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Tc clips

  1. 1. 6 Tan & Cardinal arts & entertainment thursday, feb. 10, 2011From Towers Hall to the Great WallA senior, sophomore and freshman share their experiencesfrom the OU Concert Choir’s trip to the Middle Kingdom Otterbein President Kathy By Josh Adkins Krendl said, “We are interested Staff Writer both in sending our students out into the world and bringing more It took three years. students from diverse parts of They raised funds through performing, selling T-shirts the world to Otterbein.”and even accepting generous donations. Walker said the trip was an The Otterbein Concert Choir’s trip to China lasted 12 eye-opening experience.days and was “completely humbling and illuminating,” “People all around the worldaccording to senior vocal performance major Thespina are very much the same,” she said.Christulides. “We all laugh, we all cry, we all care Director of Choral Activities Gayle Walker said the to relate to each other in some way.decision to visit the country was unanimous. That’s what’s most important, not the From Nov. 29 to Dec. 10, they performed at schools cultural differences,” she Beijing, Tianjin and Xi’an and also sang at the Great To get a better understanding of what www.sxc.huWall. it’s like being immersed in such a different This trip was an opportunity to improve Otterbein’s culture, three Otterbein students shared theirglobal engagement. individual experiences in the Middle Kingdom. Thespina Christulides, senior vocal performance major Talk about your favorite part of the trip. Climbing the Great Wall was truly incredible. I think just standing there with such an old, important piece of history made the entire China experience real. What were some interesting things you encountered? Adult playgrounds are popular. These are parks con- taining playground equipment devised specially for physi- cal fitness. I was astounded by the flexibility and strength of the elderly. They could hang upside down and bent at the waist, balancing by their feet forever. What was it like connecting through music with people who don’t speak English? photo provided by jared joseph Music really is a universal language. (It) inspires peace, photo provided by andrew szczerbaphoto friends: Jared Joseph took a picture with his tour provokes mutual understanding and links souls of the good eats:Andrew Szczerba learned how to makeguide Cathy before returning to the states. most seemingly different of humans. I am encouraged Chinese dumplings in a Xi’an farming community home. and empowered to go out into the world and continue on Jared Joseph, sophomore music education major this path, knowing what a valuable tool I have. This trip was completely humbling and illuminating, and for that I Andrew Szczerba, freshman music education major am truly grateful.What was your favorite moment of the trip? What was your least favorite Chinese food? The choir performed in the courtyard of a local’s Jellyfish. It was exactly what you think jellyfish wouldhome. This was the first time we had sung our Chinese be like: It was very salty and was like eating very hard Jell-pieces in front of people in China, so it meant a lot. Dur- O. By the end of the trip, I decided that I didn’t want toing the songs, I looked at Dr. Walker … she was smiling, have any white rice for a while.which caused me to smile and laugh to tears. She thensaw me laughing, so she started laughing while she was What are your overall thoughts on the trip?conducting. We both were so excited to sing in China. Throughout the whole trip, I kept telling myself how blessed I really am. Here I am, a freshman in ConcertWhat was it like going to the Chinese schools? Choir, traveling to China and having the time of my It melted my heart seeing these children have such a life with all of my new friends. At our final concert, Ipassion for music. They might speak a different language remember us all holding hands as we sang “Silent Night”than I do, but those children are no different than any and the “Otterbein Love Song.” And I remember all ofchild in the U.S. us crying, all for different reasons. Our wonderful trip had come to an end, it wasWhat was the weirdest thing you encountered? The toilets were by far the weirdest. Dirtier restroomshad squatty potties, as Concert Choir members called the last tour for our seniors and it was just the beginning for some. The trip was very & Editor’s Note To read the complete in-them. Literally, there was a hole in the ground and no photo provided by thespina christulides long; however, it’s something terviews, visit us online atmatter if you were male or female, you would squat and gold diggin’:Thespina Christulides toured the Museum of that I will remember for the care of business. Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses. rest of my life. t&c
