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Recent ecm market developments from a share point of view q3


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Mike Alsup's summary of the ECM and SharePoint market developments in Q3.

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Recent ecm market developments from a share point of view q3

  1. 1. Recent ECM Market Developments from a SharePoint of View Presented by: Mike Alsup, Gimmal SVP and Founder November 18, 2015
  2. 2. Information Management for Everyone About Gimmal Gimmal’s mission is to consistently govern and manage information, wherever it exists across the enterprise Gimmal helps organizations maximize productivity and business process efficiency and minimize exposure to risk Gimmal delivers products and expertise for SharePoint, Office 365, and SAP Gimmal products are easy to deploy, cost effective, and are supported by a team of experts
  3. 3. Information Management for Everyone About Gimmal
  4. 4. Information Management for Everyone • Gimmal Founder and Sr. Vice President • Co-Founder of two integrators previously, BSG and Align Solutions • Accenture and Booz, Allen mgmt. roles • AIIM International Board Member – 2 terms • Executive Committee – DLM Forum (MoReq) • Rice University Baseball fan Mike Alsup
  5. 5. Information Management for Everyone Summary • Events & Developments in Q3 2015  impact on ECM markets • Developments in SharePoint, Office 365, and ECM ecosystems Trying to provide context for ECM and Records professionals • How to think about ECM and RM holistically • Not a deep dive into technology What do you need to Believe to achieve Information Governance? • ECM Vendors • Cloud Vendors Agenda
  6. 6. Information Management for Everyone • ARMA 2015 at the Gaylord Hotel in National Harbor • ARMA 2015 narrowly focused on records management • Fewer legal and IT-focused attendees than in years past • Community event for world’s records managers  left satisfied • Exhibit Hall floor had most of the usual vendors • Office 365 sessions were packed • Large organizations moving to Office 365 & Azure  we got our best leads ever from an ARMA conference ARMA Conference – National Harbor (October)
  7. 7. Information Management for Everyone • Information Governance Initiative (IGI) • High level of corporate interest in Governance • Barclay Blair, Bennett Borden and Jason Baron have made IGI highly visible • IGI is wrestling with best locus in organizations for Governance, broadly defined • Is it IT, Finance, Legal, the business or the C Suite? • Attracts participants for peers, discussions  very senior group at InfoGovCon • InfoGovCon merged with IGI. They had their conference in Hartford, CT • IGI built on foundation laid by Nick Inglis and Jim Merrifield in 2014 • High interest at InfoGovCon in Office 365 and migration from ECM platforms • Largest companies in world indicate that they’re migrating to Office 365 / Azure IGI and InfoGovCon – Hartford, CN (September)
  8. 8. Information Management for Everyone • Annual event for law firm technologies • Attended by law firms, corporate legal, and vendors in these markets • Microsoft Matter Center solution launched at ILTA 2015 • Matter Center is Office 365 Add-In enabling lawyers to work in Outlook and Word • Built for the Microsoft Legal Dept., Legal and Corporate Affairs (LCA) • Enables them to work productively and collaborate with their outside law firms • Matter Center exposes governance and controls inside Outlook and Word • Matter Center performs most of these functions transparently. • Law firms beta users indicated in Conference session that they would upgrade their legacy document mgmt. products when Matter Center is proven in their firm • ILTA vendors were searching for a way to get in on this wave of activity • Providers of legal add-in products, such as Workshare, Litera, Epona, and LawToolbox • Law firm integrators, such as Perficient, Duff & Phelps, Kraft Kennedy and Olenick International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) – (September)
  9. 9. Information Management for Everyone • Net Documents had the most confusing announcement at ILTA • They were included in the Matter Center press release • Net Documents competes with SharePoint, but they are moving their platform to Azure and Office 365 tools, Outlook and Word, like Box does • The Net Documents people asked me, “Why would you store documents in Office 365 when you could use Net Documents?” • I responded, “Because my customers are moving to Office 365” • IManage relaunch • 14 years in Autonomy/HP, IManage product emerged with VC backing • Dan Carmel, & IManage co-founders, Neil Araujo and Rafiq Mohammadi, are re-invigorating IManage International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) – (September)
  10. 10. Information Management for Everyone • Dominant cloud providers, AWS, Microsoft & Google, pulling away in scale • Microsoft has 25 times more cloud servers than SAP • HPE giving up on Helion as competing platform • Rackspace announcing that it is a cloud broker for AWS, Azure and Google • Additional possibles – Cisco, IBM, Dell/EMC • Amazon Web Services (AWS) • AWS is most dominant – Netflix example • Aurora - Alfresco Press Release was interesting • Alfresco announced support for AWS Aurora MySQL-like database • Alfresco solutions can be hosted entirely in AWS • Net Documents announcement  All about Azure, not Matter Center Theme: Cloud Scale
  11. 11. Information Management for Everyone • Biggest theme of quarter was the huge wave of Office 365 activity • Several Fortune 20 companies moving ECM to Office 365 and Azure ASAP • Box, Dropbox, iOS, HP Helion, Rackspace capitulation to Office 365/Azure • Accelerating interest in migrating from Legacy ECM Suites to Office 365 • Based on security, cost, identity management, scalability, BYOD support, etc. • A variety of impacts on the ECM and RM markets • Renewed interest in ECM planning, strategy, and hybrid architecture in move to the cloud • Organizations working to figure out how to: • protect identities • manage global localization issues • ensure that they are able to scale to the demands of their customers  A significant investment and commitment and organizations are not taking it lightly • Is Office 365 is ready with capacity and operational stability? Theme: Office 365 is Winning
