Promises made


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Promises made

  1. 1. Promises Made Promises Kept Tonight, we look at Promises Made
  2. 2. The Point of the Bible is Jesus Old Testament makes promises about Christ New Testament keeps promises about Christ John tells us that Jesus is the word Colossians tells us that Christ is God and all things are held together by him and through him
  3. 3. “A man who loves his wife will love her letters and her photographs because they speak to him of her. So if we love the Lord Jesus we shall love the Bible because it speaks to us of him. The husband is not so stupid as to prefer his wife’s letters to her voice, or her photographs to herself. He simply loves them because of her. So, too, we love the Bible because of Christ. It is his portrait. It is his love-letter.” John Stott,
  4. 4. OT = 39 Books First 5 make up the Pentateuch / Law (Genesis to Deuteronomy) Next 12 (Joshua to Esther) are called the Histories Last 17 Books are called the Prophecies (Isaiah to Malachi) These 17 form the narrative from Creation to the Jews return to Jerusalem after being exiled in Babylon -- from the beginning to about 400 years before Christ
  5. 5. The Histories Genesis = describes how the world began, the first humans, the fall Peace in the garden is devastated with sin, and God initiates his plan of redeeming it all again through Abraham and his descendants
  6. 6. The Histories Exodus = history of God's people from the death of Joseph in Egypt, through the escape from slavery led by Moses, the tabernacle being established in the wilderness and the law being delivered
  7. 7. The Histories Leviticus = a digest version of the laws given to God's people in the desert. Numbers = Travel to the promised land Lev: = Highlights the problem of sin and how sinful humans approach a holy God. More about God's holiness, not rules to follow Num: = marked with many acts of unfaithfulness and God's preserving faithfulness to his loved, yet rebellious creation
  8. 8. The Histories Deuteronomy = Second Giving of the law, at the end of their 40 years, Joshua = describes the conquest of the promised land and the appointment of the 12 tribes God gives the law again, to those who didn't die off. Repeated as they enter the promised land
  9. 9. The Histories Judges = 14 judges ruled over Israel after Joshua's death "in those days, Israel had no king; everyone did as he saw fit" — Judg. 21:25 JUDGE — the People continued to revert to lawlessness "in those days, Israel had no king; everyone did as he saw fit" Judg. 21:25
  10. 10. The Histories Ruth = during time of Judges, announces the preparation of the coming King David 1 & 2 Samuel = the last Judge 1 & 2 Samuel = a false start king Saul, and the first real king David
  11. 11. The Histories 1 & 2 Kings = reign of David's son Solomon 1 & 2 Chronicles = a summation of everything from Adam to the exile 1 & 2 Kings = his fall, and the kingdom's division into northern and southern rule. Immorality and idolatry rack the kingdom and all falls apart 1 & 2 Chronicles = Focus on David, Solomon, the role of the temple, and the kings leading to exile
  12. 12. The Histories Ezra = return of the Jews and the rebuilding of the temple Nehemiah = rebuilding of the walls Esther = last book of history, story of God's providence Last three are written in Exile and at the Return of Exile Nehemiah = a partial fulfillment of God's promised restoration Esther = deliverance of Jews inside the Persian Empire late in the exile
  13. 13. The Writings Job = righteous man tried by God and God proving HE is everything Psalms = poetic prayers and praise, confession, and lament Proverbs = practical wisdom of life from Solomon More personal experiences of God's people, Wisdom, Poetry, Worship Job = we don't know when it was written.... probably during Genesis,
  14. 14. The Writings Ecclesiastes = Soloman recounts his quest for wisdom and life Song of Solomon = love songs between a groom and his bride Ecclesiastes = in every corner, only coming up short and yelling to all who will listen that God is all that matters Song of Solomon = Lets us in on the importance of loving relationships
  15. 15. The Prophets Isaiah = prophet from Judah Jeremiah = prophecies during the siege of Jerusalem and then a few afterwards God's commentary on Israel's disobedience Isaiah = prophet from Judah..... first 39 chapters are condemnations leading up to captivity, the last 67 are pointing to a future restoration
  16. 16. The Prophets Lamentations = Jeremiah's grief over Jerusalem's fall and destruction Ezekiel = Prophet in Babylon during exile Daniel = story of a Jewish captive and how God used him in that place Ezekiel = Prophet in Babylon during exile. warned Judah of coming judgement, then when taken, moved to God's promised judgement on the nations and the restoration of God's people
  17. 17. The Minor Prophets Hosea = prophet to Northern Kingdom, Israel Joel = Preached about coming judgement, and that blessing follows judgement if there is repentance Hosea = during same time as Isaiah did to the south, spoke of Israel's unfaithfulness, with his unfaithful wife being the example of how God's people have been unfaithful to him
  18. 18. The Minor Prophets Amos = predicted judgement and restoration, again while Isaiah was in the south Obadiah = judgement against Edom, Judah's neighbor also promised restoration
  19. 19. The Minor Prophets Jonah = called to Ninevah to spread God to pagans Micah = spoke to both Israel and Judah concerning judgement and deliverance Johan = refused, got swallowed, prayed, repented, and obeyed
  20. 20. The Minor Prophets Hahum = spoke out against Ninevah about a coming judgement for turning away from God Habakkuk = reminds God's people that in spite of living in an evil time, they can trust God and his promised restoration
  21. 21. The Minor Prophets Zephaniah = spoke on the promised judgement, called them to repent, and he promised future blessing
  22. 22. The Minor Prophets Haggai = prodded the people to get on the rebuilding the temple and reminded them that God was for them After the Return to Jerusalem
  23. 23. The Minor Prophets Zechariah = two months after Haggai, relays a series of wild dreams that attacked their lazy faith Malachai = also attacked their lethargic faith and spoke of the promised messiah After the Return to Jerusalem
  24. 24. The OT picture of God is not condemnation Love the Lord God with all your heart, soul, & strength -- Deut. 6:5 Love your neighbor as yourself -- Lev. 19:34 Love your enemies -- Prov. 24:17 & 25:21 He is the same God we find in the NT Holy, Just, unwavering in his commitment to punish sin, and in all things LOVE, even towards ENEMIES
  25. 25. Holiness Justice Mercy Grace Love
  26. 26. The Point of Life “To glorify God and to enjoy him forever” You Have to Know him, in order to glorify and enjoy Him. Westminster Catechism You will always feel lost, You will always be left empty, you will never be satisfied He is everything...... through it all, He is our treasure