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13 colonies travel brochure project


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13 colonies travel brochure project

  1. 1. 13 Colonies Travel Brochure ProjectProject Due Date: August 20thMr. Carter, the owner of the local Travel Agency--Back in Time Travel--asked your teacher for yourhelp to advertise his new agency. The agency is unique in that it brings people to places during othertime periods! He heard that you are learning about the 13 original colonies and are becoming expertsabout the life in those colonies. He needs your help to create the travel brochures that he will give topeople to entice them to take these time travel trips.The TaskYou will work first on getting an understanding of the 3 Regions of the 13 colonies. Your researchwill consist of watching 4 short video clips. Have fun, but dont get lost in time.The ProcessIn order to write about a colony, we need to understand why people came to the new world. Thisvideo will try to answer that question.Watch the video: "Why were the 13 colonies started and why did people come?" For this link youwill have to copy the link and paste into your web browser. 13 colonies were separated into three distinct regions—the New England colonies, the MiddleColonies, and the Southern Colonies. Watch these 3 videos and take notes on them to help youunderstand the following points: What colonies made up each region? What did colonists do in the region to earn a living? Any other important bits of information that will help you better understand the 3regions of the 13 colonies.New England Colonies: (Just click on the link) Colonies: (Just click on the link) Colonies: (Just click on the link) onto your notes. We will be going over these as a class to make sure we all understand someimportant items of information.Move on to your Travel Brochure.
  2. 2. 13 Colonies Travel Brochure ProjectProject Due Date: August 20thBrochure Portion of the Project-You will be choosing a colony at random to produce a travelbrochure on. Your brochure should be a tool to try and recruit further settlement in yourcolony. Be sure to follow the directions carefully in order to receive full credit on thisassignment.Content - Your brochure will need to include the following:Think about what’s important: Who founded/paid for your colony? Who are each colonies leaders? Who was it founded for? What was the colony founded for? (There are some that were founded for specific reasons) What is the land like? Are the natives friendly? How is your colony organized? Include a map. Any other interesting information you may find. Describe the climate and geographical features in that colony Think of a characteristic of your colony that might help you create a title for the brochure. For example, people settled in Massachusetts for religious freedom. So a title for the brochure might be "Live and Pray in Massachusetts Bay!"3. Use pictures along with words! No one wants to read a brochure that has no illustrations. On the other hand, pictures are not always worth a thousand words.How to create a travel brochure in MS Publisher:Open Microsoft Publisher from the MS Office menu. 1. Select “File” and the “New” from the menu bar. 2. Click the arrow beside “Publications for Print.” A list of options will appear. 3. Scroll down and click “Brochures.” To the right, you will have a list of formats for your brochure. Select the format of your choice by clicking it. 4. Once you’ve made your selection, Publisher will create a brochure template for you with default information in the headings. Simply delete the default information and replace it with the information on your colonies. 5. Be sure to save your work to the network!
  3. 3. 13 Colonies Travel Brochure ProjectProject Due Date: August 20thResources:Rare Old Maps of Colonial America of the thirteen colonies of the Thirteen Colonies showing the Indian Reserve (1763) Chronological listing all Colonies, Founders and Purpose American Colonial Life: Politics and Economics America: 1600 – 1775 – Comprehensive Links Back to Colonial Times WebQuest’s Founding Fathers website Archives: Original Documents – The Thirteen Colonies video about life in the colonies