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Optimizing Wordpress For Speed And Security


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WorPress Optimization and Security For Your Websites

Published in: Technology, Design
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Optimizing Wordpress For Speed And Security

  1. 1. Optimizing Wordpress for Speed & SecurityThey’re More Important Than You Thought...
  2. 2. Quick Recap‣ Top 10 Factors for SEO Right Now‣ Post on Optimization‣ Watch the webinar replay here
  3. 3. Limited Time Promotion‣ Founders special pricing‣ $100 off Annual‣ LIMITED TIME...Plus FREE ACCESS tothe Marketing Dashboard when it launches
  4. 4. We Emphasize‣ Offsite linkbuilding‣ Onsite optimization‣ Weoften overlook other important factors...
  5. 5. Speed & Security‣ Speed is a big factor in ranking for a variety of reasons‣ Security actually affects ranking, not just venerability
  6. 6. Let’s Talk Speed...I feel the need, the need for speed...
  7. 7. Faster Sites...‣ Rank Better‣ Have a better user experience‣ Have a lower bounce rate‣ Get more clicks per user
  8. 8. Our Recent Changes‣ Targeted Hosting & Site Performance‣ Did it on 3 different sites
  9. 9. Site #1 - ASR‣ Was our test site‣ Heavy theme & very slow‣ Was on Rackspace Cloud servers but unimpressive
  10. 10. What we did?‣ Movedto managed WP dedicated hosting company
  11. 11. Benefits‣ Load time is super fast now - 1 second‣ Integrated CDN without the hassle of installing/configuring‣ Bounce rate dropped‣ Traffic increased 10%
  12. 12. Saved us Money‣ Didn’t have to pay developer‣ Didn’t have to pay to optimize the site with caching
  13. 13. Only Drawbacks...‣ Not all plugins will work in their environment‣ No nested WP installs
  14. 14. Site #2 - TMS‣ Already paid $500 to optimize it‣ Took 2 or 3 weeks to get it setup & configured - was a hassle‣ Already had CDN installed on it from before
  15. 15. What we did?‣ Movedto managed WP dedicated hosting company
  16. 16. Results‣ Increased speed & stability with less caching issues‣ Other improvements, but not much stats on it yet
  17. 17. Site #3 - Affiliate Site‣ Fairly standard site & moderate theme‣ Typical of what most have‣ Had about 150 pages of content, not a huge site, not tiny either
  18. 18. What we did?‣ Movedto managed WP dedicated hosting company
  19. 19. Results‣ FASTER - load time at 1 second‣ Substantial increase in TOS & reduction in Bounce Rate‣ Traffic increased 9%
  20. 20. Traffic Increases Because ...more visitors come back ...more visitors stick around ...more visitors click more and... rankings improve
  21. 21. WP Optimization There  are  other  ways  to  improve  site  performance   without  changing  hosts...
  22. 22. Site Optimization‣ W3 Total Cache Plugin‣ Utilize CDN & S3 where appropriate‣ Install yourself or pay to have it done for you‣ ...or just use WP Engine & let them do it for you since it’s a managed hosting solution - saves you a lot of grief...
  23. 23. Let’s Talk Security...Don’t kid yourself, you 100% NEED this!
  24. 24. Wordpress Stats‣ 73 Million + Wordpress sites‣ 16% of all websites run WP‣ 22 of every 100 new sites‣ By 2015 projected that Worpress will power 300-500 million sites
  25. 25. Malware Stats‣ 403 million unique variants of malware in 2011 (Symantec)‣ 140% increase since 2010‣ 81% increase in web-based attacks between 2010 to 2011
  26. 26. Personal Experiences‣ We’ve had entire hosting accounts infected with Malware‣ Our solution?
  27. 27. Malware is Major Pain‣ It’s really not something you want to try to fix on your own‣ A single outbreak & the time you will waste will easily be saved via your purchase of Sucuri
  28. 28. Security Impacts Rank‣ We’ve seen a site move from #6 to #2‣ Only thing it did was upgrade it’s outdated version of Wordpress‣ Security affects rankings because it’s a trust factor & trust is a major signal of authority in today’s SEO
  29. 29. Don’t Forget Backup If  you  don’t  have  a  100%  automated  solution...  you   have  NO  solution.
  30. 30. Must be Automated‣ If not, YOU are the weakest link‣ What we use?
  31. 31. Backup Buddy‣ Wordpress Plugin‣ Backs up entire site‣ Backs up to S3 or Dropbox‣ Saved our butts several times already (developer that killed entire hosting account)
  32. 32. ResourcesTools to Help You Become More Efficient...
  33. 33. Limited Time Promotion‣ Founders special pricing‣ $100 off Annual‣ LIMITED TIME...Plus FREE ACCESS tothe Marketing Dashboard when it launches
  34. 34. Resources - SEODiversified SEO Packages
  35. 35. Resources - Services‣ WPEngine -‣ Sucuri -‣ Backup Buddy -‣ W3 Total Cache -‣ CDN - or or Amazon Cloudfront & S3
  36. 36. Resources - Content‣ Authority Articles‣ Curated Content
  37. 37. Optimizing Wordpress: Questions & Answers Bring it on... We’re ready for ya...
  38. 38. Optimizing Wordpress for Speed & Security That’s a Wrap!