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Local Online Marketing - Key Strategies to Drive Revenue


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This is a talk I did for the Texas Self Storage Association discussing trends in online marketing for local businesses.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • Good presentation. Thanks. Still feels like local search is as dis-aggregated as web search was in the early 90s. The fact I can easily find out what online stores sells a specific hammer (and for how much) but can't search for which bakeries on my street sell cinnamon buns is weird. Seems like a business ready for innovation. Good luck to ReachLocal providing it!
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Local Online Marketing - Key Strategies to Drive Revenue

  1. 1. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.1Strategies for DominatingLocal Online MarketingMike MerrillDirector of Marketing@MikeDMerrill#ThinkLocal
  2. 2. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.2Agenda for todayLocal OnlineMarketing in 2013Challenges and OpportunitiesBreakMapYour Way toLocal CustomersKey Steps to Dominate Local Search9:15 – 10:1510:15 – 10:4510:45 – 11:45
  3. 3. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.3Assessment How to evaluate your current marketingBehavior How purchasing behavior has changedTrends How the marketplace is changingEvolution How do I improve my online marketingWhat You Will Learn Today
  4. 4. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.4
  6. 6. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.6HOW DO CONSUMERS BECOMECUSTOMERS?1 Discover3 Choose2 ContactTHERE ARE 3 STEPS:132
  7. 7. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.7In a perfectworldall visitorsbecomeleads andall leadsbecomecustomers
  8. 8. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.8In Reality There Are LeaksFocus on whatYOU can improve
  9. 9. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.9•  Poor search optimization•  Unclaimed directories•  Hidden contact info•  Bad online reputation•  Poor phone handling•  Inadequate follow-up•  Difficulty to transactSEMOtherProblems To Solve: Causes of Lost Leads
  10. 10. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.10Why Is LocalMarketing SoImportant?"
  11. 11. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.11Need for broader web presenceSearching For a Local Business Has Changedcompared onlinereviews & ratingsof consumerssearched online97%57%DirectoriesSearchEnginesYourSite
  12. 12. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.12Your website is one way to be found, but you need a total webpresence where consumers are searching, surfing and socializing.You Need To Be Where The Consumer Is!BlogsReviews& Reco’sSocialContent SitesLocation-basedServicesSearchEnginesYourSiteDirectories
  13. 13. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.13Local Marketing FailSmall businesses are failing at somecore tactics of local marketing:45%are not doinggeo-modifiedpaid search40%are notmanaging localbusiness listings34%are not doingonline directoryads55%are not on localonline reviewsites
  14. 14. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.14Why Local?Search is LocalPlaces are LocalMobile is Local
  15. 15. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.15Search is LocalSearch engines are the #1 sourceof online information on local businesses forlocal consumers.By 2015, 30% of all searches will belocal, compared with 12% in 2009Source: MarketingProfs
  16. 16. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.16Google Search 101 – Generic Search
  17. 17. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.17Google Search 101 – Generic Search7 Pack algorithm differentthan organic search
  18. 18. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.18Google Search 101 – Reputation SearchFirst owned organicsearch result
  19. 19. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.19Consider
  20. 20. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.20• 39% of consumersmay choose not topurchase a product orservice if they read threenegative reviews about itonline•  49% of localconsumers are more likelyto use a business afterreading a positive reviewonline
  21. 21. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.21Places are Local – Directories & Reviews
  22. 22. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.22Google+ Local Pages•  Account for 33% of visitsto local business websites•  59% of consumers use Googleevery month, and to locate agood local business (31% everyweek)•  Google Listings + OrganicSearch account for58% of visits to local businesswebsitesPlaces are Local – Google+Source: BrightLocal
  23. 23. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.23Mobile is Driving Tangible ConversionsSource: BIA/KelseyContinued ResearchVisited a Retailer’sWebsiteShared Information Visited a Store Made a Purchase Called a BusinessSource: BIA/Kelsey
  24. 24. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.24Mobile Searches Trigger Quick Follow-UpsSource: BIA/Kelsey
  25. 25. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.25Time Spent by Media vs. Ad SpendSource: KPCB
  26. 26. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.26What Is HappeningNow?"
