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“If you do not want your friends to bring pieces of your information over to the apps they use, you can set granular controls under Apps and Websites from your Privacy Settings page on Facebook. There, you can control most of the information friends can share about you and even block individual apps. You also can turn off Platform all together, which stops others from sharing any of your information with apps.”

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  2. 2. Facebook Announces Tweaks on Policy Change Facebook has announced another round of updates to previous drafts of its terms of service named Statements of Rights and Responsibilities in an attempt to ease concerns on information sharing and privacy.   “Based on your feedback during the recent comment period for our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities (SRR), we have decided to revise some proposed changes and further explain many others. We are also re-opening our comment period,” Facebook said.   One of the most prominent changes in the SRR is the removal of a line that says: “Some or all of Facebook’s services and features may not be available to users in certain geographic areas. We reserve the right to exclude or limit the provision of any service or feature in our sole discretion.”
  3. 3. Most Norton Scientific Collection feedback had asked ifthis meant that the social network could censor activitiesposted by activists or other users. Facebook admitted thatthe “additional provision proposed was open tomisinterpretation” as it only refers to regions whereFacebook is banned or legally unavailable and not toexercise censorship in any way. The move to address another of the most concerningprivacy issues is a good point for the company. It isregarding their terms about a user’s friends having thecapability to grant any apps access to the user’s data.Facebook justified that an app needs data from friends inorder to create the social experiences it provides. Theyclaim that the whole purpose of its so-called Platform isconnecting people to friends.
  4. 4. As to how users can prevent their friends from draggingtheir data to apps they don’t like, Facebook said:“If you do not want your friends to bring pieces of yourinformation over to the apps they use, you can setgranular controls under Apps and Websites from yourPrivacy Settings page on Facebook. There, you cancontrol most of the information friends can share aboutyou and even block individual apps. You also can turn offPlatform all together, which stops others from sharingany of your information with apps.” The post also has an obvious chide aimed at Facebook’sapparent rival, Google. Recently, Google hasimplemented a policy change about information sharingwithout consulting users, earning ire from journalists,privacy advocates and some politicians. Even when itwidely publicized the changes to its users, there wasnever an intent to seek feedback from the public.
  5. 5. Here is Facebook’s statement on its post entitled Statement of Rights andResponsibilities Update by Norton Scientific Collection:“Our SRR (commonly known as terms of use) explains the commitmentswe make to you, our users, and you make to us when you use ourservice. Unlike other Internet companies, we propose updates to ourSRR and give our users an opportunity to comment before they go intoeffect. Your insights and perspectives are really valuable to us, enablingus to respond to your questions and make substantive changes to addressyour concerns before changes are implemented.”
  6. 6. Norton and Facebook Partner to Make the Web Safer MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., April 25, 2012 MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., April 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Norton by Symantec (Nasdaq: SYMC) and Facebook announced a partnership to help protect Facebook users and make the web a safer place to connect with friends and family.  As a member of the Facebook AV Marketplace, Norton will provide Facebook users with a six-month trial to the award-winning Norton AntiVirus 2012. Norton will also work with Facebook to detect and alert users to potentially malicious URLs on the site, helping to provide a safer experience for members. (Logo: )
  7. 7. "As the worlds largest online community, Facebook iscommitted to ensuring security for our members," said JoeSullivan, Chief Security Officer, Facebook.  "Norton has longbeen a trusted brand in security and through our partnership,we will help ensure our members are protected from threats onFacebook and any other site they visit."Facebook and Symantec have also released a joint whitepaper,"Scams & Spam to Avoid on Facebook," illustrating the mostprevalent security issues and threats targeting Facebook todayand how users can protect themselves.  The whitepaper can beaccessed at the Facebook Security Blog. 
  8. 8. Facebook members who are PC users can obtain their six-month trial subscription to Norton AntiVirus 2012 by visitingthe Facebook AV Marketplace, which features a variety ofconsumer security offerings to protect against online threats. Mac users can obtain a six-month trial subscription to NortonAntiVirus 12 for Mac.  At launch these partnership offeringswill be available in English.  To learn more about how Nortonand Facebook are making the web safer, visit the FacebookSecurity Blog. "Norton and Facebook share a common goal of protectingconsumers online," said Marian Merritt, Norton InternetSafety Advocate.  "This partnership brings the industrys bestsecurity to the Facebook community and is one more step inNortons effort to protect consumers and the stuff that mattersto them, whatever device or platform they choose."
  9. 9. About NortonNorton protects the Stuff that matters to consumers, across allaspects of their digital lives. Norton provides a range ofsecurity solutions including technologies for PCs and mobiledevices, live tech support services and online backup. LikeNorton on Facebook at SymantecSymantec is a global leader in providing security, storage andsystems management solutions to help consumers andorganizations secure and manage their information-drivenworld.  Our software and services protect against more risks atmore points, more completely and efficiently, enablingconfidence wherever information is used or stored. Moreinformation is available at
  10. 10. NOTE TO EDITORS: If you would like additionalinformation on Symantec Corporation and its products,please visit the Symantec News Room at  All prices notedare in U.S. dollars and are valid only in the UnitedStates.Symantec, the Symantec Logo, the Checkmark Logo,and Norton are trademarks or registered trademarks ofSymantec Corporation or its affiliates in the U.S. andother countries.  Other names may be trademarks oftheir respective owners.
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