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VFG Client Brochure


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Virtual Financial Group, VFG Client Brochure
Virtual Financial Group provides a new innovative approach for middle american families to meet virtually online "Collaborative Sales" with an experienced financial consultant with no cost or obligation and get a Financial Needs Analysis to help them get on track with cutting edge strategies to reach their dreams and goals.

From the convenience and privacy of your home with a private secure one on one webinar and screen share. No one comes to your house, no pressure, just sincere help and quality advice.

In many cases we can start a plan with "no new money"
We do this by simply looking at their current budget and showing them how to better organize their expenses and freeing up money to build an emergency fund and save for the future.
We find money in their budget in places like:
1. Proper Tax Exemptions
2. Overpaying for Existing Insurance Plans
A. Life
B. Health
C. Auto
D. Disability
E. Long Term Care
F. Critical Illness
G. Cancer Policies
F. And more...
3. Cell Phone Bill
4. Insurance Deductibles
5. Unmatched 401k Contributions
6. Overpaying Mortgage Payments
7. StarBucks Coffee
8. Cable Bill
9. And much more
Take advantage of a free Financial Needs Analysis with VFG
New Living Benefits: Insurance you don't have to die to take advantage of.
Once the "new insurance" is understood, it is easy to see why traditional life insurance is obsolete!
What if...
you could have the piece of mind of knowing that, not only would your family be taken care of if you died prematurely, but that... you and your family would be financially secure in the event that you (or another family member) came down with a serious illness or disability? (Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, Disability...)
you could get stock market-like returns on your retirement savings, but with the guarantee that you could never lose your principle... or your gains?
you knew that you would have access to tax free income when you retire--possibly even guaranteed for as long as you live?
Would you sleep better at night? Would you enjoy life more?
These are some of the little-known benefits available in what is truly a revolution in the life insurance industry. In fact...
The following is a quote from the continuing education class for the California Department of Insurance:
"Once the 'new insurance' is understood, it is easy to see why traditional life insurance is obsolete."
You will definitely want to watch the following short videos
VFG provides a proven game plan for success for families from all walks of life.
See how at:

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VFG Client Brochure

  1. 1. Build a Better Tomorrow Virtual Financial Group is driven by a desire to help the security and achieve true peace of mind.
  2. 2. HELPING FAMILIES GAIN FINANCIAL PEACE OF MIND The last several years have been tough on our country. Many families don’t feel always imagined. DRAMATIC MARKET NEED A DIFFERENT KIND OF COMPANY Our Crusade: • We need to share the insight and understanding that the wealthy have with every family we can reach. • • Now is the time to put the wealth secrets to work for you and your family. 2 Build a Better Tomorrow | for most families.
  3. 3. THE WEALTH SECRETS getting just a few more interest 3 Build a Better Tomorrow | 5% 10% 12% 10 Years $1,628 $2,593 $3,106 30 Years $4,322 $17,449 $29,960 50 Years $11,467 $117,391 $289,000 70 Years $30,426 $789,747 $2,787,800 10 30 50 70 5% 10% 12% The Power of Compound Interest $1,000 Lump Sum any investment. Does not assume - time. The Effect of Time on Your Money - - associated with any actual invest- PUT THE POWER OF COMPOUND INTEREST TO WORK FOR YOU on the growth of your savings THE EFFECT OF TIME ON YOUR MONEY 40 $286.45 M H 30 $670.98 M H 20 M H 10 M H
  4. 4. THE WEALTH SECRETS 4 Build a Better Tomorrow | Effect of Taxes on Your Money Tax and/or legal advice is not for further guidance on tax or legal matters. You must understand the different ways your money is effected by taxation and then THE EFFECT OF TAXES ON YOUR MONEY Current war on terror • Government bailouts THE EFFECT OF MARKET RISK ON YOUR from down years. 100% 150% 233% 400% 900% -90%-50% -60% -70% -80% s -50% 100%
  5. 5. 5 Build a Better Tomorrow | 1 - formance of a leading Term Life 2 - Tax and/or legal advice is not offered by or through Virtual or legal advisor for further guid- ance on tax or legal matters. - 3 Loans and withdrawals will adverse tax consequences may rely on your tax advisor regarding BUILDING FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS - and Indexed Universal Life Insurance1 • Protects your family if you die too soon. • • • BENEFITS OF A DYNAMIC SOLUTION
  6. 6. BUILDING FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE 6 Build a Better Tomorrow | 4 5 intended to show how an annual charges associated with any actual investment. It should not be viewed as an indication of - mance. Tax and/or legal advice is not offered by or through Virtual or legal advisor for further guid- ance on tax or legal matters. Universal Life Insurance is not offered by or through Virtual legal advisor for further guidance on tax or legal matters. - Loans and withdrawals will reduce Loans are subject to interest your tax advisor regarding your MARKET PROTECTION AND MARKET POTENTIAL IN ONE SOLUTION! TAX ADVANTAGES OF INDEXED UNIVERSAL LIFE INSURANCE Indexed Universal Life also offers you certain tax advantages such as: • • of your cash value income tax-free. •
  7. 7. BUILDING FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE 7 Build a Better Tomorrow | WHY LIVING BENEFITS? - - - 4 Centers for Disease Control and - - dent and Chief Medical Director at news/costs-surviving-cardiovas- cular-disease-it%E2%80%99s- enough-give-you-heart-at- - - THE FINANCIAL IMPACT OF ILLNESS is about $1 million.5 nearly 80% had health insurance.6 because of cost.7 CANCER Every 30 seconds a new case is diagnosed1 HEART DISEASE 2 STROKE 3 DIABETES 4 ONE SOLUTION
  8. 8. World Financial Group Insurance Agency of Massachusetts, Inc., World Financial Group Insurance Agency of Wyoming, Inc., World Financial Headquarters: 826 Orange Ave, Coronado CA 92118. Phone 619-663-6607. WFG and WFGIA Headquarters: The Next Steps situation once and for all.