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  1. 1.  Joint Stock Company- A business owned by many people Virginia Company of London- Joint Stock Company developed to try and establish a colony in Virginia. Please Note-When we speak of Virginia at this time we are talking of all land north of Spanish Florida and south of Canada along the Atlantic Coast.
  2. 2.  First successful colony in 1607 that saw success due to many factors, including the popularity of crops like tobacco, leadership from John Smith and aid from Native Americans (ex. Pocahontas). Goal: find gold and other natural resources
  3. 3.  144 men sailed from England ◦ 39 died during journey Settle by the “James River” ◦ Why did they chose to settle next to the river?  By river: easy to bring in people & supplies  Inland: Hidden from Spanish ships sailing in Atlantic
  4. 4. • Colonists struggled • Settlement was in swampland • Impure drinking water • Disease • Starvation • Lack of skills to hunt, fish, and/or farm • Native American attacks • Negative relations with Natives harmed local trade
  5. 5.  John Smith- first leader of Jamestown. Told colonists they would not eat if they did not work.  Made friendly relations with Indians which helped colonists survive.
  6. 6. John Smith True LifeDisney Version Painting
  7. 7. Disney English Painting
  8. 8.  Introduced by John Rolfe, brought from the Caribbean illegally. The use of tobacco as a cash crop saves the colony of Jamestown.
  9. 9.  The use of tobacco as a cash crop allows Jamestown to grow as a colony. More people start coming over to Jamestown. VA. Co. of London promises 50 acres of land to anyone that pays their way over to the Jamestown Colony. Indentured Servants- people who would pay for passage to the new world, food, clothing and shelter by working off their debt. Usually this would be a 5-7 year commitment.
  10. 10.  Apprentices-People who learn a trade from a skilled worker. Many of the people who came over to Jamestown would come over to learn a trade in order to make a living. Examples of skilled labor-silversmith, blacksmith, printer
  11. 11.  Burgesses- Elected Representatives  House of Burgesses- Elected officials would meet and make laws for the colony. This is the first representative government in the American Colonies.