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Introduction to the Baltimore Tech Community


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Navigating through Baltimore’s emerging tech and startup communities can seem challenging at first. In this free class, you’ll learn about some of the key events, people, and places where the community congregates, builds, and learns.

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Introduction to the Baltimore Tech Community

  1. 1. Introduc)on  to  the  Bal)more  Tech  CommunityMike  Brenner,  CEO  of  Betamore
  2. 2. Mike  Brenner,  @MikeMakes• Co-Founder & CEO of Betamore (2012+)• Sunrise Design (2006 – 2011)• Refresh Baltimore (2008+)• (2009+)• (acquired by Technically Media)• Startup Weekend, Education Hack Day, Reinvent TransitTechnology  Entrepreneur,  Web  Developer,  DesignerINTRODUCTION  TO  THE  BALTIMORE  TECH  COMMUNITY  
  3. 3. What  Makes  Up  #BmoreTech?• Startups• Talent• Investors• Mentors• Service Providers• Mature Companies• Universities• Coworking Spaces• Hangouts• Incubators• Events• NewsINTRODUCTION  TO  THE  BALTIMORE  TECH  COMMUNITY  
  4. 4. Notable  (not  all)  Startups• *• Bill Me Later *• Sylvan Learning *• Millenial Media *• Moodlerooms *• Micros *• Videology• 2U• Straighterline• Social Toaster• Direct Dimensions• BTS• Cyberpoint• Localist• 410 Labs• Parking Panda• Riskive• Givecorps*  Acquired  or  PublicLooking  for  coworking  spaces?  Use  the  BalHmore  Tech  MapINTRODUCTION  TO  THE  BALTIMORE  TECH  COMMUNITY  
  5. 5. Notable  (not  all)  Industries• EdTech• Biotech & Health IT• Cyber• Gaming• Civic & Social Change• ConsumerINTRODUCTION  TO  THE  BALTIMORE  TECH  COMMUNITY  
  6. 6. Universi)es• Community College of Baltimore County• Coppin State• Goucher• Hopkins• Loyola• MICA• McDaniel• Morgan State• Notre Dame of Maryland• Stevenson• Towson• UMBC• University of Baltimore• University of Maryland, BaltimoreINTRODUCTION  TO  THE  BALTIMORE  TECH  COMMUNITY  
  7. 7. Investment  (VC  +  Angel)• Baltimore Angels• Dingman Center Angels• TEDCO• Abell Foundation• Accelerate Baltimore• ABS Capital• NEA• Sterling Partners• New Markets Venture PartnersLooking  for  angel  investment?  Use  AngelListINTRODUCTION  TO  THE  BALTIMORE  TECH  COMMUNITY  
  8. 8. Coworking  Spaces• Betamore• Beehive• 716 Broadway• Capital Studios• Baltimore Node• Baltimore FounderyLooking  for  coworking  spaces?  Use  the  BalHmore  Tech  MapINTRODUCTION  TO  THE  BALTIMORE  TECH  COMMUNITY  
  9. 9. Incubators• Betamore• ETC + Accelerate Baltimore• Towson Global• bwtech@UMBC• Maryland BioParkLooking  for  incubators?  Use  the  BalHmore  Tech  MapINTRODUCTION  TO  THE  BALTIMORE  TECH  COMMUNITY  
  10. 10. Online  Hangouts  &  Resources• Baltimore Tech Facebook Group (~2000 members)•• Baltimore Tech Map•• #BmoreTechINTRODUCTION  TO  THE  BALTIMORE  TECH  COMMUNITY  
  11. 11. Events• Tech Breakfast• B’more on Rails• Baltimore: Javascript, Wordpress, Mobile, Lean Startup, etc.• Refresh Baltimore• BmoreTech MeetupMonthly  MeetupsLooking  for  meetups?  Use  Meetup.comINTRODUCTION  TO  THE  BALTIMORE  TECH  COMMUNITY  
  12. 12. Events• Baltimore Innovation Week• Betascape• Surge Con• Startup Crawl at Betamore• Tech Crawl• Startup Maryland Bus Tour• Hackathons (listed ahead)Annual  /  Semi-­‐regularINTRODUCTION  TO  THE  BALTIMORE  TECH  COMMUNITY  
