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This was a presentation I gave at a joint meeting of the Fox Valley Drupal User Group and Fox Valley Computing Professionals Meetups. This was one of five talks given that night.

The focus of the event was SEO, what options, tools and plugins are available for Drupal, Joomla and WordPress for better SEO.

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WordPress SEO

  1. 1. Who Am I? Mike Hale WordPress & .Net Developer President Commencia Founder @TwibitzApp My Blog MikeHale.me Twitter @MikeHale Google+ +MikeHale Contributing Developer:
  2. 2. What I'll Cover ● WordPress Built-in SEO ● Theme & Framework SEO ● Free SEO Plugins ● Premium SEO Plugins ● Performance & Page Speed
  3. 3. What I Won't Cover ● SEO Basics ● General SEO Tips & Tricks I will not make you this guy! Assuming you know SEO best practices. This is how to apply them in WordPress.
  4. 4. WordPress Built-in SEO ● Page Structure ● Permalinks ● Canonical URLs ● Internal Links
  5. 5. What Does Matt Cutts Say? Matt Cutts - Google Head of Webspam team “WordPress takes care of 80-90% of the mechanics of SEO.” WordCamp SF 2009 (Still true today!)
  6. 6. Page Structure ● Post Title in <h1> tags ● Uses Title as HTML title by default ● Includes image alt & title tags
  7. 7. Permalinks Use postname or category/postname Edit url "slug" and include keywords
  8. 8. Canonical Links General Settings: These are different pages: http://www.mikehale.me/5-podcast-mistakes http://mikehale.me/5-podcast-mistakes http://www.mikehale.me/5-podcast-mistakes/ http://www.mikehale.me/5-PODcast-Mistakes/ http://www.mikehale.me/5-podcast-mistakes/2 WordPress adds rel=canonical automatically <link rel="canonical" href="http://www.mikehale.me/5-podcast-mistakes/" />
  9. 9. Internal Links WordPress makes it easy to add internal links.
  10. 10. Theme & Framework SEO ● HTML Title & Meta Description ● Responsive Design ● Framework SEO Options ● Schema.org Microdata Samples are from a theme built on the Genesis Framework.
  11. 11. HTML Title & Meta Description WordPress uses Post Title as HTML Title HTML Title & Meta Description used ifor SERP
  12. 12. Responsive Design Serves the same HTML for one URL and uses CSS media queries to determine how the content is rendered on the client side. This is Google's recommended configuration.
  13. 13. Framework SEO Options Genesis Framework lets you: ● ● ● ● ● Set nofollow/noindex/noarchive per post/page. Set a custom canonical page URL Homepage HTML Title & Description Add Google+ Authorship URL Apply noindex/noarchive to Categories and Archives (Tag, Author, Date, Search) ● Apply noarchive, noodp, noydir to site ● Add Breadcrumb navigation to your site
  14. 14. Schema.org Microdata Lets you to enhance your site’s SEO and SERP results through proper classification of the most important and defining elements on your pages.
  15. 15. Free SEO Plugins ● Google XML Sitemaps ● 301 Redirects ● WordPress SEO by Yoast
  16. 16. Google XML Sitemaps ● Creates sitemap.xml file ● Notifies Google & Bing of updates ● Set Frequency & Priority by type ● Specify excluded posts/categories
  17. 17. Simple 301 Redirects A 301 (permanent) redirects to the new page, and points the page to a new URL with minimal impact on search rankings. ● ● ● ● Change to Permalinks structure Migrate to a new domain Edit post "slug" "Expired" content
  18. 18. WordPress SEO by Yoast ● 7.8 MILLION Downloads ● Does everything Framework does & more ● Includes XML Sitemap ● Social Sharing & Open Graph Integration ● Edit robots.txt and .htaccess files ● A lot more!
  19. 19. WordPress SEO by Yoast - Page Analysis
  20. 20. Scribe Content Marketing (Premium Plugin) ● Keyword Research ● Content Optimization ● Social Media Connections ● WordPress Plugin ● Web Version ● Scribe for MS Word ● Supports multiple Frameworks & SEO Plugins
  21. 21. Performance & Page Speed ● W3 Total Cache Plugin ● Content Delivery Network ● WP Smush.it Image Optimizer Plugin ● Use WordPress Managed Hosting! (Formerly ZippyKid)
  22. 22. Links General: Genesis Framework Building Smartphone-Optimized Websites Schema.org WordPress Optimization Tips for Performance & Speed Plugins: Google XML Sitemaps Plugin Simple 301 Redirects WordPress SEO by Yoast Scribe Content Marketing Software W3 Total Cache WP Smush.it Managed WordPress Hosting: Synthesis WP Engine Pressable
  23. 23. Questions?