  12. 12. Information Management for Everyone • Microsoft phones will run full Windows 10 • With keyboard and wireless monitor  PC to access Office 365 and OneDrive • I have had a laptop in my briefcase for 25 years to work on the road • A Microsoft phone can replace laptops if hotels and conferences have monitors = TV’s • What does this mean for traveling, hotels and ECM? Theme: Future of Smartphones
  13. 13. Information Management for Everyone • Office 365 continues to win over Google Apps in business • SharePoint is on-premises for the foreseeable future o Code lines are merged (identical) to SharePoint Online  Just different rules • Workflow and customization moved “off-server” to enable Multi-tenancy o Cost of migration to SharePoint Online  re-architect solutions o Alternative is moving on-premises solutions to Azure as VM’s • Office 365 is getting bigger with SharePoint 2016 in the cloud and on-premises • Files, Sites, Portals, and ECM are 4 key SharePoint 2016 focus areas SharePoint/Office 365 News
  14. 14. Information Management for Everyone • Portals & Intranets enable capabilities of ECM to be presented in Office 365 o Blurs feature and function distinctions between SharePoint on-premises and in Office 365 • Office 365 or on-premises SharePoint sites = Hybrid UX o SharePoint Server and Office 365 sites and services are exposed through same Portals o Protects legacy on-premises SharePoint investments • Microsoft emphasizing “Ready to Go” portals for common site models o Entry level portal  minimal customization and start using • Is this Portal/Intranet Model better than one-off sites? o Yes, consistent presentation and governance is better o Yes, faster provisioning and easier site maintenance is better Portals & Intranets
  15. 15. Information Management for Everyone • Sites provisioning streamlined  users chose from pre-defined templates o Leverage site models that best address user requirements o 3rd Parties provide flexibility to customers and integrators to extend portals and intranets o 3rd Parties prescriptively define site types and deployment models • Site templates and web services are provided by Microsoft ecosystem partners: o Microsoft provides: • Libraries, lists, master pages, default configurations by template type • Same UX approach as SharePoint 2013 o Third parties provide useful content governance add-in, such as : • Site provisioning to enable sites to be easily provisioned by users • Metadata inheritance • Information lifecycle Sites & Site Templates
  16. 16. Information Management for Everyone • Market for Office 365/Intranet Site Provisioning tools is expanding rapidly • Vendor products rapidly provision consistent and attractive sites • Blue Rooster, Brightstarr, ShareGate, Gimmal, and RightPoint • Governance and records mgmt. is often a transparent component of provisioning • Matter Center complex to configure via scripting  automated provisioning is critical Office 365/Intranet Site Provisioning
  17. 17. Information Management for Everyone Information Lifecycle • Physical & Electronic RM • File Plan • Retention Schedule • Information Policy EnforcementRecord Center File Plan / Retention Schedule (Information Policies) Site Provisioning (Consistency - Initial) • Content Types • Information Policy • Site Templates • Document Templates (Consistency) • Lifecycle • Taxonomy • SP Features • XML Configuration • Navigation • Search • Security Term Store/ Content Hub Top Level Portal/ Intranet Home What Would Governance and Office 365 Look Like? Office 365 Sites OneDrive for Business Sites Governance Hub (Consistency - Operations)
  18. 18. User Adoption • Establishment of a online brand • Consistent information • Easily accessible to all employees • Enhanced enterprise search • Personal sidebar • Standard navigation • Widgets, like stock heat map Governance • Branding • Transparent Content and Records Management Speed of Development • Best practice design and IA • Branding Manager • Mega Menu • Display Templates • Personal Side Bar Gimmal Portal Highlights Add-ins
  19. 19. Information Management for Everyone Office 365 Site Provisioning
  20. 20. Information Management for Everyone RIM Storefront / Portal
  21. 21. Information Management for Everyone Generic Dashboard
  22. 22. Information Management for Everyone PMO Portal Home Page
  23. 23. Information Management for Everyone PMO Portal Project Page
  24. 24. Information Management for Everyone Information Management Strategy Across Platform Consistent Information Architecture, Navigation & Branding Data Integrity through Standard Metadata Rules Rule-Driven Transparent Policy Assignment Standardized Document Template Management
  25. 25. Information Management for Everyone Provisioning of Diverse Sites Create Client Sites without IT intervention Create all sites consistently with no IT Support Update sites with new options Consistent Look & Feel Consistent Branding on all sites Deploy optional content display options Standard dynamic navigation options Data Integrity Metadata Rules applied automatically Default or Force values Hierarchy of Rules Multiple Content Creation Features Ease content import with Drop Zones Ensure classification is assigned Document Center Tiles Document Template Management Different templates for each type of content Increase productivity through diversity General to Specific Automated Policy Assignment Policy applied through rules No user interaction Can apply to all types of content How does this approach increase the Value of Office 365?
