Infinity Life Sciences Partnering and Innovation Data Sheet


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Life Sciences Partnering and Innovation Software Suite is tailor made to greatly improve Life Science business development and alliance management processes.

Provides an easy to use, single source for Want, Find, Get and Manage workflows involved in life science partnering, mergers and acquisitions.

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Infinity Life Sciences Partnering and Innovation Data Sheet

  1. 1. Infinity Info Systems is a business services consulting firm for the Life Science industry including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices and healthcare. Our Life Sciences experienced staff combined with the Infinity RAPID Methodology helps organizations deepen cus- tomer relationships and improve corporate profitability. Infinity has worked with more than 3,500 companies and trained over 150,000 professionals on how to become more effective at developing and strengthening business relationships. Building on the notion that a firm’s alliance management capability can be a source of competitive advantage Infinity Info Systems has created a unique software application suite that enhances and streamlines the business development, in/out licensing and alliance management functions of your organization. The finding and management of alliances is a difficult organizational activity due to the complexities and un- certainties inherent in managing projects across multiple organizational boundaries. This is one reason why recent studies have emphasized that superior alliance manage- ment contributes to a competitive advantage. Our ex- perience has shown that a firm’s alliance management capability is built through repeated engagements in alli- ances over time. Infinity iPartnerning is designed to cap- ture this repeatability in a software application that eases this complicated process. ABOUT INFINITY Infinity Info Systems 525 Seventh Avenue SUITE 1200 New York, NY 10018 Tel: (800)354.4228 WWW.INFINITYINFO.COM To learn more about Infinity Life Sciences powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM offerings, contact us today. SOLUTION Our focus is on meeting the needs and solving the challenges of the full partnering life cycle, from business development to alliance management. Our comprehensive suite includes: • Contact, Physician, Researcher and Organization Profiling and Management • Lead Management • Event tracking and management • Scout, Finder and Opportunity Management Business Development • Alliance Management • Deal Management • Scientific Assessment • Portal and Community Development • In- and Out-license Management • Compound Management • Project Management • Content Library • Workflow and Task Automation • Business Intelligence with Advanced Analytics • Mobility • Strong Outlook integration • Thomson Reuters Pharma™ and Wolters Kluwer Pharma integration* *Requires Subscription and configuration -Partnering
  2. 2. Infinity Info Systems 525 Seventh Avenue SUITE 1200 New York, NY 10018 Tel: (800)354.4228 WWW.INFINITYINFO.COM Infinity i-Partnerning: Target, acquire, retain and grow biotechnology and pharmaceutical partnerships. Nearly half of today’s top-selling drugs were the result of partnerships. Companies across the industry annually spend hundreds of millions of dollars to utilize other firms’ discovery, development and marketing capabilities in their quests for filling their pipeline or the next big blockbuster. To thrive in this challenging climate, you need the best tools for facilitating growth through fundraising, partnering, licensing, deals, and mergers & acquisitions. Each of these activities require efficient and thorough due diligence that encompasses many departments and people across your organization. An application platform designed for these challenges can save time, minimize risk and increase the likelihood of closing deals rapidly. Companies that excel in alliance management position themselves to win new deals. Those organizations that show a penchant for successful collaborations will attract other companies looking for strong allies — in the process filling critical portfolio holes and penetrating exciting new markets. To learn more about Infinity Life Sciences powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM offerings, contact us today. -Partnering Infinity iPartnering powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM The majority of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies today have CRM tools or home grown systems that have not been able to keep up with the rapid pace of change in the market. These traditional and legacy solutions have become much too inflexible and too costly to maintain, leaving pharmaceutical companies in the unenviable position of overspending every day on solutions that no longer meet their business requirements. Infinity iPartner is a platform application designed for the entire partnering life cycle. Infinity iPartner puts everything in one place for your teams to track and coordinate the obligations, payments, milestones and other key expiration dates resulting from your increasingly complex network of partners. The Infinity iPartner platform encompasses these common modules: • Search, find and identify top contacts and organizations with easy to use filtering and segmenting tools • Integrated tightly with Outlook calendaring and tasks to provide anytime, anywhere access to the most important information in the one application everyone in your organization uses • Document management integration, routing and workflow capabilities to automate tasks that today are done manually and inefficiently. • Business Development functionality that streamlines the want, find, get, and deal management processes. • Alliance Management for managing coordination, agreements, milestones and tasks between you and external parties. • In- and out-licensing for strategic planning, potential opportunity targeting, potential partner interactions, negotiation and management of deals. • Users can also have access to their system for any device including Windows Phone 7, iPads, iPhones and Android devices. Increasing efficiency no matter where they may be. Included in the Infinity i-Partnering suite: Document and Contract Management Streamline your due diligence by placing your documents in a secure and structured repository. Complete field, form and document security is included to meet regulatory compliance. Your users will be able to instantly find documents that relate to relevant key words with powerful searches capabilities. SharePoint and document management integration helps users and prospective partners quickly answer the questions they have and access the documents they need, reducing the lengthy document review phase. • No need to replicate files in multiple locations • Includes workflow capabilities for in browser review, editing and approvals • Takes full advantage of document management and collaboration capabilities that’s included with SharePoint Alliance Development and Management The Alliance Management function is dedicated to advancing your pipeline through successfully partnered R&D projects. The goal is to build and maintain alignment between your company and your alliance partners, permitting joint teams to collaborate efficiently and progress agreements as quickly and efficiently as possible. The alliance management facilitates your project team’s ability to anticipate and plan for collaboration-related business, so that management and the project team can focus on science and the project. • Provide a single point of entry for internal users and partners • Workflow and notifications ensure business operations and help project teams achieve collaboration goals • Engage with governance committees to enable strategic alignment with alliance partners • Ensure a smooth transition to development organization • Ability to integrate with financial systems to track royalties and payment obligations