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Building and developing digital portfolio with Mahara


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Building and developing digital portfolio with Mahara

  1. 1. MIT x LTTC May 3, 2012 Mike H.L. ChuiThe Hong Kong Institute of Education 1
  2. 2. At the end of this session, participants will be able to: apply the key elements of Mahara as an e-portfolio identify the benefits and limitations of Mahara locate information for the technical specifications of Mahara
  3. 3. Portfolios support Assessment of Learning Portfolios support Assessment for Learning• Purpose of portfolio prescribed by • Purpose of portfolio agreed upon with institution learner• Artifacts mandated by institution to • Artifacts selected by learner to tell the determine outcomes of instruction story of their learning• Portfolio usually developed at the end of a • Portfolio maintained on an ongoing basis class, term or program - time limited throughout the class, term or program -• Portfolio and/or artifacts usually "scored" time flexible based on a rubric and quantitative data is • Portfolio and artifacts reviewed with collected for external audiences learner and used to provide feedback to• Portfolio is usually structured around a set improve learning of outcomes, goals or standards • Portfolio organization is determined by• Sometimes used to make high stakes learner or negotiated with decisions mentor/advisor/teacher• Summative - what has been learned to • Rarely used for high stakes decisions date? (Past to present) • Formative - what are the learning needs• Requires Extrinsic motivation in the future? (Present to future)• Audience: external - little choice • Fosters Intrinsic motivation - engages the learner • Audience: learner, family, friends - learner can choose
  4. 4.  The Mahara project is funded in 2006 by New Zealands Tertiary Education Commissions e-learning Collaborative Development Fund (eCDF), involving Massey University, Auckland University of Technology, The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand, and Victoria University of Wellington. Continued development has been made possible by further support from New Zealand’s Ministry of Education and the application of Mellon Foundation funds from the Open Polytechnic’s winning a 2007 Mellon Award for Technology Collaboration.For details, please visit
  5. 5.  Signing in  Click on the Views link Click on Create View button (= create a new Web page)
  6. 6.  Click on the Change my View’s column layout link (= set no. of column) Select Click
  7. 7.  After adding several blocks for View One … Click on Next: Edit Title and Description button Enter View One for the title Click on Next: Edit Access button
  8. 8.  Click on Add button of Secret URL You might copy the URL on the right and send to anybody you want Scroll down and click on Save button
  9. 9.  Right-click and copy the link of view1 - 04 Debate.jpg Edit Block 4 Add a line in the last paragraph - Click on Insert/edit image button - Paste the link of view1 – 04 Debate.jpg
  10. 10.  Right-click and copy the link of view1 - 04 Debate.jpg Edit Block 4 Add a line in the last paragraph - Click on Insert/edit image button - Paste the link of view1 – 04 Debate.jpg
  11. 11.  Click on Paste from Word button Paste the copied content from MS Word
  12. 12.  Easy to relocate blocks in a view Support Unicode for block content Fast duplication of a view Easy to create a collection of views Easy set up for access right and duration Views can be exported Theme selection is limited Not fully support embed HTML codes Not fully support Chinese-named files
  13. 13. Working environment: Apache + MySQL + PHPFor details, please refer: latest version at: