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How To Create Product Review Sites


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Learn How Mike and Troy Create 5 and 6 Figure Affiliate Sites.

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How To Create Product Review Sites

  1. 1. Making Money with Product Review SitesFast, Fun and Easy Money Making Sites...
  2. 2. Our approach to mini-sites and product review sites is very different than most.
  3. 3. Site Evolution Shift to Authority Expand monetization modelTest the Nichefor profitability
  4. 4. Our Approach‣ We’ve created $20k+ a month affiliate review sites off just 200 to 300 users a day following this model & numerous other $5k and $10k sites as well‣ We’re gonna show you how we do it and why our approach is so much different than what others do
  5. 5. Selecting a Niche‣ Can it support a 100+ product reviews?‣ Is the niche evergreen?‣ Can you expand into info products for more profit?‣ Are backend high-priced products/services an option?‣ Can you diversify across multiple vendor networks?‣ Is a “leveraged offer” available?‣ Can you make at least $25 a sale? (We prefer $100)‣ Is the traffic “return traffic”?
  6. 6. The Essentials‣ Must build a list‣ 1000+ word reviews that are not fluff & contain negatives‣ Start with 30 reviews, move to 100+‣ Fresh curated blog content‣ Must be an outsourced model (for us)‣ Build out social ring of trust
  7. 7. Us Versus Them‣ We use these sites for niche testing to build out bigger sites, not as an income model in and of themselves‣ Our goal is to have a handful of authority review sites, not 100 throw away sites‣ Our diversification is built upon the authority model & diversified traffic sources, not in having a 100 sites‣ We create high quality blogs that provide value, not just a bunch of mini-sites designed to trick Google‣ Maintain, expand, grow with fresh content - not just a set and forget it until it dies approach‣ We build $5k+ a month sites, not $500 a month sites
  8. 8. Why $5k Sites?‣ We want to have sufficient profits to outsource them 100% - that’s scalable!‣ We add a lot of content to them to build out their authority & site footprint‣ We add SEO to them as well‣ We typically invest $1500+ a month into a $5k a month site
  9. 9. Disarm Your Readers Our approach is to be aquality blog that happens to have reviews... not a purereview site that happens to have a blog...
  10. 10. Build Subscribers‣ Don’t focus on making sales‣ Your first goal should be to build your subscribers & loyal readers with quality & engaging content‣ If you do, sales will come naturally
  11. 11. A Little Secret‣ Google doesn’t like review sites‣ So don’t be one!‣ Be an authority blog instead that happens to have some reviews as well... :-)
  12. 12. Anexampleof what NOT to do!
  13. 13. Monetization Method‣ Amazon Products‣ Clickbank Products‣ Other Affiliate & CPA Programs‣ PayDotCom, Clicksure, Commission Junction, etc.‣ Forget Adsense - not worth it
  14. 14. Niche Strategy‣ Same overall niche if you want to focus on list building‣ Different niches if you want to focus on testing out niches
  15. 15. Ramping Up Profits‣ Expand list building‣ Create other feeder sites‣ Create your own info product to sell‣ Look at micro continuity options‣ Look into higher priced services
  16. 16. Profiting from Losers‣ Make money even when you don’t‣ Dress up your loser sites and sell them off on‣ Worth $350 or more depending on how well you dress up the site and what income & traffic proof you have
  17. 17. Be Patient‣ We’ve had many sites that don’t start to do well until 12+ months‣ Sorry, but that’s being real‣ Sites - like a good wine - need to age to build up trust and authority
  18. 18. Resources for YourProduct Review Sites The tools to make your life easier...
  19. 19. Check out the Blog ‣ Recent blog post on the subject ‣ review-sites
  20. 20. Podcast‣ 3 Episodes‣ Weekly‣ Coming to iTunes
  21. 21. Resources‣ Insider’s Club‣‣ AOT Product Reviews‣‣ AOT Curated & Authority Content‣ &
  22. 22. Product Review Sites Q&A Got Questions? Bring ‘em on...
  23. 23. Making Money withProduct Review Sites That’s a Wrap!