  26. 26. Information Management for Everyone • Rapid deployment • Consistency of User Experience • Ease of maintenance via inheritance • Tight integration to OneDrive, Email, Calendar • Pre-built, standard Site Templates • Vertical-specific, e.g. Law Firms, LNG Companies • Function-specific, e.g. Corporate Legal, Finance Department • Transparent Lifecycle, Information Governance baked in? Common Elements of This Approach
  27. 27. Information Management for Everyone Demo’s by Matter Center illustrate Microsoft LCA’s path to ECM solutions • Lawyers / legal assistants collaborate on documents inside Word and Outlook only • Matter Center exposes SharePoint, Office 365 and OneDrive through Add-ins • Content governance is transparent function inside these Add-ins and Office 365 • Using “Save” puts the document where you want it based on rules • Microsoft LCA (1100 lawyers and legal assistants) is the reference implementation Microsoft partnering with add-in vendors to add vertical capabilities required in Legal Microsoft driving implementation of Matter Center through selected partners  PS and ISV This is the Microsoft ECM solution model: • Portals to present and organize sites, both on-premises and in Office 365 • Massively powerful and scalable cloud platform • Partners with vertical expertise, software and solutions Microsoft Matter Center
  28. 28. Information Management for Everyone What’s the Microsoft Productivity Vision for Legal? Best experience across devices Email & Messaging File Sync & Share Content Management Enterprise Social Reporting & Analytics Access Anywhere Cloud on your terms On Premises OnlineHybrid Mostcompleteproductivitysuite
  29. 29. Information Management for Everyone Matter Center Deployment Consistent Structure within a Client Site Collection Client 1 Matter 1A Matter 1B Matter 1C Tasks Calendar Documents/Email OneNote Targeted access to Matter Assets through Search, Pinning & Ownership
  30. 30. Information Management for Everyone Microsoft Matter Center
  31. 31. Information Management for Everyone Microsoft Matter Center
  32. 32. Information Management for Everyone Matter Center Deployment without Information Governance Strategy Client 1 Matter 1A Matter 1B Matter 1C Client 2 Matter 2A Matter 2B Matter 2C Client 3 Matter 3A Matter 3B Matter 3C Client N Matter Matter Matter
  33. 33. Information Management for Everyone Matter Center Incorporated into Information Management Strategy Intranet Home HR Corporate HR Departmental HR Operations IT Departmental IT Corporate IT Legal Storefront Departmental Portal Collaboration Team Site Matter Center Application
  34. 34. Information Management for Everyone Portal / Intranet Information Governance Records Center Drop Zones Content Organizer Rules Metadata Inheritance & Rules Site Provisioning Site Templates Information Lifecycle Governance SharePoint/O365 Technical Infrastructure SharePoint/O365 Content Governance Infrastructure Matter Center Sites SAP Oracle, Dynamics, Other LOB Scan Email Portal Smart Phone EDI Contracts Site Finance, Accounts Payable Sites Expense Site Sales Order Site Purchasing Document Site ICR SharePoint Library Router Capture File Shares The First Mile Smart Process App’s Kofax (LES), Fujitsu, Ephesoft, EMC Captiva, KnowledgeLake, Kodak, ABBYY, Gradient, Etc.
