Integrating Content Marketing and Social Media Strategy


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Tightly integrating a brand’s content marketing and social media strategies makes both more successful. Research suggests effective content marketers are 5 times more likely to work from a documented content strategy and are using more social platforms than those falling behind.

This presentation excerpt identifies smart opportunities for effectively and efficiently integrating content and social strategies to deliver stronger business results. It includes questions to develop an audience persona as the foundation to identify business opportunities where content marketing makes sense, smart content topics any business can develop, and the types of conversion-oriented messages to incorporate in the brand's content stream.

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Integrating Content Marketing and Social Media Strategy

  1. 1. Brainzooming™ @Brainzooming #SMSsummit Excerpts from “Planning a Social Media  Strategy Integrated with  Content Marketing” Mike Brown Founder | The Brainzooming Group August 2014
  2. 2. Brainzooming™ @Brainzooming #SMSsummit We help make smart  organizations more  successful by rapidly: • Expanding their strategic options and  • Creating innovative plans they can efficiently implement.
  3. 3. Brainzooming™ @Brainzooming #SMSsummit Describing Your Target Audience with a Persona
  4. 4. Brainzooming™ @Brainzooming #SMSsummit Interests Seeking Focus Think Know Do Work the “Think Know Do” Beat
  5. 5. Brainzooming™ @Brainzooming #SMSsummit Should be Creative Everyone’s Involved Can be “Faked”Can be Learned Yields Better Results Is Important Strategic Thinking Mind Mapping ‐ Think
  6. 6. Brainzooming™ @Brainzooming #SMSsummit Know Behind the scenes Exclusives Assistance
  7. 7. Brainzooming™ @Brainzooming #SMSsummit • What are you learning as an organization? • How are you addressing industry issues? • What customer service issues have you solved? • How is your team working with customers? • How does you improve your community? • What does the team do outside work? Do
  8. 8. Brainzooming™ @Brainzooming #SMSsummit Business Development Beat • What questions do prospects ask at each  buying process stage? • What questions do prospects NOT ask at each  buying process stage? • What triggers people to purchase your brand? • What do people doubt about your brand that  leads to losing business?
  9. 9. Brainzooming™ @Brainzooming #SMSsummit The Analytics Beat • Why do people reach your website? • Where do they come from? • Where do they go next? • What content is getting them to spend the  most time? • What are competitors’ keywords?
  10. 10. Brainzooming™ @Brainzooming #SMSsummit Potential  Content Topics
  11. 11. Brainzooming™ @Brainzooming #SMSsummit Involve the Audience 1. Answer questions your customers  or readers have asked you. 2. Ask a question of your readers to  see what they think. 3. Ask readers what they’d like to read. 4. Ask 5 customers in a row the same  question and write their responses  in a blog. 5. Interview a customer on concerns,  challenges, and views on industry  issues. 6. Look for blog titles from your  industry and write your version of  the topic. 7. Publish potential upcoming topics  and let readers decide what they  want to read. 8. Run an online survey for readers  and report the results. 9. Share a question on Facebook or  Google+ and use responses for a  blog post. 10. Feature guest posts from clients. 11. Solicit guest blog posts from  business partners. 12. Talk to customers at events and find  out what their current challenges  are.
  12. 12. Brainzooming™ @Brainzooming #SMSsummit Sharing What Your Brand Knows 13. Interview yourself on a topic. 14. Recap a past event. 15. Recap the results of a research  report someone else published. 16. Report on a conference people  from your company attended. 17. Reveal background info on things  that make your organization  successful. 18. Share really cool work your  organization is doing. 19. Share the results of research your  organization has completed. 20. Summarize what your organizations  knows about a news topic. 21. Write about things your audience might not realize. 22. Write about what your organization  does to serve customers.
  13. 13. Brainzooming™ @Brainzooming #SMSsummit Teach Others 23. Expand your thinking on a published  post so it is more teaching‐oriented. 24. Take a new angle on a topic  you’ve written about already. 25. Teach a new technique or tips  you’ve been using. 26. Write about something you learned  in the last week to share with  readers. 27. Demonstrate a process your  company uses that is valuable for  your audience. 28. Answer frequently asked questions  that require video demonstrations. 29. Feature experts in your business  sharing their knowledge.
