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Proposal for a multi-tactic media project showcasing the art and passion of the
custom frame builder.

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i Craft Bikes

  1. 1. Photographer: Mike Dion I CRAFT BIKES Proposal for a multi-tactic media project showcasing the art and passion of the custom frame builder
  2. 2. I CRAFT BIKES: THIS PROJECT WILL BE CENTERED AROUND THE CYCLIST WHO HAS THE DESIRE AND PASSION TO CRAFT THEIR OWN. Some do it in amazing facilities and some do it in their garage. • They all share a passion • They all share a zest for the craft • They all enjoy riding their own creation deep into the hills We will hear their stories. We will see their shops. We will ride their bikes. We will have fun. Because when your talking about, looking at or riding bikes - fun is inevitable.
  3. 3. WHO WILL BE IN THE FILM? We will visit craftsmen from all walks of life. Many create with steel. Others titanium. While some reach for stalks of bamboo. They may create just 1 bike a year or fulfill the dreams of 50 eager cyclists. Whatever the material used or numbers created, it still ends up being a work of art that will put a smile on your face as you pedal off into the sunset. The filmmakers quest for seeking the craftsman outside the mainstream and discovering hidden gems will be an integral and entertaining part of the project as well.
  4. 4. I CRAFT BIKES: WHAT IS IT? It IS NOT a how-to guide for creating bike frames. It IS NOT about competition, awards or what bike is better than another. I Craft Bikes IS about the individual who possesses the passion, the creativity and the hunger to create the best bike they can with what they have. It IS about the artistic vision, the individuality and the craft of turning various “tubes” into a foundation that will allow people to experience incredible adventures. I Craft Bikes IS at times going to be serious, silly, insightful and if we are lucky, we will stumble upon an unexpected situation that just might become “lightning in a bottle”.
  5. 5. The project will engage and entertain on many levels via multi-platform content distribution: A feature length documentary film distributed on all available platforms Events, public showings and gatherings surrounding the project Webisodes and on-line social interactive participation Behind-the-scenes, the-making-of and transparency during the production A traveling gallery show of the bikes and accompanying photographic book The sky is the limit - what is your idea? Lets make it happen
  6. 6. INVESTMENT PROPOSAL BUDGET BEING RAISED: $45,000 Offering 36 shares at $1,250 per share. Photographer: Mike Dion Each share is worth a 1.25% ownership of the project. Production will commence when $25,000 is raised. No monies will be collected until $25,000 is pledged. Profit participation payments will be made to shareholders quarterly. It is estimated the project will earn $75,000 - $110,000 in the first 6 months of release through sales of DVD, digital download, merchandise and events. Of course this is not guaranteed. If one brand, organization or individual invests at least $22,500 they will have presenter status and access to all marketing, events, credits, website, PR opportunities, etc. Up to 2 presenters available. All investors / partners will be mentioned on projects website, films credits and other prominent places. (Giving brands visible recognition if desired) Formal proposal in development.
  7. 7. FILMMAKER Mike Dion - Producer / Director Mike will be releasing the documentary film Ride The Divide in spring 2010. Ride The Divide is a feature-length documentary film about the ultimate test of endurance and human spirit during a little known mountain bike race in the Rocky Mountains. Mike has been producing and directing content for over 18 years holding top level creative positions at Starz Entertainment, The Hallmark Channel, and various independent production companies. Mike has produced content for brands such as DirecTV, Dish Network, Comcast, Vongo, Toyota, Weber Grills, Quiznos and Backpacker Magazine. Early in his career he also crewed on the feature films: A River Runs Through It, Far and Away, Dante’s Peak, The Brave and Reggie’s Prayer. Mike is now concentrating on creating digital motion pictures that tell compelling stories for brands and advertising clients in the outdoor & lifestyle industries. Mike Dion is also developing a similar project called I CRAFT BEER about the passionate craft brewer. Please inquire if interested in participating in that project as well. Mike Dion | mikedion@mac.com | 303-579-7877