  35. 35. Information Management for Everyone Portal / Intranet Information Governance Records Center File Plan Builder Drop Zones Content Organizer Rules Metadata & Rules Site Provisioning Site Templates Information Lifecycle Governance SharePoint/O365 Technical Infrastructure SharePoint/O365 Content Governance Infrastructure Matter Center Sites SAP Oracle, Dynamics, Other LOB Scan Email Portal Smart Phone EDI Contracts Site Finance, Accounts Payable Sites Expense Site Sales Order Site Purchasing Document Site ICR SharePoint Library Router Capture File Shares The First Mile Smart Process App’s GIMMAL CONTRIBUTION SHAREPOINT ON-PREMISE, OFFICE 365 & HYBRID
  36. 36. Information Management for Everyone Typical ECM Related Business Solutions Financial Accounting Purchasing Legal Land / Right of Way GeoTechnical Plant / Capital Projects Human Resources Geological Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) Purchase Orders Contracts Case Management eDiscovery / Hold Contracts Leases Division Orders Contracts Well Files Geophysical Controlled Docs Contractors / Joint Venture Engineering Drawings Procedures Travel ManagementEmployee Records Accounts ReceivableAccounts Payable Records Management Records Policy and HoldPhysical and Electronic
  37. 37. Information Management for Everyone • Organizations are looking for confidence to replace legacy ECM business solutions • “How to build robust O365/SharePoint ECM solutions” to replace traditional ECM solutions? • Microsoft answer  emphasize value of integrated components of Office 365: • If content migrates seamlessly from Outlook and OneDrive to SharePoint/Office 365, with: o Portals for navigation and consistency o Add-Ins to accelerate to productive applications o Full and transparent lifecycle-based content governance, Including full records mgmt. o Business intelligence integrated to Office and ERP tools o Archiving support o Massive scalability  Why archive content outside of this stack? Is this what SharePoint ECM users want?
  38. 38. Information Management for Everyone • Integration into each site to stub and link content through site provisioning • Search & other Microsoft functions work less well with linked content • Two ECM repositories with separate application development environments • Outside Office 365/Azure o Authentication / Identity / Security o Synchronization of content  where to search for content o Data Center / Bandwidth  More complexity • Against Microsoft direction to simplify sites with pre-built site templates • NetDocuments, Alfresco/AWS Examples Issues with archiving out of Office 365:
  39. 39. Information Management for Everyone • Implemented 18K SharePoint Sites with Information Lifecycle Governance • Site templates to auto-provision in high volume with inheritance • Metadata and content types centrally managed and tied to Retention Schedule • Split into two companies • Enabled significant performance enhancement investments • Upgraded to SharePoint 2010, 2013 • Moving SP 2010, 2013 to SharePoint 2016 – Cloud Ready • SharePoint 2016 • Open Text – Repository of Record • Gimmal Governance Suite for Information Lifecycle in SharePoint Ten Years After – ECRM Program Case Study
  40. 40. Information Management for Everyone • Solutions must be easy and intuitive for end users • Drop Zones • Metadata Inheritance • Consistent site design for navigation and expectation setting • Understand Business Value from perspective of Departments • Compliance can launch project but not make it successful • ILM enables business rules by content type • Make lifecycle transparent, based on rules that Departments manage • Major Version in Word is act of Record Declaration • Change Management is Critical • Not just communications and training  who to call, how to self-help • Each new iteration of Microsoft stack was much better • Information Governance is a long and winding road Ten Years After – Lessons Learned
  41. 41. Information Management for Everyone • Paper is still needed or it’s isn’t • Microsoft productivity tools are foundational or they aren’t • Cloud scale is required or it isn’t • Inside the Microsoft stack makes it easier to govern or it doesn’t • The Cloud is more secure or it isn’t • Hybrid SharePoint is a requirement or it isn’t • One source of information policy is required or it isn’t • All information needs to be governed or it doesn’t • In Place governance is needed or it isn’t  SharePoint and Office 365 will win the largest market share What do you need to Believe to Achieve Governance?
  42. 42. Information Management for Everyone Microsoft has rediscovered customer demand for high-end ECM • Microsoft listened to customers on difficulties in migrating to Office 365 Keys to Microsoft winning enterprise ECM market share: • Cloud-scale of Azure • Mobile Device Management, supporting all OS’s • Security and Authentication, driven by increased market awareness • Identity Management, including hybrid evolution of Active Directory • Microsoft Office, especially Email, dominates • Hybrid capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint • These all come together in Office 365 What’s really needed are customer success stories in Office 365 But I believe the train has left the station Microsoft Summary
  43. 43. Information Management for Everyone Quick Poll
  44. 44. Information Management for Everyone Questions
  45. 45. Information Management for Everyone Contact @GimmalGroup Mike Alsup