  2. 2. arts & entertainmentOtterbein’s secret past unveiled & OC’s urban myths While sifting through the bounty of information on OC’s history, we uncovered a couple urban myths. We asked Rob- ert Gatti. vice president of Student Affairs, to confirm orMost of us know the basics of OC history. We’re a small liberal arts institution established in the mid-1850s. But did you know the building debunk some of the more memorable — and you might be surprised with the called Towers was once burned badly? And that OC was almost transplanted to Dayton at the turn of the century? Read on to find out more Budweiser swimming pool Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc. wanted to build a multimil- By Hannah Ullom 1847 1890 1891 1900 lion dollar swimming pool on campus with the Budweiser Opinion Editor Otterbein University 1870 The Cardinals The Color Committee was Otterbein’s Board of Trustees logo printed at the bottom. Otterbein didn’t go for it, how- opened. It sat on eight 1861-1864 The Main Building played The Ohio established. We can thank proposed that Otterbein be moved ever, because of the dry campus policy. We walk the grounds of this acres and comprised two During the Civil caught fire and was State Buckeyes, them for the tan and cardinal to Dayton. As a result, Westervillecampus every day, attend classes buildings. Otterbein was War, 127 men from rebuilt and christened beating them 42-6. colors we proudly sport residents raised thousands of dollars Status: FALSEin Towers Hall and wear our tan the second coeducational Otterbein joined the Administration Pictured: The 1890 today. to pave the roads and install electricand cardinal colors proudly. But school in America. Another the military efforts. Building. Students Otterbein football Pictured: The original color lights on the streets, new water and Underground tunnels between buildingswhat do we really know about the Ohio institution, Oberlin Eight of these brave nicknamed it Towers, team. swatches chosen as our sanitary sewers and a telephone Underground tunnels that provide heat connect many of theschool we attend? College, was the first. soldiers were killed. and the name stuck. school colors. system. photo by jayme detweiler buildings on campus, like Towers, Battelle and the Campus We are walking the same pathsand sitting in the same rooms that 1850 1860 1870 1880 1890 1900 1910 Center. The proof ? The snow melts on the sidewalks fasterthousands of Otterbein students 1853 1908-1910 than in other places.have since 1847, when the A group of male Otterbein The first fraternities and Status: TRUEuniversity first opened. students began the Philomathean sorority are introduced at photo by jayme detweiler Hopefully, these facts will Literary Society. A year later, Otterbein. Twila, the Cowan Hall specterteach you something, amuse you a group of women began the Pictured: A Sigma Alpha Tau Rumor has it that many years ago a despondent theatre stu-or simply make you proud to say female literary society, the pledge paddle from’re an Otterbein Cardinal. Philalethea Literary Society. To photo by jayme detweiler dent who did not get the lead role in a play hanged herselfEnjoy. this day, their meeting place, the from the balcony in Cowan Hall. Her ghost now haunts it. & Philomathean Room, is still on the Status: FALSE information compiled by mike cirelli third floor of Towers Hall. to the window: This stained-glass window was What’s your flavor? salvaged after Name: Stephen D. Grinch the fire of the Position: Otterbein archivist Main Building, Hometown: Bellafontaine, Ohio now known as Alma mater: the finest college in the land, Otterbein Towers. What’s your flavor? savory How long have you worked at Otterbein? almost 12 years Do you know who Lady Gaga is? Yes. We sing the children’s book “Moo Baa La La La” to the tune of “Bad Romance” to our 20-month-old daughter. If you weren’t working at Otterbein, what would you be doing? photo courtesy of the otterbein archives touring as Gwen Stefani’s tuba player photo by jayme detweiler tower power: Students walk in front of Towers in the ’50s. Favorite Otterbein artifact: Towers Hall. It’s the one thing ev- the book of phil: Philip William Otterbein’s Bible. ery Otterbein student has had in common since 1871. 1995 Otterbein introduced the Senior Year 1939-1945 Experience program (S.Y.E.). This program About 500 Otterbein men were drafted allows students to apply what they’ve learned during World War II. Some women also in the class to real life experiences outside of joined the active services. campus. photo courtesy of the otterbein archives 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 1922 1952 1974 1982 2009 Calvin Coolidge, then Scandal erupted on campus in May when about 150 male The College Senate passed a Because of the fire that burned the Main Otterbein’skey to the the vice president of the students stormed the halls of Saum, Cochran and King. bill that would allow students Building (now Towers Hall) in 1870, the first femalecastle: The U.S., visited Otterbein to Around 1 a.m., the mischievous students first snuck into to drink in their dorm rooms. Philomathean Room was badly damaged. president, Kathyoriginal key rededicate the Civil War Cochran