Online Reputation Management for Home Services


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Looking to improve your online reputation? This outlines some key steps to assess, monitor and improve your reputation.

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Online Reputation Management for Home Services

  1. 1. | #RLORM Online Reputation Management for Home Services #RLORM
  2. 2. | #RLORM Jamie Adams Vice President of Home Services ReachLocal @JDAdams Mike D. Merrill Director of Marketing ReachLocal @MikeDMerrill Speakers
  3. 3. | #RLORM
  4. 4. | #RLORM Need for broader web presence Searching For Home Services Has Changed use online reviews & ratings of consumers search online for products/services 78% 85% Sources: Pew Internet & American Life Project, Local Consumer Review Survey Directories Search Engines Your Site
  5. 5. | #RLORM Your website is one way to be found, but you need a total web presence where consumers are searching, surfing and socializing. You Need To Be Where The Consumer Is! Blogs Reviews & Reco’s Social Content Sites Location- based Services Search Engines Your Site Directories
  6. 6. | #RLORM Small businesses are failing at some core tactics of local marketing: Local Marketing Improvement Opportunity 45% are not doing geo-modified paid search 40% are not managing local business listings 34% are not doing online directory ads 55% are not on local online review sites
  7. 7. | #RLORM Online Reviews Impact Consumer Choice Source: *Local Consumer Review Survey 2013
  8. 8. | #RLORM Assess How to assess current reputation Respond How to respond Monitor How to monitor Improve How do I improve my reputation What You Will Learn Today
  9. 9. | #RLORM to Improve your Online Reputation10 TIPS
  10. 10. | #RLORM Benchmark Google#1 Ace Plumbing Reviews “Ace Plumbing Reviews” Ace Plumbing Reviews Complaints “Ace Plumbing Reviews Complaints” Ace Plumbing Sacramento “Ace Plumbing Sacramento” Ace Plumbing
  11. 11. | #RLORM Benchmark Google#1 Outcome: Understanding of online reputation
  12. 12. | #RLORM Benchmark Directories & Review Sites#2 Outcome: Understanding of online reputation on specific sites Generic Sites Home Services Specific Sites
  13. 13. | #RLORM Importance of Yelp – Local Booking
  14. 14. | #RLORM Importance of Yelp – Local Booking + Get new customers by letting them book appointments directly from your Yelp listing.
  15. 15. | #RLORM Respond & Address Any Issues#3 Important to respond publicly Check emotions Take issue offline to resolve Recognize opportunity to improve business
  16. 16. | #RLORM Respond and Address Any Issues#3 Outcome: Public response to online reviews demonstrates willingness to listen Sample Response “We apologize that you had a negative experience with our company. We are always striving to improve in every area. We would greatly appreciate the chance to speak with you directly about your experience. Please give us a call at 555-555-1212 so that we may discuss and address your experience further. Thank you very much, and we look forward to speaking with you soon.”
  17. 17. | #RLORM Outcome: Awareness of new reputation issues Setup up Systematic Monitoring Monitor • Setup Google and Yahoo alerts • Send to your email daily • Consider SERP monitoring tools such as Raven and WordTracker #4
  18. 18. | #RLORM Claim & Optimize Directories & Review Sites • Correct mistakes and false information • Ensure company name, address, phone # correct • Google citations • Optimize with service areas, services provided, photos, and other relevant info #5 Outcome: Optimized SEO ranking for business name and service categories Social Media Sites • Company profiles • Personal profiles for key personnel
  19. 19. | #RLORM Generate More Reviews Post Survey #6 Do’s Don’ts Encourage reviews from your location Pay for reviews Outcome: Better reputation with a variety of reviews across numerous top sites Follow-up email within 24 hours
  20. 20. | #RLORM Publish Content Content Drives SEO • Share positive reviews • Publish to your website • Start a blog • Leverage SEO best practices #7 Outcome: Longer term online reputation improvement
  21. 21. | #RLORM Social Media Participation Listen Participate Engage #8 Outcome: Longer term online reputation improvement
  22. 22. | #RLORM Leverage Video#9 Outcome: Name recognition and better ability to improve familiarity and demonstrate expertise A Good Video Speaks Volumes • Educational topics • Customer testimonials • Meet the owner or technician *Unruly 377% Increase in Social Video Shares in Q412
  23. 23. | #RLORM Outcome: Better SEO ranking for reviews Onsite Reviews – BONUS!#10
  24. 24. | #RLORM How Do I Get this Done In house staff Freelance consultant Local Agency National agency or service provider #1 #2 #3 #4
  25. 25. | #RLORM The leading marketing service that gets you clients from the rest of the Web ReachCast Web Marketing Service Learn more about ReachCast:
  26. 26. | #RLORM Move Your Service Business 100% Online Increase bookings, reduce costs, and see your true marketing ROI by taking your entire customer experience and back-office operations online. Learn more:
  27. 27. | #RLORM Follow Us Local Marketing Minute Ebooks Subscribe: Download:
  28. 28. | #RLORM Resources • Pew Internet & American Life Project Trend Data: • “2013 Study: 79% of Consumers Trust Online Reviews as Much as Personal Recommendations”, Search Engine Land • “Trends Shaping Local Search in 2013” comScore, • ReachLocal Blog, “7 Online Reputation Management Mistakes That Can Blow Up in Your Face,” • ReachLocal Blog, “Infographic: The Consumer Buying Journey,” • Yelp Blog, “Introducing Yelp Platform! Transactions Made Easy, Directly Through Yelp”