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The Age of the Brandividual


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Presentation given at DFW Social Media Marketing Meetup 5/18/09 by Mike D. Merrill, Chief Bacon Maker and Marketing Strategist at Bacon Marketing. We Put the Sizzle into your Marketing Strategy.

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  • Thanks Kyle. I think if you just stick to the big 4. A blog is your hub. It's content you own forever. Then use Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook to market everything to your blog or supplement. I believe there are two ways to create influence and a followership. One create outstanding content and connect or share content. At the end of the day it's all about content marketing. However, the missing piece is how to be human and actually give value to others without expecting anything in return. For some folks, that just doesn't seem normal or natural.
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  • Thanks for this Mike. I think there is much talk about the importance and power of Social Media, but very little in the way of actually deployment for your own personal Brand / Interest / Profession. I see many on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Wave, Etc. that are Gurus and have many followers, yet you look at individuals in other disciplines that are very educated on their area, that have few. Perhaps because they do not know how to deploy these solutions/tools, or at least create continuity between the platforms for their brand. I know for me, this is the issue - I can see the great benefit of all the tools and have some inkling of how to deploy, but due to the mass of platforms and tools, I get lost in the organization and continuity. This is a great step by step approach and I will pass it on to others as we walk together through this new internet.

    Karl Sydow
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The Age of the Brandividual

  1. 1. Leveraging Social Media to Build Your Personal Brand Chief Bacon Maker and Marketing Strategist 5/19/2009 1
  2. 2. #dfwsm Let’s Follow Each Other @mikedmerrill 5/19/2009 2
  3. 3. The New Reality “Your Resume Is No Longer a Piece of Paper It’s the Google Search Results of Your Name” 5/19/2009 3
  4. 4. The New New Reality “It’s Not What You Know Or Who you Know Or Who Knows You But Who Feels Like they know you” ‐ Carrie Wilkerson  The Barefoot Exec 5/19/2009 4
  5. 5. Agenda What is Personal Branding? Why is Personal Branding So Popular? Brand Analysis Brand Tenets 10 Steps to start building your brand 5/19/2009 5
  6. 6. What is Personal Branding How We Market Ourselves to Others 5/19/2009 6
  7. 7. What is Personal Branding – A Process Long Dan Schawbel Wiki Definition:  “Personal Branding describes the process by which  individuals and entrepreneurs differentiate themselves  and stand out from a crowd by identifying and  articulating their unique value proposition, whether  professional or personal, and then leverage it across  platforms with a consistent message and image to  achieve a specific goal. In this way, individuals can  enhance their recognition as experts in their field,  establish reputation and credibility, advance their  careers, and build self‐confidence.” 5/19/2009 7
  8. 8. Why is Personal Branding So Popular Growth of Social Media Massive Career Transition Demographics Success Stories 5/19/2009 8
  9. 9. Brand Analysis – A Refresher 5/19/2009 9
  10. 10. Your Brand Tenets – Be Authentic 1. Give to Receive: I give first with no expectation of  return. 2. Provide Value: I share value first.  3. Instill Trust:  I honor my commitments and  manage expectations. 4. Be Positive: I have sincere gratitude for what I have  so that I can start each day with hope. 5. Strive for Excellence: I do everything in my power  to deliver my best work. 5/19/2009 10
  11. 11. Now we’re Makin’ Bacon 5/19/2009 11
  12. 12. 1.  Benchmark Current State – Search 5/19/2009 12
  13. 13. 1.  Benchmark Current State – Alerts 5/19/2009 13
  14. 14. 1.  Benchmark Current State – Analytics 5/19/2009 14
  15. 15. 2.  Create Profiles and Engage  PROFILE 1. Engage and start conversations. Offer help and answer questions 2. Publish useful content such as articles, etc that your target market  would value 3. Become a student of each platform 4. Add all of your existing friends and contacts to start 5. Join groups 5/19/2009 15
  16. 16. 3.  Start Writing – Drive Google LinkedIn Questions and Answers Yahoo Answers Comment on Blogs Facebook Notes Amazon Reviews 5/19/2009 16
  17. 17. 4. Purchase Your Own Domain Best Way to Brand Yourself is to have your own  URL .com .me .tv .net .info Personal Email Point to your LinkedIn Profile Secure it now 5/19/2009 17
  18. 18. 5.  Network and Build Elevator Pitch How to find Networking Events? Church,, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twtvite,  Trade Associations, Alumni Groups, Upcoming,  Expect success and “be in the moment” Real power in the network of your network Elevator Pitch Name, value, example customer Memorize it Make it unique 5/19/2009 18
  19. 19. 5. Plano Tweetup – 5/19/09 5/19/2009 19
  20. 20. 6. Start Blogging Why Blog Demonstrate expertise and commitment to an  industry Develop your personal voice Searchable forever within Google Multiple touchpoints:  RSS, email, and onsite Content is King! 5/19/2009 20
  21. 21. 7. Update Your Status Regularly • Update your status with unique ways that will induce interaction.  • Promote your blog, let folks know you started a new job or you are  traveling, ask questions. • Try to do something every day so your name shows up in folks home  page. 5/19/2009 21
  22. 22. 8. Post Video Video is the easiest way to convey authenticity Research shows that average person will complete a  video vs. read a blog or eNewsletter Click through rate for videos in blogs, newsletters is  2‐3 times higher Create profile on YouTube  FlipVideo revolutionized ease of uploading to  YouTube 5/19/2009 22
  23. 23. 9. Speak Define your signature speech Start speaking for free to service groups,  meetups, etc. Facilitate a group at church Join Toastmasters National Speakers Association Certified Speaking Professional 5/19/2009 23
  24. 24. 10.  Productivity Applications ‐ Desktop TweetDeck Desktop App •Supports multiple accts •URL shortener built‐in •View profiles •Save searches and #hashtags 5/19/2009 24
  25. 25. 10. Productivity Applications ‐ Browser Ping.FM •Update Twitter, LinkedIn,  Facebook and other networks all  from one internet browser  application •Ability to update status, blog, or  micro‐blog or just update one by  itself 5/19/2009 25
  26. 26. 10. Productivity Applications ‐ Mobile Pingle for iPhone Tweetie for iPhone 5/19/2009 26
  27. 27. Final Thoughts Own your own brand Perfection is the enemy of the good The smallest action is far greater than the best  intention Slides will be posted on Subscribe to my blog via email and I will send  you the link when posted 5/19/2009 27
  28. 28. About Bacon Marketing We provide a range of marketing and sales  strategy consulting services to include: Marketing planning and strategy Solutions marketing Product marketing and management Value proposition, positioning statement, and  feature/benefit creation Social Media Marketing Individual coaching – position yourself as an  expert 5/19/2009 28
  29. 29. Let’s Connect and Follow Each Other @mikedmerrill 5/19/2009 29