossing the ball through the opponent’s goal,an elevated horizontal hoop and net called a basket” (Encyclopaedia Britannica OnlineAcademic Edition). Sometimes, however, basketball can be much more than just a game. Sportsare often used to promote good causes, several such examples are classic guns and hoses softballgames, 5k runs, and of course, 3 on 3 basketball tournaments. These tournaments, like thetournaments held at local schools for Hoops for Heart, can raise thousands of dollars.Unfortunately, these tournaments can be very hard to put on; however, with good planning,proper event execution, and good use of the money raised, a 3 on 3 basketball tournament can bea huge success. Good planning can help set up success in any field, including fundraising events.Especially on the magnitude of a 3 on 3 basketball tournament, planning is key to a fruitfulfundraiser. The initial thought that must come into any event organizer’s mind is simple, yetabsolutely necessary. “Will the event work?” (sua.umn.edu). Although it may sound like afoolish question, it really is the first that arises. This question is easily answered in the case of a3 on 3 basketball tournament. Basketball is undeniably one of the most popular sports inAmerica and 3 on 3 tournaments provide a cheap way for the community to play and support agood cause. However this is only the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to planning a 3 on 3
  2. 2. Hill 2event. The major problem that appears to arise with any fundraising event is the budget. “Thebudget should be specific, and include revenue opportunities (sponsorship, ticket sales,donations. concession sales) as well as expenses printing, permits, insurance, speakers, food.supplies, security)” (librarysupport.net). After all, the goal of any fundraiser is to make moneyto support a cause, so a good budget must be clearly presented or the promoter runs the risk ofnot generating any profit for the cause they are supporting. The budget must be carefullyplanned and meticulously followed in order for the event to be as successful as possible. In thespecific case of a 3 on 3 basketball tournament there are dozens of expenses that must be kept inmind, such as; facilities rental, equipment, food, drinks, entertainment, and player gifts are just afew that can be named. Another aspect that any event needs is good advertising. “Publicize yourevent to community calendars, on TV, and through community centers, and neighborhoodmarkets. Add event information to your website, social network sites, your newsletter and to listservs (aids.gov).” Advertising is clearly essential to hosting a profitable fundraising event.Although some of the best means of advertising are definitely through electronics, primarilythrough the Internet and local news, there are some old fashioned ways of advertising that mustnot be overlooked. Some examples that work great and can be implemented by any fundraisingevent are posters, assemblies, and word of mouth. Just simply going out and telling people aboutan idea can yield phenomenal results. Before a 3 on 3 basketball tournament can take place thereare many things that need to be done that, if not managed, can turn the event into a nightmare.However, with adequate planning, a 3 on 3 tournament can be a relatively problem free project. Although good planning definitely aids the success of a 3 on 3 basketball tournament,one of the other keys to success is proper event execution. Even though many people will go tosuch an event just for basketball, others are not so interested in the sport. One tournament in
  3. 3. Hill 3New York does not stop at just basketball; “But its not all hoops in the park. Every weekend,hundreds of future track stars line up from the ages of seven and under in a series of relay races,obstacle course runs, rope jumping (double Dutch) and other games of motion that kids love(Evans).” Simply alone, a 3 on 3 basketball tournament would most likely produce verybeneficial results. However, if combined with other activities, these results could multiply.Several different events can be used at a 3 on 3 basketball tournament, such as; the tournamentitself, a 3 point and dunk contest for fan entertainment, video games, live music, and othercontests, like hula hoop or jump rope. All of this has to do with gaining the most profit, or as onearticle says, “activities that can generate the biggest bang for the buck (Simmons).” Although inlarge cities it may be more profitable to have many events, in rural and suburban areas, a betterstrategy most the time is to put on one single extravagant event. This way the fundraiser is onlyasking for money once. This keeps the people who donate from constantly being hassled formoney, which also makes them likely to give more. In order to make the event as big aspossible, several things must happen in the event execution. During the event things need to bekept under control. If the promoter if aiming to have as big of an event as possible, then thepromoter must keep in mind that people could be liable to get out of hand, especially when theevent is something of a somewhat competitive nature. In order to keep order, the event musthave proper security present. However, not all event staff should be security there to incite fearinto the people who may consider being reckless. The majority of the staff at the event should bethere to help the participators in the friendliest way. Unfortunately, recent studies have shownthat of late, people have less confidence in charitable organizations (Waters). Part of this lack ofconfidence could be from the way the event participators are treated by the event staff. Whilemost of the event staff are happy volunteers there is a large percentage there only because they
  4. 4. Hill 4have to be for legal obligations or due to severe family pressure. This means that it is veryimportant for the event staff to know thoroughly who they are hiring. If all of the aspects ofevent execution are carried out meticulously, the 3 on 3 basketball tournament is almost asurefire success. Even after the event, there are still many things that need to be done. The primary issuethat must be addressed is the question, where will the money go? Unfortunately this question hasa much more complex answer than one might think. “Veterans organizations, along with groupsthat solicit funds for firefighters and police officers, are magnets for hucksters and thieves (MASUltra).” Some people are always trying to get money the easy way. Even if that means takingmoney from hardworking citizens who think they are donating to a legitimate charity. Due tothis, it is essential for any fundraiser to know exactly who they are donating to. Sufficientresearch should be put into this task. If this is neglected, then the money goes to people who maynot deserve it, thus basically wasting the entire fundraising effort. Sadly even many well knownfundraisers are actually pretty shady. For example, the “National Breast Cancer ResearchCenter...spent exactly $487,505, or about 4% of its income, on research (Saporito).” For such awell known organization, most people would most likely expect for a much larger percentage ofthe income to be spent on the actual research. There is no right or wrong charity to donate thefundraising money to, however some may seem to do less with the money than others. Knowingwhere the money is going and how it is being used is very important for most people; thereforecountless hours of research should be expunged on where the funds will be headed to. Althoughthis is the main thing to do after the actual event of a 3 on 3 basketball tournament occurs thereare several other options that definitely will not hurt the cause. Community awareness issomething that should be acknowledged by the fundraiser. After all, it could be very influential if
  5. 5. Hill 5people find out about the fundraiser. As people see one person doing good, they are inspired todo good themselves. Henceforth, it may be a good idea for the fundraiser to give a publicannouncement about how the event went. These announcements should be centered aroundthings like how the event went, how much money was raised and how many people partook in it.It is also a great idea to include pictures or even video from the tournament. There are alsoseveral ways of showing the public announcements. Local newspapers and even televisionstations are one great way. Since the people who browse these are close to the fundraising event,there is a better chance of connecting with the audience. Another excellent tool that should beused is the Internet. With this, the organizer can reach a greater quantity of people thus furtherraising the awareness. A successful 3 on 3 basketball tournament does not end when the actualtournament does. If the proper steps are taken after the event, the results can become more andmore prosperous. Some people may argue that a 3 on 3 basketball tournament is a foolish enterprise forraising money for a cause. Some people may say that it will not change anything. Especially ifthe tournament does not have millions of dollars to spend getting the news out to people(Luscombe). There is no way a simple basketball tournament can make any difference. Somepeople will say it just will not matter, the tournament will not make thousands of dollars. Thetournament may not make thousands of dollars, but it will make a difference. When a 3 on 3basketball tournament is carried out properly, not only can the monetary results be quitesurprising, but the influence from the tournament can spark a flame that takes people by storm,moving them to help others as well. If the tournament is planned well, properly executed, andthe fundraiser knows about where they are donating the money, the effects from a 3 on 3basketball tournament can be very far reaching.
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