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Montreal Management Consultants Est.

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MMCE Brochure

  1. 1. Welcome to canada the land of opportunity and hope
  2. 2. investor immigration programCanada welcomes successful business people seeking newopportunities and challenges. The Business ImmigrationProgram is designed to encourage and facilitate theadmission of these individuals. In addition to providingexcellent business opportunities. Canada is a multi-culturalcountry that boasts one of the world’s highest standards ofliving, with excellent health, education, and social systems.The Canadian government welcomes business immigrantsand offers services to help immigrants start business andsettle in Canada. Montreal Management Consultants Est.(MMCE) has unsurpassed experience in serving the needs ofimmigration investors. We are the most successful, the largestand the most reliable team working in the field. Over morethan 15 years, MMCE has helped business owners to obtain Montreal Management Consultants Est. is an Immigrationpermanent resident visas leading to Canadian citizenship Consultancy firm that assists people who want to acquireand the right to live, work and travel anywhere in Canada. Permanent Residency in Canada.The gentral feature is the same both canada has the fastest groWing economies among g7 cuntriesCanada will be the best country out of the G7 nations in which to do business for the next five years. Canada has one of theworld’s wealthiest nations, and is a member of Group of Eight (G8). As with other developed nations, the Canadian economyis dominated by the service industry, which employs about three quarters of Canadians.Canada has one of the highest levels of economic freedom in the world and has considerable natural resources spreadacross its varied regions. As an example, in British Columbia the forestry industry is of great importance, while the oil and gasindustry is important in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador. Northern Ontario is home to a wide arrayof mines. Canada has mineral resources of coal, copper, iron ore, and gold.immigration factsCanada has the highest per capita immigration rate in the world.Immigrants account for tow thirds of Canada’s population growth.Immigrants to Canada have a right to retain dual citizenship.Both citizens and permanent residents can sponsor family members wishing to immigrate to Canada.
  3. 3. skilled Workers canada federal & provincial a World of valuesCanada is looking to attract skilled migrants to sustain economic growth the charter of rights andof the country in the near future. This visa is for the people interested freedomsin obtaining permanent residence based on their ability to becomeeconomically established in Canada. Fundamental Freedoms Freedom of religion, expression, peacefulAdvantages of the Canada Skilled Worker Visa are: assembly and association.The Canadian Skilled Worker Visa allows migration to Canada as a Legal RightsPermanent Resident, without the need for an employer or sponsor, to The right to life, liberty and personal security,seek employment and apply for jobs following the exact same process freedom from unreasonable search or seizure,as a resident skilled worker. the right not to be arbitrarily detained or imprisoned.You are able to accept a job and join a new employer without you andthat employer needing to go through the work permit process Mobility Rights The right to live and work in an province.The Canada Skilled Worker Visa gives you the right to apply forCitizenship after 3 years, providing that you follow the necessary Equality Rightsrequirements to apply, thus making this visa a very attractive and Every individual is equal before and underpopular method of Canadian immigration for skilled workers. the law regardless of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability. education Canada invests in the best for its citizens at ever stage of life. Scholing is free for citizens and permanent residents from Kidndergarten throught high school. In Quebec, college level education is also free to Quebec residents. Students loans, bursaries and scholarships are available. health care Canada cares deeply about the welfare of its citizens. Its publicly funded heath insurance system is a great source of pride. Kown as medicare, it provides basic health care to all. Anyone with a permanent resident’s visa is eligible for medicare.
  4. 4. About Montreal Management Consultants Est.Montreal Management Consultants Est. is a We continue to give the highest level of quality to ourdynamic firm that provides the most outstanding and services to add value and enhance the competitivenessexceptional professional services for application for of our company. We relentlessly persevere toCanadian immigration. develop superior strategies to ensure sustainableWe aim to be the leader in the industry by providing our competitive advantages for our continuous growthclientele with the best information, recommendations and profitability.and assistance concerning immigration to Canada. We take pride in our expert and well- connectedThrough consistently understanding our clientele’s immigration lawyers and employees who are highlyneeds and exceeding their expectations, we strive to experienced in the field and who share our valuesbecome the CSIC’s (Canadian Society of Immigration of diversity, integrity, honesty, teamwork, growth andConsultants) ideal firm for Canadian Immigration perfection.representation. Al Fardan Center MMCE Al Entiphada Stre Al Kalouti Tower et Sharjah City CenterMontreal Management Consultants Est.Address: M3 Al Kaloti Tower Entiphada Street, P.O. Box 7290, Sharjah, United Arab EmiratesPhone: +971 6 555 8747 | +971 6 559 5899 | Fax: +971 6 555 85 44E-mail: