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Infinity Life Sciences for Dynamics CRM
Extending the Power of CRM on Mobile Devices

Published in: Business
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  1. 1. Infinity Life Sciences for Dynamics CRMExtending the Power of CRM on Mobile Devices
  2. 2. Director, Solution Architectsmhammons@infinityinfo.com
  3. 3. Forrester Research Mobile phones Shipped in 2012 1.6Billion HALF were smartphones
  4. 4. 350• U.S. tablet sales at 195 million by 2015• 44 million sold annually through 2015• Eclipse laptop sales by 2015. 300“Tablets Will Grow As Fast As MP3 Players”, Forrester Research, 250January 11th, 2012 200• 30% of companies piloting or planning 150 tablet apps• A further 43% of firms in North 100 America and Europe are interested in tablets.• Only one in four firms have no tablet 50 plans. 0“How iPads Enter The Workforce”, Forrester Research, October 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 201726th, 2011 Tablet PC
  5. 5. Business is no longer confined to the office – success is achieved on the road, in hotel rooms, and everywhere in between.
  6. 6. Access Business Content Outside of Office 22% Yes No 78%Mobile strategy no longer nice to have… it’s an absolute business necessity
  7. 7. Sales Mobility; Quotas Untethered,Aberdeen research on 269 companies... Sales Rep Quota Attainment Best in Class Industry Laggard Average 65% 22% 57%
  8. 8. Forrester Research Increase in60% customer satisfaction
  9. 9. Forrester Research Increase in30% Sales
  10. 10. Forrester Research Increase in30% Productivity