Hall and wreaked havoc on the all-girls dorm. The Board of Trustees, In 1982, Otterbein restored this historical Krendl, wasto Towers monument that stands in Throughout the early hours of the morning, the men also however, shot the idea down. gem to its original Victorian Gothic style. inaugurated.Hall front of Towers Hall today. found their way into Saum and King Halls through fire Close, but no cigar. Towers Hall is listed in the National Pictured: Krendl & photo and information compiled by jayme detweilercompactly Pictured: Coolidge places a escapes and open windows. According to “Otterbein College: Register of Historic Places. speaks at thefolded in bouquet on the monument. Affirming Our Past/Shaping Our Future” by Daniel Hurley, Dee Dee Myers this event made a national headline in The New York Times. Convocation in Editor’s To read a preview of the theatre department’s last play ofhalf. 2009. Note the year, “Pippin,” visit us at photo by jayme detweiler photo courtesy of the otterbein archives photo by greg beerspage 6 | thursday, may 20, 2010 | vol. 91, issue 28 | t&c |page 7
  3. 3. arts & entertainmentApril showers bring hard rockers and Puddle of Mudd, and their fan base ballooned within a few Nonpoint weeks. In addition to being touring Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Fla. phenoms, Like a Storm was lucky Background: Despite a handful of mid- enough to have two songs played charting hits throughout the last 10 years, you on TV shows, one in the weekly probably don’t know this Florida foursome. “ESPN College Football,” and the Their sound is a sharp and crisp high voltageRock’s reigning speaker shakers will be 15 minutes from OC during the Columbus leg of Rock on the Range. Two T&C writers take a look other in USA’s “Royal Pains.” Their song “Lie to Me” was also the metal that suggests hours of careful work in the studio rather than the wham, bam, thankat the tour’s lesser-known yet undeniably great supporting acts official theme song of TNA’s pay- per-view event “Genesis.” you ma’am style of other hard rock bands. Even though the band’s fiery frontman Elias Recent Activity: Their meteoric Soriano isn’t the most famous guy in rock to By Mike Cirelli speakers for the faint chirping smaller stages, forced to prove ascent has given the band time wear a mop of dreadlocks on his head (Adam and Andrew Henderson of keyboards or synthesizers. their merit in their live shows to record only one album, 2009’s Duritz, take a bow), this band stands out from Arts & Entertainment Editor Some of hard rock’s biggest alone. It’s worth it to check out aptly titled “The End of the the pack for being simultaneously polished and and Staff Writer acts are making an appearance these great bands, some of which Beginning.” The band focused ballsy. at Rock on the Range, including are better than a few of the the tightness of their live shows Recent Activity: Nonpoint released “Miracle,” Rock on the Range has Godsmack, Rise Against, Three headliners. into an album that’s as cathartic as their eighth studio album, earlier this month.become an increasingly valued Days Grace and Papa Roach. it is anthemic, like a more metal- The eponymous single throws its punches like photo courtesy of nonpointfestival over the past few years These big names are all great Taddy Porter rooted Rise Against. It’s OK a world-class boxer while Soriano hollers the rock rangers: Nonpoint keep things polished &as alternative music has shifted in their ass-kicking, speaker- that these metal meatheads get lyrics as if they’ve been building up inside for and accessible yet in-your-face.into a new electronic era and wrecking glory, but sometimes Background: Best described as a little melodramatic, like in the years. The Monster beverage shown in theleft earthy hard rock in the dust. one needs to take the time to party rock, Taddy Porter is your song “Galaxy” — it only makes music video might be annoyingly shamelessBut sometimes the dust is where appreciate some of the less- dad’s Rock on the Range act. With you want to sing along louder. advertising, but the sound these guys sell isthese artists belong. celebrated bands in a festival. roots in classic rock groups like Definitely look out for them on the more galvanizing than a crate of energy drinks. Rock on the Range The bands selected for this That’s why we’re here to run Led Zeppelin and Bad Company, Jägermeister stage, where they will Check Out: “Miracle”year’s lineup still live in the down some of Rock on the Taddy Porter embraces the best be easily missed. Saturday, May 22 and Sunday, May 23desert of rock, where the guitars Range’s lesser-known artists,are sweltering, loud and vengefuland leave no room in your the ones that get relegated to the qualities of classic ’70s bands while adding a little of their own Check Out: “Galaxy” Shaman’s Harvest Columbus Crew Stadium Tickets approximately $120 each bottom of concert flyers or the flavor. Singer Andy Brewer and Hometown: Jefferson City, Mo. lead guitarist Joe Shelby have a Page-and-Plant dynamic that