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Six Sigma Cincinnati


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Six Sigma Applied Lean black belt description

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Six Sigma Cincinnati

  1. 1. Six Sigma Cincinnati Telephone: 513-333-4140 Website: Six Sigma Cincinnati IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE Six Sigma Cincinnati Knows what Employers Want and NeedSix Sigma Cincinnati is constantly on the ball when it comes to keeping on top ofemployer requirements and needs. Employers prefer Six Sigma leadership that can beapplied immediately, knowing that it is ready to use but can still be shaped around theirown corporate and business surroundings.Business employers tend to be searching for the Six Sigma aptitude that comes alongwith an Applied Black Belt Certification for LEAN. Six Sigma Cincinnati is impressedwith this particular program, and views it as one that gets the participant positioned wellfor applications and interviews.Pam Nintrup is very often referred to by Six Sigma Cincinnati; it considers her a modeltrainer. She has in excess of 25 years of expertise and certifications in process andproject management, coaching, and training. Her knowledge includes numerous aspectsof applying process enhancements and project management in organizations.The Standard for Six Sigma Cincinnati is Experience.Pam has been in positions of senior management for a number of significant companiessuch as GRE Insurance, Procter & Gamble, American Financial Group, and US Shoe. She has also been responsible for establishing numerous project management andprocess development standards. Pam has also been responsible for mentoring andcoaching numerous project managers and experts and assisting them in their subsequentpaths to reaching their full potential. Her team effectively implemented almost 30processes for ITIL-based Service Delivery in addition to a continuing processdevelopment program.Six Sigma Cincinnati is constantly evaluating based upon results. Not long ago, Pamcreated a curriculum that made it possible for individuals to attain a 32X ROI in aninitial series of projects. The significant healthcare organization that this curriculumwas created for subsequently realized financial savings of around $4 million in under ayear. The program turned the curriculum over to the customer following coaching forthe trainer which was done in order for the transition to be accomplished successfully.
  2. 2. Six Sigma Cincinnati directs you to Tactix Group to take Applied LEAN Six SigmaBlack Belt in which you will achieve a certification that is respected wherever you go.Pam Nintrup and Tactix are recommended by Six Sigma CincinnatiPam Nintrup is presented by the Tactix Group as one of the top specialists in the field,and you can join Pam at Tactix on the next 5-day training course which commences onApril 18th. Each student will receive the noteworthy Black Belt designation for AppliedLEAN Six Sigma following completion of the course. Discounts are available whilethere are remaining seats. Six Sigma Cincinnati will be kept informed of updates byTactix.Six Sigma Cincinnati approves of the Black Belt program for Applied LEAN because itis aimed at producing Six Sigma project leaders with process improvement capabilitiesas well as the necessary tools and techniques for implementing a process improvementculture.Students will be able to boast an Applied LEAN Six Sigma certification as a Black Beltafter satisfactory completion of the course, a project and an exam. An assignmenttemplate is provided for documentation and project submission, and students have up tosix months to complete and submit the project. Students will have daily homeworkassigned to them which will need to be delivered at the commencement of the followingday of class.