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Punk Rock SEO from State of Search 2015


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Check out my presentation from State of Seach 2015 in Dallas, Texas on "Punk Rock SEO". Want to reach a more in-depth blog post after you click through the slides? Check out the blog post version of this presentation here:

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Punk Rock SEO from State of Search 2015

  1. 1. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Punk Rock SEO State of Search 2015
  2. 2. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Hey State of Search!!! Mike Arnesen Founder & CEO at UpBuild This is me now
  3. 3. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen This was me then Mikkei Guitarist Punk
  4. 4. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen So what happened?
  5. 5. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen I decided it was time to get a real job. I fell into this SEO thing. So what happened?
  6. 6. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen F the Man?
  7. 7. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen I’m still a punk...kinda
  8. 8. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Shout out to
  9. 9. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Navigating bureaucracies was… frustrating
  10. 10. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Making a lot of noise or doing it yourself and generally making shit happen Getting results looked a lot like this
  11. 11. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Values Here
  12. 12. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Values Here Anti-Establishment
  13. 13. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Values Here Anti-Establishment Part of the Scene
  14. 14. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Values Here Anti-Establishment Part of the Scene Do It Yourself
  15. 15. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Values Here Anti-Establishment Part of the Scene Do It Yourself Play it Faster, Forget Perfection
  16. 16. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen There are two choices
  17. 17. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Por que no los dos?
  18. 18. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen State of Search = One Big Punk Show It’s Day 2. Let’s get worked up, get wild, and make some change
  19. 19. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen 13 Punk Rock Lessons for SEOs & marketers
  20. 20. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Adopt a DIY Ethic “We had no idea how to make a record. We took apart a sleeve from a 7-inch record to see how it was configured."
  21. 21. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen “We opened it up, sketched it on a piece of paper, put our own art into that and took it to a print shop. Then using scissors and glue, we cut and folded every single record sleeve." - Ian MacKaye Adopt a DIY Ethic
  22. 22. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Take a DIY-first approach. Don’t wait for budget. Don’t wait for resources. Take things apart to see how they work and then do it yourself! Adopt a DIY Ethic
  23. 23. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Join a Band You need other people. Nobody cares about the singer’s acoustic project. Good things happen when like- minded people play together.
  24. 24. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen It’s hard to be successful in SEO by yourself. Find those who are as stoked about SEO as you are and create a work group. Join a Band
  25. 25. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen “Against the grain That's where I'll stay Swimming upstream I maintain against the grain” - Greg Graffin, Bad Religion Go Against the Grain
  26. 26. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Note where everyone’s going. That place’ll be lame in a few years. Go against the grain. Swim upstream. Go Against the Grain
  27. 27. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen The tactics, hacks, and sites that everyone’s using will get overused. Look for the unconventional, hard to get SEO opportunities. These will outlast the others. Go Against the Grain
  28. 28. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen It’s not enough to play a good song. Show your audience you mean it once you have their attention. Play faster, rock out harder than anyone else. Songs Aren’t Enough
  29. 29. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Nobody wants to grill with Rich. 0 external links 2 tweets in 3 years More info at www.sadtrombone. com Songs Aren’t Enough
  30. 30. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Songs Aren’t Enough “Good” content doesn’t deserve attention just for existing. If you aren’t absolutely stoked about your content no one else is going to be either.
  31. 31. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen You’ve gotta play songs about the change they want to see, about who they want to be. Don’t play songs about how their mom got them a leather jacket for Christmas. Know Your Audience
  32. 32. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Know Your Audience You want your audience to recommend your content? Don’t create content about who they are. Create content that speaks to who they want to be.
  33. 33. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Know where to flyer Cross promote and help others Sell Out The Show
  34. 34. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Sell Out The Show Be smart and efficient. Spread your message where it’s going to be heard. Find where your audience hangs out and post there, not where the most traffic is.
  35. 35. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Sell Out The Show On, and make sure you have a solid set. Practice and share something great. Don’t earn a reputation for being a waste of time.
  36. 36. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Being covered means you did something awesome. Covering another band’s songs allows you to learn and shows where your strengths are. Covers Are Awesome
  37. 37. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Turn over your ideas to the community and interpret the ideas of others. Everyone wins. Covers Are Awesome
  38. 38. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Pop punk caught on because it appealed to a lot of people. There was something there. Pop Isn’t Always Bad
  39. 39. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen You can still learn from the popular bands, even if you hate them. Analyze brands getting the results you want. Leverage their tactics to spread your content. Pop Isn’t Always Bad
  40. 40. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen One band put in the work to look like an overnight success. The Ceremony Lesson
  41. 41. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen The Ceremony Lesson If you want your content to succeed, you need to put in the effort and make an investment up front.
  42. 42. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen The Ceremony Lesson ❏ Build a foundation first. ❏ Involve people you know and respect. ❏ Let your fans know about what you’re doing. ❏ Leverage social momentum. It’s a gamble, but your odds go up with increased effort.
  43. 43. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen The Ceremony Lesson It’s great to have ROI goals, but... Only using ideas with a proven ROI is why we've had to deal with shitty infographics for 5 years.
  44. 44. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Tear It All Down Tear it down, brick by brick. Dismantle the system that doesn’t work. Replace it with something better.
  45. 45. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Tear It All Down You can’t change the world overnight. Pick one thing to tear down and rebuild. Soon, you’ll have built something completely new.
  46. 46. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Nothing you buy from a retail store is punk. Just sayin’. Mass Production Isn’t Punk
  47. 47. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Mass Production Isn’t Punk Beware of anything claiming to be a “One Stop Shop” or an “SEO Solution”. Tools only get your so far. A good tool is not an “SEO Tool”; it’s a “Tool for SEOs”.
  48. 48. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Seek to change what pisses you off. Pick your battle and fight it. Anger & Frustration
  49. 49. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Let the hate flow through you. Anger & Frustration
  50. 50. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Anger & Frustration Get into the habit of getting mad about crappy search results. Don’t do SEO because it’s your job. Do it because the SERPs suck.
  51. 51. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Anger & Frustration Meet Jarno He was pissed about microdata he changed HTML5.
  52. 52. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Enter ItemID
  53. 53. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Enter ItemID
  54. 54. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Learn to be comfortable in the center of the chaos. There’s a place of peace and clarity in the circle pit. There’s A Place of Peace
  55. 55. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen There’s A Place of Peace Learn to accept uncertainty and turmoil in SEO. Get up when you stumble and keep moving.
  56. 56. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Thank you!
  57. 57. #StateOfSearch #PunkRockSEO @mike_arnesen Slide Deck Blog Post Version Punk Rock SEO Playlist Punk Rock SEO Resources