  14. 14. Brainzooming™ @Brainzooming #SMSsummit 30. Make a long list of ideas your  customers and readers can use. 31. Make a short list of steps readers  can take to accomplish something. 32. Write anything allowing you to put a  number in the title (it attracts  readers). 33. Add additional items to a list  you’ve already published. 34. List the types of customer  problems you routinely solve. 35. List questions you’re getting  in customer service. 36. Ask readers a question and  report the answers in a list. 37. List the steps in a process readers  could handle for themselves. Make a List
  15. 15. Brainzooming™ @Brainzooming #SMSsummit Share Opinions 38. Write what your organization thinks  about a topic or a news story. 39. Disagree with a well‐known business  perspective. 40. Write a response to an idea in a book  relevant for your audience/industry. 41. Predict what your organization thinks  will happen in the future. 42. React to opinions a competitor or  an industry figure is discussing. 43. Review a book or magazine article  you’ve read recently. 44. Review a fantastic product or service  your organization uses. 45. Review a topic people are thinking  about in your marketplace. 46. Share a half‐baked idea to see if  readers can finish baking it. 47. Write a blog post that’s 80% done  and allow readers to finish it. 48. Write about something completely  obvious as if you’re the first to think  of it. 49. Write about something completely  obvious in a new way. 50. Write about anything to interest  readers more than recent topics.
  16. 16. Brainzooming™ @Brainzooming #SMSsummit Have Your People Personalize It 51. Complain about a personal recent customer experience relevant to  your audience. 52. Share an anecdote from your  organization. 53. Talk honestly about an issue where  your organization is struggling to  improve. 54. Thank a customer who has been  loyal  to your business. 55. Write about the most interesting  thing  that happened in your organization  today, yesterday, or this week. 56. Write about what inspires your  organization and its people. 57. Cover community activities your  organization supports. 58. Create a post that’s slightly more or  less outrageous than the typical  content. 59. Write something dramatically more  or less outrageous than what you  typically write. 60. Write something that allows you to  name drop customers who will  share it within their networks.
  17. 17. Brainzooming™ @Brainzooming #SMSsummit Use Video and Images 61. Video executives sharing brief  commentaries. 62. Video a demonstration relevant  for your audience. 63. Video an interview with a work  colleague or business partner. 64. Ask 5 customers to answer the  same question on video. 65. Use photos from corporate events  or customer interactions. 66. Feature photos of interesting things  your organization DOES. 67. Video a customer talking about  its business. 68. Have two customers interview each  other. 69. Video a day in the life of your  customer service organization. 70. Shoot a short video with reasons  why others should Like your  Facebook page.
  18. 18. Brainzooming™ @Brainzooming #SMSsummit Repurpose Content 71. Combine shorter posts from your  organization’s blog into a longer  one. 72. Expand a comment from another  blog into a full blog post. 73. Group tweets from your  organization into a list or other blog  post. 74. Organize and refresh in new ways  relevant information that’s already  been published. 75. Publish links from your blog to make  it easier to find everything on a  topic. 76. Publish a presentation from your  organization on Slideshare to  embed in a blog. 77. Re‐edit and freshen something  already written with new content. 78. Re‐run the most popular post(s)  your organization has shared. 79. Share an intriguing video with  comments to give your thoughts  about it. 80. Write up the points covered in a  slide from a Powerpoint presentation. 81. Embed a funny or on‐target  cartoon.
  19. 19. Brainzooming™ @Brainzooming #SMSsummit The Sales  Continuum
  20. 20. Brainzooming™ @Brainzooming #SMSsummit • Non‐exclusive offers (A deal for everybody) • Giveaways (Something for engaging) • Sharing content for information (Permission to keep talking) • Peaking interest (Sneak looks at product) • Micro‐advertising (Links to ads) • Exclusive offers (Deals for those acting) • Direct response (Click the link to buy) • Proactive outreach (We can meet your need) • All Deals, All the Time (Dell – nothing but deals)
  21. 21. Brainzooming™ @Brainzooming #SMSsummit We help make smart  organizations more  successful by rapidly: • Expanding their strategic options and  • Creating innovative plans they can efficiently implement.
  22. 22. Brainzooming™ @Brainzooming #SMSsummit Blog: Subscribe:‐brainzooming Email: Twitter: @Brainzooming Phone: 816‐509‐5320