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Landgate Innovation Program


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Overview of the Landgate Innovation Program presented at a number of public sector workshops on innovation.
Presentation by Jodi Cant and Paul Duncan!

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Landgate Innovation Program

  2. 2. Who is Landgate? • WA’s land and property information Authority • Established in 1829 and improving with age! • Strong values based organisation • Innovation Program launched in 2008
  3. 3. Why innovation? • New ways of doing things • Identify in-house efficiencies • Improve delivery of information • Capitalise on experience and knowledge • Inspire creativity • Development of partnerships • Embedding our values
  4. 4. How do we make innovation work? Strategic direction from the Board  Routine Involvement from Executive Centralised funding of $2 million p.a. Identify ‘champions’ Staff inclusion Act on ideas in a timely manner Reward and recognition Celebrate success & failure
  5. 5. Review Process
  6. 6. Read an idea, or start your own…
  7. 7. The Story So Far… • Over 3,200 ideas discussed • 100,000 hits on the forum • 40+ projects funded • New partnerships have emerged • $800K in new revenue • Significant in-house efficiencies identified • 85% staff engaged in creative thinking
  8. 8. Lessons Learned • Direction and focus • Capitalising on Intellectual Property • Guidelines and protocols • Cutting-edge risks • Time to market • Celebrating failure
  9. 9. Headed for the future • Embedding an innovative culture • Building partnerships with business • Sell/license what has been developed • Share our experience across the Public Sector • Celebrate and have fun!
  10. 10. ‘I am confident that the considerable achievements of Landgate will reach even greater heights through the Program.’ Professor Lyn Beazley Chief Scientist of WA ‘Landgate’s Innovation Program is an exemplar in the management of innovation systems in the public sector’. Peter Woodgate CEO, CRC for Spatial Information