  27. 27. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.27The Evolution of LocalOffline DirectoriesOnline LocalCommerce100 Years Now NextOnline Directories
  28. 28. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.28We will leverage our leadership in lead gen to make getting customerseasier.The Buying Process is BrokenCONSUMER MERCHANTWho’s good?How much?When canthey come?Will they beon time?What if somethinggoes wrong?Who to call?Manage keywordsSetup sites & contentGet & monitor reviewsAdvertise & marketRespond quickly & wellFollow-up with leadsSchedule & manage
  29. 29. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.29How it should be?LOCALHIGH-TOUCH+ificationLOCALCOMMERCE
  30. 30. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.30Its Inevitable$812 Billion 18%$4+ Trillion 5%LocalServicesTravelRetailTAM % Online PenetrationSources: US Travel Association Jan 2013;; US Census Quarterly E-Commerce Sales Study, 2012 Q3; IBISWorld Inc.; and, a company estimate withregard to online penetration of local service revenues.$1+ Trillion <1%
  31. 31. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.31Two Ways This Will UnfoldConsumer Brands Merchant SoftwareReachCommerce
  32. 32. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.32“The Currency of the New Economy is Trust”- Rachel Botsman
  33. 33. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.33Search EngineAdvertisingSEO and LocalDirectoriesSocial Mediaand ContentMobileReputationManagement
  34. 34. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.34Search is Local – Paid SearchLocalize Your SearchEngine Advertising•  Quickly generate leads-  Phone calls-  Emails-  Web forms•  Keywords-  Geo-located search(city/state)-  Direct local keyword•  Leverage ad extensions
  35. 35. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.35Search is Local – Organic SearchCreate a LocalizedContent & KeywordStrategy•  Owned and non-owned•  Local/regional blogs•  Bylined articles in localpublications•  Local versions of SEO-optimized press releases
  36. 36. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.36Search is Local – Social Media SignalsCreate a Localized SocialMedia Strategy•  Coordinate posts with localcontent strategy•  Use same keyword strategyfor social posts•  Create a solid social mediapolicy & training
  37. 37. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.37Places are LocalClaim & Optimize Google+ Local Pages•  Google Places is now Google+ Local-  Google+ Business Page (Social)-  Google+ Local Page (Listing + Maps)•  Claim Your Listing If-  You have not previously claimed it-  You want to merge a business page and a listing•  For Multi-location Businesses-  Google does not support merging multiple pages toone business page
  38. 38. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.38Social Media Fatigue
  39. 39. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.39The Web Presence LifecycleBusiness createsquality contentConsumerscomment, like,review and shareConsumers discover whilesearching, surfing and socializingContentpublished andindexed acrossthe WebBusiness listensand engages 12345Thanks for yourcomments.What’s workedfor you?Greatadvice!I’m goingto try this!Me too!Business actionHousebreakingYour DogPUBLISHHousebreakingYour DogConsumer action
  40. 40. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.40Benefits of Web PresenceBusinessCreatesContentContentPublished &IndexedConsumersDiscoverConsumersComment &ShareBusinessListens &EngagesSocial DiscoveryReputation ManagementSearch DiscoveryBrand EngagementIncreases your word-of-mouth throughsharing across social networksImproves your reputation with positivecontent on search engines and review sitesIncreases your discoverability on searchengines and local directoriesDiscoveryPerceptionBuilds positive impressions and engagementwith your brand by bringing it to life online
  41. 41. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.41Understanding PageRankSOCIAL AUTHORITYREPUTATIONCONTENT & LINKS+Inbound Links+SocialPages+Fans, Followers& LikesProminent Organic RankSite & Blog Reviews+=Social Bookmarks
  42. 42. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.42Publish Content RegularlyDaily:•  Tweet 1-2 timesWeekly:•  Publish blog content across social outposts 1-2 times•  Post to Facebook 1-2 timesMonthly:•  Post 1-2 videos to YouTube per month•  Create a unique and compelling offer to sharewith fans and followers
  43. 43. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.43Improve SEO with VideoA Good VideoSpeaks Volumes•  Promotional videos•  Customer testimonials•  Meet the manager/owner*Unruly377% Increase in Social Video Shares in Q412