  13. 13. Events• Ignite Baltimore• TEDx: MidAtlantic + Baltimore• CreateBaltimoreBlended  CommuniDesINTRODUCTION  TO  THE  BALTIMORE  TECH  COMMUNITY  
  14. 14. Hackathons• Reinvent Transit• Education Hack Day• Hack for Change• Baltimore Hackathon• Startup Weekend• RailsGirlsINTRODUCTION  TO  THE  BALTIMORE  TECH  COMMUNITY  
  15. 15. News• Technically Baltimore• Baltimore Sun - BaltTech• Baltimore Business Journal• BmoreMedia• CityBizListINTRODUCTION  TO  THE  BALTIMORE  TECH  COMMUNITY  
  16. 16. Mailing  Lists• Calendar• StartupDigest Baltimore• Meetup Event Mailing ListsINTRODUCTION  TO  THE  BALTIMORE  TECH  COMMUNITY  
  17. 17. Regional  Orgs  +  Support• Startup Maryland / Startup America• TEDCO•• EAGB• Chesapeake Tech Council• Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship (Howard County)• #DCTechINTRODUCTION  TO  THE  BALTIMORE  TECH  COMMUNITY  
  18. 18. Job  Boards• Baltimore Tech Jobs• Startup Crawl at Betamore•• LinkedIn• CraigslistINTRODUCTION  TO  THE  BALTIMORE  TECH  COMMUNITY  
  19. 19. Common  Misconcep)onsINTRODUCTION  TO  THE  BALTIMORE  TECH  COMMUNITY  
  20. 20. I’ve  got  a  great  idea,  so  now  I  just  need  investment.“”INTRODUCTION  TO  THE  BALTIMORE  TECH  COMMUNITY  
  21. 21. I  can’t  find  investors,  it  must  be  because  I’m  in  Bal)more.“”INTRODUCTION  TO  THE  BALTIMORE  TECH  COMMUNITY  
  22. 22. I’ve  got  a  great  idea,  so  I’ll  pay  someone  overseas  to  build  my  product.    Then,  I’ll  get  investment!“”INTRODUCTION  TO  THE  BALTIMORE  TECH  COMMUNITY  
  23. 23. I’ve  got  a  great  idea,  but  I  won’t  tell  you  un)l  you  sign  my  NDA.“”INTRODUCTION  TO  THE  BALTIMORE  TECH  COMMUNITY  
  24. 24. Coding  is  for  nerds  that  studied  computer  science  in  college  and  have  been  coding  their  en)re  lives.“”INTRODUCTION  TO  THE  BALTIMORE  TECH  COMMUNITY  
  25. 25. I  tried  doing  a  startup  before  and  failed.  No  one  will  respect  me  on  my  next  try.“”INTRODUCTION  TO  THE  BALTIMORE  TECH  COMMUNITY  
  26. 26. How  do  I  learn  to  code?• Sign up for a class/course at Betamore.•• Codecademy• Go work for a startup!INTRODUCTION  TO  THE  BALTIMORE  TECH  COMMUNITY  
  27. 27. How  to  Meet  Poten)al  Investor/Mentor• Start with an email.• Keep it short, clarify the ask, make it easy to say Yes.• Do research and let them know you’ve done that.• Don’t ask them to lunch. Maybe coffee after a few previous emails.• Ask for money, you’ll be lucky to get advice.• Ask for advice, you’ll be lucky to get money.INTRODUCTION  TO  THE  BALTIMORE  TECH  COMMUNITY  
  28. 28. How  to  Meet  a  Poten)al  Cofounder• Go to events, like hackathons and technical meetups.• Work from coworking spaces.• Ask for their advice or feedback on your idea.• Find out what they’re passionate about and integrate that.INTRODUCTION  TO  THE  BALTIMORE  TECH  COMMUNITY  
  29. 29. How  else  can  I  get  involved  in  BmoreTech?• Attend events, happy hours, classes.• Listen to conversations and add value when appropriate.• Provide feedback and support to those that ask.• Volunteer for events and conferences.• Amplify others’ news and events on your social channels.• Participate in a hackathon – even if you’re not a designer/developer• Give before you get.INTRODUCTION  TO  THE  BALTIMORE  TECH  COMMUNITY  
  30. 30. Thanks.Mike  Brenner,  @MikeMakes