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Provides more details and an overview of SkyDrive Pro...which is different than SkyDrive.

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  • Webcast Title: SkyDrive Pro: Apps, Web, oh my!Description: SkyDrive Pro is the new place to store, sync, and share files: it’s the file service your users crave and your organization can endorse. This Ignite Webcast provides a comprehensive survey of all SkyDrive Pro has to offer: Easy save and share, New cross-device apps, Desktop sync, Office client integration and more. Delivered on: Tuesday, July 2nd at 10:00 AM (Pacific Time). 1 hour presentationBy: Mark Kashman – Senior Product Manager on the Microsoft SharePoint Team
  • SkyDrive Pro Details

    1. 1. SkyDrive Pro: Apps, Web, oh my! Mark Kashman Senior Product Manager - SharePoint @mkashman
    2. 2. SkyDrive Pro SharePoint Online Office 365 7GB default SkyDrive Pro SharePoint 2013 on-premises SkyDrive Pro SkyDrive SkyDrive Pro cross browser SkyDrive Pro cross device Pro SharePoint
    3. 3. Capability SkyDrive Pro for Windows 8 SkyDrive Pro for iOS SkyDrive Pro Sync for Windows SkyDrive Pro in-browser 1 Office Mobile for Windows Phone Office Mobile for iPhone View Folders & Documents Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes View Recent Documents No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Start new Office documents No No Yes Yes Yes Yes 2 Edit Office Documents in app No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Upload new documents Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Rename Files Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Offline No Yes 3 Yes No Yes No Share Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Install of comes with Office 2013 n/a Comes with WP 7.5 or higher Here from App Store 1 – Supported browsers include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari (Mac & PC), and Chrome Mobile 2 – You can create new Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. 3 – A user selectively syncs the documents they wish to take offline.
    4. 4. Questions?
    5. 5. this patch
    6. 6. us/sharepoint-server-help/what-is-skydrive-pro-HA102822076.aspx pro.aspx windows-now-available.aspx windows-8-and-ios.aspx
    7. 7. Appendix follows …
    8. 8. Screenshots
    9. 9. See which files are shared and with whom Files are private by default
    10. 10. Always stay in sync with SkyDrive Pro
    11. 11. Easily see who can view or edit a file
    12. 12. Get to your SkyDrive Pro from multiple devices
    13. 13. Invite others to collaborate on your document from the browser or Office Backstage
    14. 14. Leverage metadata and taxonomy to organize content better
    15. 15. SkyDrive Pro is available for eDiscovery holds for better compliance Preserve content in original location with high fidelity
    16. 16. Turn off external sharing or offline sync
    17. 17. Fine-grained access control for your documents