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Visual summary of Social Media Marketing World #smmw13


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Visual overview of the Social Media Marketing World conference attended by over 1100 social media enthusiasts. The event was hosted by Social Media Examiner.


It’s a wrap! And what an event it was!
Quick Summary:
Great speakers, valuable content, and awesome networking made this first time event a smashing success.

I definitely recommend this event for those thinking ahead to 2014.

The conference was well planned out, with a great mix of practical tactics, as well as deeper social and digital theory. It was clear that intentionality went into the planned networking from the opening night at the San Diego Natural History Museum to the cruise in the Bay and set times throughout the daily agenda. As Ambassador Michael Bruny says, we went from #HashtagsToHandshakes !

Going Deeper
Beyond the excellent array of social and digital input, there were sessions with inspirational and personal life messages that went beyond business. In fact, some of these keynotes that went beyond tools and tactics by the great folks below were the most impacting sessions for me!
Larry Benet “How can you add value to a new connection? Think “them” not “you.“”
Sally Hogshead “Become more of the person you already are!”
Dave Kerpen“The 4 most important words in business are, thank you and I’m sorry”

There were also frequent “Heavy Tweet Warning” statements as 1100+ attendees unloaded and provided play-by-play on Twitter as well as on Instagram, Facebook, Vine and Google+. I was told we were also trending on Google+ a few times during breakout sessions.
For those interested in reviewing the social chatter in more detail, a search of the hashtag, #SMMW13 on Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Google+ will yield loads of results.

Breakout sessions were like a “Who’s Who” of the Social Marketing realm! Excellent input on Facebook as given from the Queen herself, Mari Smith, and added value from other top notch folks like Brian Carter, Amy Porterfield and Andrea Vahl.
Mark Schaefer and Chris Brogan delivered great content, and I was even inspired to be on Google+ more with key nuggets delivered by Guy Kawasaki and Jesse Stay!

@DaveKerpen gave a powerful keynote on “Why it Pays to be Likeable.”

@Nicole_Kelly of Social Media Explorer delivered a “no holds barred, straight shooting” session on measuring social media that left me knowing I need to take my measuring to a whole new level!

“You Aren’t Going to Like This: Social Media Isn’t the Answer” Chris Brogan gave a great presentation on what actually “adds value” to his bank account. Anything that doesn’t, isn’t worthy of being a tracked metric. Bottom Line: Email matters. Your email list is gold. It reaches people, and those people buy.

Social Media Marketing World 2013 started out as a event.
It has potential to become a movement.
A movement of the best practices in social media along with a Give F

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Visual summary of Social Media Marketing World #smmw13

  3. 3. Beautiful San Diego Location
  5. 5. Tremendous Speakers @mike_stelzner@sallyhogshead and @chrisbrogan
  6. 6. Time for fun and exercise as well!
  7. 7. 1000’s of Tweets and RT’s!
  8. 8. Many Quotable Moments!