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SDE/T or QA Engineer interview checklist


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After interviewing and hiring hundreds of engineers I have come up with a few checklists. I wanted to share those with you so you could conduct comprehensive interviews of QA Engineers for your team.

I use this checklist when I review incoming resumes and during the interview. It keeps me from missing areas that ensure a good team and technology fit. I hope you make good use of them. If you think there are good questions or topics that I have missed - get in touch with me!

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SDE/T or QA Engineer interview checklist

  1. 1. SDET  /  QA  Engineer  Interview  Checklist   Mike  Borozdin   August  2014     Test  Planning   - features - planning for test time - planning for automation - what is in a test pass report? Automation   - what tools have you used? - what are the tradeoffs? - automation vs. manual testing - unit testing - plugging tests into Continuous Integration systems Bug  Triage   - philosophy on priority / severity - reproducing - what's in a good bug Prioritization   - how to prioritize work - how to prioritize test cases - customer perspective Culture   - excited about opportunity - did the research on the company and the market?