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The Future of a $6 Trillion Dollar Industry vs the Past


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The Future of a $6 Trillion Dollar Industry vs the Past.
Disruptive Innovation in Action

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The Future of a $6 Trillion Dollar Industry vs the Past

  1. 1. Blockbuster turned down an offer to buy Netflix for $50 mill Netflix has over 64 mill subscribers
  2. 2. Had Wayne kept his 10% stock until then, it would have been worth approximately $60 billion.[7]
  3. 3. 1 City vs The Entire USA & Canada
  4. 4. Mom & Pop shop vs 300 Full Time Transamerica Employees
  5. 5. You make all the calls, You learn everything, You close all the sales vs Our Assembly Line Do what you like
  6. 6. Drive to in Home Appointments vs Collaborative Sales
  7. 7. Avoid Traffic: Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of accidental death in the United States 50,000 Deaths Annually
  8. 8. Waste your time in boring meetings vs Online meetings at your convenience
  9. 9. Get interrupted all day vs Stay productive in your home office
  10. 10. Friends & Family & Business Mixers vs The Social Media Revolution
  11. 11. Your Top 25 List vs Online Marketing System & Tools
  12. 12. Yellow pads & Planner vs Enterprise CRM with Scripts Text & emails
  13. 13. Make 3 way calls with your Manager to invite guests to a local meeting vs Follow up on your emails and Videos
  14. 14. Use a system developed by Amway vs Our 21st Century Business System
  15. 15. 1 Time close off a hypothetical proposal vs 2 Step Sale w/ Financial Needs Analysis
  16. 16. $875 Per Month Plus, Plus, Plus for a physical office vs $19.95 per month for your Virtual Business Platform & Tools
  17. 17. Buy your recruiting literature vs all your literature for free
  18. 18. • Convention Costs • Brochures Cost • Travel Costs • Gas Costs • Wardrobe Costs • Office Costs • Staff Costs • Copier/Fax/ • Paper • Phone Bill • Meals out • Desks/ Décor/ • Furniture/ • Chairs Costs Save Big Money with a Virtual Business
  19. 19. Indexed Universal Life
  20. 20. Worry about running out of money vs Guaranteed Income for LIFE
  21. 21. Work at Walmart in retirement vs Have a real home business
  22. 22. Our Crusade: "A Virtual Lifestyle for the 21st Century"