will Mastodon Background: With a solid hard rock and Monster Energy Stage Saturday sSunday Hometown: Atlanta no frills attitude, Missouri-born Shaman’s For the best in alternative rock, please any devoted rock fan. With Background: Mastodon redefines Harvest has built a musical career on pure, wGodsmack wLimp Bizkit their Slash-inspired guitar riffs and keep it live to 97.5 FM-The high energy, Taddy Porter delivers the boundaries of heavy metal with their incredibly technical and unadulterated hard rock anthems. Singer Nathan Drake leads the consistently dramatic wThree Days Grace wRob Zombie wRise Against wSeether Wildcard. a kick to your face in a sweetly wrapped southern rock package. melodic musicality. Behind bassist Troy Sanders’ sludge-rock vocals vocals in the same manner as hard rockers Godsmack and Chevelle, all the while mixing in wDeftones wSlash Recent Activity: In three years lies a complex layer of melodies some face-melting guitar solos. wPapa Roach wTheory of a Taddy Porter have managed to that tie their music together Recent Activity: Their second album, wPuddle of Mudd wDeadman gain the type of respect it takes like none other. Since 1999, “Shine,” has escalated their popularity with wDrowning Pool wBullet for My some bands decades to achieve. Mastodon has been experimenting the nationally-recognized single “Dragonfly,” wSevendust wValentine Loved by audiences young and old, and pushing the envelope of which peaked at No. 34 on the Billboard charts. wFive Finger Death Taddy Porter symbolizes the “rock contemporary metal. Every facet Most recently, the band recorded a song wPunch hard, party hard” attitude of bands of their career is unique, from their entitled “Broken Dreams,” which is used as wApocalyptica in the past and perfects the style electronic-infused guitar riffs to the theme song for WWE superstar Drew Kicker Stage for today’s audience. their eerily pleasant vocalizations McIntyre. Check Out: “Shake Me” to their wildly imaginative lyrics. Check Out: “Dragonfly” t&c Saturday sSunday born in the corn: Taddy Porter evoke classic southern rock with their own modern twist. One album in wKillswitch Engage wMastodon Year Long Disaster riddled formation is an interesting one. Daniel Davies, son of the Kinks’ Dave Davies, met into one tiny duffel bag, and the zipper just wouldn’t hold. particular looks at astrophysics, wormholes and Stephen wSkillet wHalestorm wCoheed and wCambria Hometown: Los Angeles bassist Rich Mullins of Karma to Burn in Recent Activity: The excellent “Show Me Hawking’s theories. wAdelitas Way wAnberlin Background: Year Long Disaster’s rehab- some Hollywood grocery store, and within a Your Teeth” was released as the first single Recent Activity: Mastodon wViolent Soho wCirca Survive week the two were not only from their sophomore disc, “Black Magic.” released their fourth album, wRichy Nix wAirbourne making music together but Vocalist Davies beckons the listener to show “Crack the Skye,” in March wShaman’s Harvest also living together — and him his or her teeth, a call to arms that’s hard 2009. Since then, Mastodon drinking and doing crack to resist when faced with the fistful of guitar has assimilated into alternative Jägermeister Stage together. After jamming with might. pop culture in order to promote Saturday sSunday drummer Brad Hargreaves Check Out: “Show Me Your Teeth” their music. They appeared in of Third Eye Blind, the duo both “Guitar Hero III: Legends wHelmet wMushroomhead became a trio and called itself of Rock” and “Rock Band 2” wNonpoint wTaproot Year Long Disaster. While they don’t truly comprise a Like a Storm Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand with their song “Colony of wJanus wTaddy Porter wYear Long wDisaster Birchmen.” Additionally, they Shows not to be missed: rock supergroup (is Karma to Background: After rocking out a couple performed the theme song to wLike a Storm wNoise Auction wState Your Cause • Manic Mondays: Monday 7-9 p.m. Burn really famous enough?), times together, these three New Zealand bros the 2007 “Aqua Teen Hunger • • Name That Show: Tuesday 8-10 p.m. Shades: Wednesday 10 p.m.-12 a.m. they certainly compose music worthy of one. Their songs sound as if someone tried realized they needed to break out of the kiwi nation and appeal to a wider audience, which they certainly did — like a storm. They Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters,” and most recently appeared in the Adult Swim photo by david probst & Editor’s Note To read a review of the movie “Iron Man 2,” visit • Shenanigans: Thursday 8-10 p.m. to cram an entire wall of snagged spots on tours with a bevy of beef Presents: Dethklok Tour. keep it simple: What Shaman’s Harvest lack in originality, us at • Top 20 Countdown: Friday 1-3 p.m. guitars from Guitar Center rock giants, including Creed, Skillet, Shinedown Check Out: “Oblivion” they make up for in pure hard rock might. not a disaster: photo by gary copeland Year Long Disaster formed in 4 | thursday, may 13, 2010 | vol. 91, issue 27 | t&c |page 5