Content Calendars For Wordpress Tips & Tools WordCamp Chicago 2014 #wcchi


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Content calendars are a tool to plan and manage the content you will create for your site. For a multi-author blog it’s vital to controlling the chaos of rounding up writers and deadlines. This presentation covers the elements that make up a good content calendar and why they’re so useful. It will also take a look at plugins (Editorial Calendar, Edit Flow) and tools (Evernote, Zapier) you can use to manage your content calendar and integrate it with your WordPress site.

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  • Daily: Tweets, Blog Comments, Shared Links
    Weekly: Blog Posts, Article, Newsletter, Forums & Groups, Roundup
    Monthly: Long Form Post, Video, Podcast, Guest Post, Case Study
    Quarterly: White Paper, eBook, Training Course, Contest / Sweepstakes
    Semi-Annual: Virtual Event, Industry Report, Public Speaking
    Annual: Conference, Awards

  • Content Calendars For Wordpress Tips & Tools WordCamp Chicago 2014 #wcchi

    1. 1. Content Calendars for Wordpress: Tips & Tools WordCamp Chicago 2014 #wcchi
    2. 2. Who Am I? Mike Hale Platform & API Developer Copyblogger Media My Blog Twitter @MikeHale Google+ +MikeHale
    3. 3. What is a Content Calendar? #wcchi A Content Calendar is a tool used to schedule and manage the process of creating and publishing content across multiple channels.
    4. 4. “Content” vs. “Editorial” #wcchi Photo by Chris Campbell
    5. 5. Why use a Content Calendar? #wcchi Mental Model
    6. 6. Plan Content Around Dates #wcchi Holidays & Seasonal Product Launch Conference or Event
    7. 7. Time to Prep, Assign, Edit, Review… #wcchi Photo by Anne-Lise Heinrichs
    8. 8. Find Gaps & Eliminate Assumptions #wcchi Photo by Willi Heidelbach
    9. 9. Ensure Cross-Channel Content #wcchi Photo by Rik Ruff
    10. 10. Provide Accountability #wcchi Photo by Sam Howzit
    11. 11. Align Content with Marketing Goals #wcchi Photo by Alexander Osterwalder
    12. 12. Define a Publishing Schedule #wcchi 1: Daily 7: Weekly 30: Monthly 4: Quarterly 2: Semi-Annual 1: Yearly Creating Consistent Content – A Content Marketing Plan
    13. 13. What Goes Into a Content Calendar? #wcchi Photo by PhotoAtelier
    14. 14. Content Type: Text #wcchi Testimonial White Paper Case Study Newsletter Website Content Blog Post Book Review eBook
    15. 15. Content Type: Visual #wcchi Chart InfographicIllustration Image Meme Comic
    16. 16. Content Type: Media #wcchi Podcast Video Webinar Training
    17. 17. Basic Information #wcchi Title Category Channel Priority Description Status
    18. 18. Names & Dates #wcchi Author Editor Create Date Due Date Publish Date
    19. 19. Categories #wcchi Topic Theme Feature Campaign Purpose
    20. 20. Links & Media #wcchi Links References Images Audio / Video Attributions
    21. 21. Audience #wcchi Primary Audience Secondary Audience Purchase Cycle Call to Action Promotion Personas
    22. 22. SEO & Meta Data #wcchi HTML Title Meta Description Keywords Open Graph Data Schema / Micro Data
    23. 23. Content Calendar Tools & Plugins #wcchi Photo by Shawnee Union
    24. 24. Commercial Apps #wcchi $20 to $100/Month (Kapost $1,000/mon)
    25. 25. Free Excel Content Calendar Templates #wcchi Vertical Measures Calendar Template Content Marketing Institute Calendar Template My Marketing Café Calendar Template Bob Angus Calendar Template Marketing Nutz Calendar Template
    26. 26. Evernote #wcchi#wcchi
    27. 27. #wcchi Type Site Author
    28. 28. Evernote to WordPress with Zapier #wcchi How to Sync your Evernote Content Calendar with Google using Zapier
    29. 29. Select Accounts #wcchi
    30. 30. Filter Trigger #wcchi
    31. 31. Calendar Event #wcchi
    32. 32. Test Zapier “Zap” #wcchi
    33. 33. WordPress Plugins #wcchi
    34. 34. Editorial Calendar #wcchi
    35. 35. Edit Flow #wcchi
    36. 36. DEMO #wcchi
    37. 37. Questions? #wcchi
    38. 38. Photo Credits #wcchi Icons by freepik, Simpleicon, Icomoon, Yannick
    39. 39. About Mike Hale Mike Hale Platform & API Developer Copyblogger Media My Blog Twitter @MikeHale Google+ +MikeHale