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Authorship & Google+ - SEMpdx November 2012


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Learn how to turn up the Awesome on your SEM with Google Authorship and Google+. Full deck up tonight.

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Authorship & Google+ - SEMpdx November 2012

  1. Download this deck: @mike_arnesen
  2. Authorship & Google+ Why are we here? @mike_arnesen
  3. Authorship & Google+ We’re… Marketers SEOs Analysts Copywriters DevelopersWe want to be awesome! @mike_arnesen
  4. Authorship & Google+ @mike_arnesen
  5. Authorship & Google+ @mike_arnesen
  6. Authorship & Google+ @mike_arnesen
  7. Authorship & Google+What are we doing now?• Getting keywords in our content.• Making our sites accessible.• Building links.• Creating link bait content.So is everyone else. @mike_arnesen
  8. Authorship & Google+ But resistance isn’t futile. It makes you awesome! @mike_arnesen
  9. Authorship & Google+You’re awesome at search marketingif:1. People read your content and remember you.2. You can move up the SERPs without “building” links.3. Your actions build equity for your content before it’s written. @mike_arnesen
  10. Authorship & Google+ Don’t wait to be awesome. @mike_arnesen
  11. Authorship & Google+ It starts here. @mike_arnesen
  12. Authorship & Google+What is Authorship? @mike_arnesen
  13. Authorship & Google+Focused onhighlightingcontent authorsin search. @mike_arnesen
  14. Authorship & Google+“Help users find high quality content on the web” - Google @mike_arnesen
  15. Authorship & Google+Anonymous content tends to…well …suck @mike_arnesen
  16. Authorship & Google+Authored content tends to be better. @mike_arnesen
  17. Authorship & Google+ @mike_arnesen
  18. Authorship & Google+ What’s your organic CTR? It’s going up. 38% to 400%+ @mike_arnesen
  19. Authorship & Google+ People click on things that stand out.Read the full study: @mike_arnesen
  20. Authorship & Google+ Authorship may even get Panda off your back.Info on the connection: @mike_arnesen
  21. Authorship & Google+ Are you sold on being awesome yet?Full authorship tutorial: @mike_arnesen
  22. Authorship & Google+ Step 1: Get Down with Google+Sign up at @mike_arnesen
  23. Authorship & Google+ Step 1: Get Down with Google+Sign up at @mike_arnesen
  24. Authorship & Google+ Step 2: Tell Google You’re an AuthorEdit this section in 1 click: @mike_arnesen
  25. Authorship & Google+ Step 3: Complete the circle. @mike_arnesen
  26. Authorship & Google+ <ahref=“”>Firstname Lastname</a> @mike_arnesen
  27. Authorship & Google+ <link rel=“author” href=“” />Yoast SEO plugin: @mike_arnesen
  28. Authorship & Google+ @mike_arnesen
  29. Authorship & Google+ Pick your favorite. Or all 3. @mike_arnesen
  30. Authorship & Google+ Tips & Troubleshooting: Be sure to test.The tool: @mike_arnesen
  31. Authorship & Google+Tips & Troubleshooting:Link 2-3 pieces of content. @mike_arnesen
  32. Authorship & Google+Tips & Troubleshooting:Use a high quality headshot. @mike_arnesen
  33. Authorship & Google+Tips & Troubleshooting:Multiple Authors @mike_arnesen
  34. Authorship & Google+Configuration Recap1. Get on Google+2. Link from Google+ to your site3. Link from your site to Google+ @mike_arnesen
  35. Authorship & Google+And we get… real estate CTR quality signalsPretty awesome!What else? @mike_arnesen
  36. Authorship & Google+ A long time ago, in a patent office far, far away…. @mike_arnesen
  37. Authorship & Google+ @mike_arnesen
  38. Authorship & Google+ @mike_arnesen
  39. Authorship & Google+ Google wants to measure how awesome you are in your field. @mike_arnesen
  40. Authorship & Google+ The original patent for Agent Rank filed in 2005. Bill figures it out. But not much happens for years.Learn more: @mike_arnesen
  41. Authorship & Google+ The missing piece? The Digital Signature System @mike_arnesen
  42. Authorship & Google+ Google+ launches on 06/28/11. The Digital Signature System @mike_arnesen
  43. Authorship & Google+ Coincidence? Official Google Blog Google’s InsideSearch @mike_arnesen
  44. Authorship & Google+ @mike_arnesen
  45. Authorship & Google+So, now we have to consider “agentrank”.But “AuthorRank” sounds waycooler. @mike_arnesen