  44. 44. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.44Mobile is Local – MapsClaim Mobile Maps &Location-Based Services•  Google+ Local / GoogleMaps•  Foursquare page•  Facebook Page (mobilecheck-ins)Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.44
  45. 45. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.45Create a Mobile-Optimized Site•  Compare mobileconversion rates to thoseof browser traffic•  Develop mobile landingpages for localized sitesand advertisingCopyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.45
  46. 46. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.46Mobile Optimized SitesNot optimized OptimizedCopyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.46
  47. 47. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.47Mobile Search Engine Advertising•  According to Nielsen,Google search reaches71.9% of the Androidsmartphone audience•  80% of all searchesconducted via smartphoneare for local products andservices (MarketingProfs)Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.47
  48. 48. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.48Driving Mobile Conversions via AdwordsContent should contain actionable information to align withmobile user intentCalls Store Traffic Web TrafficClick-to-Call Location Extension Sitelinks
  49. 49. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.49Localize Mobile App StrategyConsider Third-Party Apps•  In-App Advertising•  In-App Search-  Directories + review sites•  Yelp•  UrbanSpoon,•  CitySearch•  Yellow pages-  Location-based services
  50. 50. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.50to Improve yourOnline Reputation8 TIPS
  51. 51. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.51Uncle Bob’s Storage Reviews"“Uncle Bob’s Storage Reviews”"Uncle Bob’s Storage Complaints"“Uncle Bob’s Storage Complaints”"Uncle Bob’s Storage Plano TX"Uncle Bob’s Storage"Benchmark Google#1
  52. 52. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.52Benchmark Google#1Outcome: Understanding of online reputationCopyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.52
  53. 53. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.53Benchmark Directories & Review Sites#2Outcome: Understanding of online reputation on specific sitesGeneric Sites StorageSpecific Sites
  54. 54. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.54Respond & Address Any Issues#3Importantto respondpubliclyCheckemotionsTake issueoffline toresolveRecognizeopportunityto improvepractice
  55. 55. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.55Outcome: Public response to online reviews demonstrates willingness to listenSample Response“We apologize that you had a negative experience at our firm. We are alwaysstriving to improve in every area.We would greatly appreciate the chance to speakwith you directly about your experience. Please give us a call at 555-555-1212 sothat we may discuss and address your experience further.Thank you very much,and we look forward to speaking with you soon.”#3 Respond and Address Any Issues
  56. 56. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.56Outcome: Awareness of new reputation issuesSetup up Systematic Monitoring#4Monitor•  Setup Google and Yahoo alerts•  Send to your email daily•  Consider SERP monitoring toolssuch as Raven and
  57. 57. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.57Claim & OptimizeDirectories & Review Sites•  Google citations•  Correct mistakes and false information•  Ensure business name, address, phone # all identical•  Optimize with unit sizes, photos, promotions, etc.#5Outcome: Optimized SEO ranking for business name and categorySocial Media Sites•  Business profiles•  Optimize with location•  Pleasing images
  58. 58. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.58Generate More ReviewsPost Survey#6Do’sDon’tsEncourage reviewsfrom your locationPay forreviewsOutcome: Better reputation with a variety of reviews across numerous top sitesFollow-up emailwithin 24 hours z
  59. 59. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.59Publish ContentContent DrivesSEO•  Share positive reviews•  Publish to your website•  Start a blog•  Leverage SEO best practices#7Outcome: Longer term online reputation improvement
  60. 60. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.60Outcome: Better SEO ranking for reviewsOnsite Reviews#8
  61. 61. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.61Next Steps1Assessyour Web Presence.Are you reachingconsumers in all thekey places alongtheir buying journey?2Executea systematic WebPresence strategy• Advertising• Content & socialmedia marketing• Website &Conversion tools3Measureweb traffic,reputation, socialgrowth and of courseleads and revenue.
