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Caversham Coachworks Launch


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Caversham Coachworks Launch

  1. 1. We opened our New Fast Repair Facility in December 2010. A successful launch event was held and if you were unable to attend, we at Caversham Coachworks Ltd would like to share the event with you!! If you were able to attend, we were extremely grateful and here are some great photo’s to reminisce over!!
  2. 2. Special Thanks go to the following for making this event so special: Ken Moore – Reading Audi Mike Gill – Co-Operative Bank Colum McCarthy – Griffin Soo Youngman – Church Street Baguettes Sue Reeves – Business Biscotti Cary Fielder – Clear 22 Robert Snook – Waregrain Chris Wright - Dentwright Marcus Laird – Pure Mark Dempsey– Danuk Waitressing Staff – Lizzie & Morgan Thank you to all the Caversham Coachworks Staff