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Cultural anthropology test 2


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Cultural anthropology test 2

  1. 1. ! Cultural Anthropology Test 2 I would prefer if you sent this to me as a pdf if possible. No worries if you aren’t tech savvy enough to pull that off. (just another reason to own a Mac:) Regardless, please use your name and “Test 2” as the file name for your document. ! ! ! Answer each questions in complete sentences on a separate sheet of paper/papers. ! 1. Most traditional subsistence systems have been influenced by culture contact, conquest and colonialism, and more recently the "global market economy." How resilient are societies in maintaining their culture while adopting some new ways of making a living? ! ! ! 2. Is foraging practiced in present day American society? If so, Where? Who? Is foraging a viable subsistence strategy in a large-scale industrial society? ! ! ! ! 3. Saturday Farmer's Markets are an increasing presence in many towns and cities in the U. S. What would you need to know to explore this phenomenon? Are Farmer's Markets a case of "resistance to capitalism"? How would you - as an anthropologist -- carry out a study that examines the individual motivations and economics of Farmer's Markets? Discuss. ! ! ! ! ! 4. Statistics about American families show that more than one-third of households are headed by women. Where are the men? What factors (e.g. economic) may help explain an important part of this demographic profile? ! ! ! ! ! 5. What are the basic functions of a family, given so many different types of families and forms of marriage and kin relations across the world? What are some of your concerns as you envision directions American families may be headed in the near future?