  62. 62. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.62Questions?TWITTER: @MikeDMerrillEMAIL: Mike.Merrill@ReachLocal.comBLOG: http://blog.reachlocal.comWEBSITE: http://www.reachlocal.comTWITTER: @ReachLocal
  63. 63. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.63Appendix
  64. 64. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.64Google+ Local eBookGet the Ebook!
  65. 65. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.65Online Reputation eBookGet the Ebook!
  66. 66. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.66The SEO Pyramid
  67. 67. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.67Local / Geo Targeted Keywordsself storage plano tx"storage units plano"public storage plano"Plano storage"Plano self storage"Plano public storage"Plano storage units"self storage plano "
  68. 68. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.68Keyword Considerations1.  The higher the competiveness the harder it will beto rank2.  The higher the monthly searches the more likelyyou will get trafficOne strategy could be to pick medium competitionkeywords with highest traffic.
  69. 69. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.6910 Tips to Optimize a Blog post for Search:1.  Define 1 Target Keyword2.  Ensure Target Keyword is In Headline – Earlier the better3.  Include Keyword 2-3 Times in 1st Paragraph4.  Include Keyword Once In Each Remaining Paragraphs5.  Add a Hyperlink in Every Post to Existing Post6.  Rename Image Files to Target Keyword7.  Ideally 300+ Words per Post8.  Use Alt-Text Keywords in Every Hyperlink9.  Include a Minimum of 1 Outbound Link With Keywords in Alt-Text10.  Modify Meta Title and Meta Description
  70. 70. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.70Meta Title and Description© 2011 Michael & Susan Dell Foundation Company ConfidentialCopyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.70
  71. 71. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.71Meta Title and DescriptionCopyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.71
  72. 72. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.728 Ways to Drive Visibility (SEO) for a Blog1.  Feature your blog on the frontpage of your website2.  Cross post to social mediaoutlets•  Twitter, Facebook, Google +,LinkedIn•  Ask employees to share3.  Add social sharing icons toblog template•  WordPress plugins4.  Submit to Blog Directories•,, orindustry blog directories5.  Email blog posts–  Add feature for people tosubscribe directly to posts•  Feedburner–  Feature blog posts in emailnewsletters6.  Submit to Social BookmarkingSites: (As time allows)–  StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit–  Pinterest if original imagesincluded7.  Guest blogging–  Trade blog posts on similar blogs8.  Comment on other blogs–  Follow via Google RSS Reader
  73. 73. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.73•  Create compelling headlines•  Optimize it for search andsocial discovery•  Share photos•  Share positive reviews fromhappy customers•  Ask questions and publishpolls•  Reblog industry news andlocal eventsStat: 58% of Facebook users want exclusivecontent,discounts and promotionseMarketer 10/7/11Create & Optimize Content
  74. 74. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.74•  Respond to consumers to driveengagement and loyalty•  Personalize the brand throughconversational tone•  Identify and engage withinfluencers in your localcommunity•  Share and comment oncontent from other localbusinesses and organizationsDirectly Engage with Consumers
  75. 75. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.75•  Sign up for comprehensivemonitoring tools and listenfor reviews and relevantkeyword mentions•  Promote positive reviews•  Respond to and addressnegative reviewsListen For Opportunities to Engage
  76. 76. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.76Information SourcesWinning the Zero Moment of TruthJim Lecinski, Googlehttp://www.zeromomentoftruth.comBranding in the Digital Age: You’re Spending your Money in All the Wrong PlacesDavid Edelman, Harvard Business Review Fall of the Purchase FunnelDr. Bob Deutsch, Brand Strategy Insider Consumer Decision JourneyDavid Court, McKinsey & Company Ready is Your Organization for the New Social Buyer PersonaTony Zambito, Social Media Today Purchase Funnel is No MoreRobin Grant, We Are Social