  46. Authorship & Google+ Authorship != AuthorRank Authorship is a prerequisite for AuthorRank @mike_arnesen
  47. Authorship & Google+ What will AuthorRank do? @mike_arnesen
  48. Authorship & Google+How to Prepare for AuthorRank: @mike_arnesen
  49. Authorship & Google+Google will lookat a lot todetermine yourAuthorRank. @mike_arnesen
  50. Authorship & Google+Have an area of expertise. @mike_arnesen
  51. Authorship & Google+Put out great content. @mike_arnesen
  52. Authorship & Google+ Make friends with influential authors.Check out @mike_arnesen
  53. Authorship & Google+ Monitor your content’s performance.Log in to WMT and go here: @mike_arnesen
  54. Authorship & Google+Engage offline to build authority online. @mike_arnesen
  55. Authorship & Google+Engage on relevant social networks/sites. @mike_arnesen
  56. Authorship & Google+ This guy makes the rules. You gotta play his game. @mike_arnesen
  57. Authorship & Google+ So use Google+ …constantly @mike_arnesen
  58. Authorship & Google+It makes sense that Google’s looking at + @mike_arnesen
  59. Authorship & Google+ @mike_arnesen
  60. Authorship & Google+Optimize your profile @mike_arnesen
  61. Authorship & Google+ Optimize your sharing. Bold: *Title* Italics: _Description_ @mike_arnesen
  62. Authorship & Google+ +Mention#Hashtags Include ImageryMake itcrawlable Notify sparingly @mike_arnesen
  63. Authorship & Google+Optimize yourinteractions. @mike_arnesen
  64. Authorship & Google+ Use Ripples to follow up.AJ Kohn’s Ripples Bookmarklet: @mike_arnesen
  65. Authorship & Google+ All this is easy, if you’re real. @mike_arnesen
  66. Authorship & Google+ There are no shortcuts. @mike_arnesen
  67. Authorship & Google+ @mike_arnesen
  68. Authorship & Google+ Can my company get authorship and build AuthorRank? No. @mike_arnesen
  69. Authorship & Google+Remember, Google wants these guyswriting content. Not these guys. @mike_arnesen
  70. Authorship & Google+What about Publisher Rank orBrandRank?They have the markup, so maybesomeday. @mike_arnesen
  71. Authorship & Google+Apply AuthorRank building conceptsto your company/brand. @mike_arnesen
  72. Authorship & Google+Encourage your people to buildtheir ownAuthorRank. @mike_arnesen
  73. Authorship & Google+If you let your people be a part ofyour brand,the brand willbenefit. @mike_arnesen
  74. Authorship & Google+What about when an author leaves? @mike_arnesen
  75. Authorship & Google+Connect your site to your G+ page. @mike_arnesen
  76. Authorship & Google+Connect your site to your G+ page. @mike_arnesen
  77. Authorship & Google+Work on your Google+ presence. @mike_arnesen
  78. Authorship & Google+ @mike_arnesen
  79. Authorship & Google+Now your brand Has authoritative voices Engages with users Is trusted Gets repeat visitors Gets shares and links @mike_arnesen
  80. Authorship & Google+Now your brand is… @mike_arnesen
  81. Authorship & Google+So, how long until AuthorRankbecomes a major factor in searchranking? @mike_arnesen
  82. Authorship & Google+Wrong question! @mike_arnesen
  83. Authorship & Google+The time is now.Google’s pushing authorship moreevery day. @mike_arnesen
  84. Authorship & Google+ Expanding to YouTube.Authorship for YouTube content: @mike_arnesen
  85. Authorship & Google+ Suggesting more authored content.More from AJ: @mike_arnesen
  86. Authorship & Google+Potentially favoring authoredcontent? @mike_arnesen
  87. Authorship & Google+ He’s not wrong.Source: @mike_arnesen
  88. Authorship & Google+Authorship and AuthorRank havebeen more than 7 years in themaking.If you haven’t already, starttomorrow morning. @mike_arnesen
  89. Authorship & Google+ @mike_arnesen
  90. Authorship & Google+ Now you’re awesome, too. @mike_arnesen
  91. Authorship & Google+Recommended ResourcesHow to configure Authorship – Mike ArnesenIntro to AuthorRank – AJ KohnHow to build AuthorRank – Mike ArnesenUltimate list of Authorship resources – Jeremy RiveraGoogle+ as an Identity Service – Bill SlawskiAnd also, this deck: @mike_arnesen
  92. Authorship & Google+ Thank you! Mike Arnesen @mike_arnesen swellpath.comDownload:
  93. Authorship & Google+ Also, if you support Movember, I’ll give you a free link. Mike Arnesen @mike_arnesen swellpath.comDownload: