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Joey on joey

  1. 1. An Analytic Case Study
  2. 2. "Full House" was a family television show that aired in the 1990s. Spanning192 episodes, Full House followed the lives of the Tanner family and theirtackling of every-day American problems. Episodes often ended with somekind of lesson for the viewers to take home, such as the benefits of sharingyour toys with your friends, or that honesty is the best policy.
  3. 3. Joey Gladstone, friend of Danny Tanner and probable occupier of the sexoffender registry, was an integral member of the family.
  4. 4. Recently, Sharon and Michael got into a heated debate regardingwhat Joey Gladstone was referred to as. Michael swore that heremembered Joey being referred to as "Uncle Joey", while Sharonmaintained that, as he was no ones actual uncle, the only uncle onthe show was Uncle Jesse. I would like to take this opportunity to walk you through my research methods and highlight my findings. The goal of this case study is to walk through the many resources used to gather the relevant data, as well as the conclusions that can be drawn. Finally, the evidence of the case study will be presented.
  5. 5. Research began using Google to search for suchbroad phrases as "uncle joey" and "uncle joey fullhouse." When this lead to no results, I startedsearching for the answer directly.It seems this debate has been raging for sometime. Old articles, posturing on both sides of theaisle, litter the internet. Some claim that JoeyGladstone was called Uncle Joey because he was asurrogate uncle to Dannys daughters. Evidencefor this position range from "i remember himbeing called uncle joey" to "In Episode X ofSeason Y, a flashback to Joey and Dannys firstmeeting showed Joey defend Danny in a school-yard fight. From this moment, they decided to besoul brothers and, thus, he was Dannysdaughters uncle." However, on the other side ofthe fence, many cry that in no way did Joeyactually relate to Danny, thus, he is not Dannysdaughters uncle.
  6. 6. Sorting through online debates from the last ten years lead to nothing but furtherquestions. For a time, it seemed hopeless. If I was unable to produce any evidencethat Joey Gladstone was, at least once, referred to as Uncle Joey, I would be wrongand thus be forced to concede.It was at this time I stumbled upon evidence that made my skin crawl.
  7. 7. On 2/18/2008, on the "" discussion board, a user going by thename of pulykamell posted the following quote from "VOX Magazine": "DaveCoulier was never Uncle Joey. He was always just Joey. Neither Stephanie, D.J. norMichelle Tanner ever called him Uncle Joey during the 192 episodes of ABC’s FullHouse, which ran from 1987 to 1995."Devastation.
  8. 8. Though I do not know the validity of these claims, I have no reason to doubtpulykamell from the forums. It seemed that I had come tothe final answer and all was lost.At this time I began closing tabs and prepared to concede. I was wrong and itwas time to pay the piper.When closing tabs, a few other discussion boards caught my eye. I wonderedwhat else people were able to dig up.
  9. 9. While digitized scripts for Full House were not easy to come by, I managed topull a single hyperlink from a debate which quickly sent me to a non-Englishwebsite.Japanese website, homepage of the Yabu City CableTelevision Information Center, has on its servers the script from the thirdepisode of Full House, "The First Day of School." After literally minutes ofsearching, I was able to find a copy of that episode on a website hosted in India(
  10. 10. At 03:50, Jesse and Joey are giving Michelle a bath and Jesse hands the baby toJoey, while saying "This is the most terrifying shower scene since Psycho. Hey, itsall right, pal. Here, you go to your Uncle Joey there. There you go. Joey, the babyhas better muscle tone than you do."
  11. 11. Using backlogs of internet debates, Japanese television script archives, illegalIndian television hosting, and the courage to stand up for what he believesin, Michael was able to prove once and for all that, at least on oneoccasion, Joey Gladstone was referred to as “Uncle Joey” on Full House. The End
  12. 12. Yabu City Cable Television Information Center: forums: House Season 1 Episode 3 Streaming: House Season 1 Episode 3 Script: